Maria puts the icing on the cake for Team Deneys with a 1st nat. Argenton

Team Deneys has quite an impressive team of pigeons. Their pigeon family is founded on a small but high quality group of breeders, which gave way to an excellent palmares with high prize percentages and many first places. On top of that, Team Denys has won quite a few championship titles and ace pigeon titles as well, which were won at club and provincial level, as well as at national level. But they were still waiting for the icing on the cake, which eventually came in the form of a national first prize from Argenton III.

The bottom of the cake

The bottom of this cake consists of breeding pair Dikken (BE08-4010101) x Supreme Kannibaaltje (BE09-2179039). Den Dikken was obtained from father-in-law Roelandt (who races as Roelandt – Mille), and originates from Dirk Van Dijck. Supreme Kanibaaltje comes from the nearby Flanders Collection. The dam of Kanibaaltje stems from the bloodlines of the renowned Speedy Girl (BE98-6165012) of Paul Huls. Speedy became the best young bird of Belgium, winning 4 first prizes and 2 second prizes. This pigeon is related to Monnik and Kannibolleken from his mother’s side, two other renowned breeders of Paul Huls.

Dikken, a renowned breeder

And Supreme Kannibaaltje, a talented breeding hen.


Dimitri was able to create an excellent collection of breeders based around this pair, and one of the first talented breeders that came from this very pair is De Flandrien (BE11-2011985). What is a Flandrien exactly? According to Wikipedia, a flandrien is a cyclist who makes a race hard by attacking relentlessly and by riding as hard as he can, just until he reaches the finish line, completely exhausted. It is fair to say that Flandrien is  name that suits him: this pigeon has won 8 first prizes, 4 second prizes, a third prize, and 24 top 10 prizes. Most of these prizes were won in very demanding conditions.

De Flandrien, always on the attack

The next talented pigeon from the pair Dikken x Supreme Kannibaaltje is named after a world famous pop star who knew how to entertain big crowds. Racing bird Prince (BE12-2186633) has entertained us as well, with his excellent results. Racing bird Prince (BE12-2186633)  won a Noyon 2nd/366, 2nd/188, 2nd/135, 6th/573, Angerville 1st/173, 1st/109, 10th/367, Souppes 3rd/131, 4th/243, 6th/123, 6th/137, 8th/188, 16th/1082, 28th/1301, 32nd/1075.

De 633/12, also known as Prince


As it turned out in 2013, the youngsters of Dikken and Supreme Kannibaaltje clearly had the ability to breed equally talented sons and daughters. These grandchildren have really put the icing on the cake for Team Deneys. Here is an overview of the most successful descendants:

New Flandrien

New Flandrien (BE13-2045916), a son of De Flandrien, claimed 51 prizes per 10, six of which resulted in a victory. Click here for New Flandrien's palmares.

New Flandrien

Young Favorite

Young Favorite (BE15-2057631) is related to Dikken and Supreme Kannibaaltje: they are his grandparents from his mother's side. Young Favorite became 2nd Ace Pigeon National Youth Criterium KBDB 2016. This racing bird won four first prizes, as well as 33 prizes per ten. Click here for his full palmares.

The New Bijter

The New Bijter (BE13-2045918) won 47 prizes per ten, three of which were a first prize (1/1056, 1/279, 1/81). Click here for his full palmares. New Bijter is related to Dikken and Supreme Kannibaaltje through his dam.

Blue Princess (BE15-2057665)

Blue Princess won two first prizes and she won 25 prizes per ten, including 9 top ten placings. Click here for her full palmares. Blue Princess is a daughter of Prince, the renowned racing bird that won the title of 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Shorter Middle Distance KBDB (16th Nat. KBDB) as a two year old.

The finest of ingredients

But you cannot create a successful pigeon breed with just two ingredients. Another important component of this team is Excellent (BE13-2045940). In the same year when Prince won a 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Shorter Middle Distance old birds, Excellent crushed his opponents in the yearlings’ competition in the same category. It resulted in the title of 6th National Ace Pigeon Shorter Middle Distance YLs KBDB 2014. This pigeon won five first prizes in the course of his racing career, while finishing in the top 10 on 54 occasions, including 30 top 10 prizes. Click here for the palmares of Excellent. The sire of Excellent is BE11-2196486, a direct André Clemens from Kortenaken. Fanciers from around the region know that this pigeon is particularly tough to beat. The dam is NL12-1920079, a hen of J. Hanssen from Erlecom in The Netherlands. Click here for the full pedigree of Excellent.

Icing on the cake

Two sons of Excellent put the icing on the cake for this already highly successful racing team. The first one is Son of Excellent I (BE14-2195270), winner of a 7/1,056, 21/2,883, and 28/1,624. Click here for his full list of achievements. The second son is Son Excellent II (BE16-2126298), which won a 1/89, 21/681, and 107/2,194. Click here for his palmares.

And a cherry on top

Dimitri claimed a 1st National Argenton, and that was the cherry on top for Team Deneys. The 2017 edition of Argenton III was a particularly demanding race suited for only the strongest of pigeons. Pigeon lofts with inconsistent form or, even worse, teams with moderately talented racing birds had a particularly tough race that day. The fanciers that tried to hide behind excuses perhaps should take a look at the numbers: of the first 20 names in the results, six fanciers clocked their first nominated, another two clocked their second nominated, and five fanciers had their third nominated in the top 20. This goes to show that the pigeons with a proven record were on top of their game. Given her previous results Maria was basketed only as third nominated for Team Denys. She has plenty of talent, and she was in excellent form that day, storming towards a well deserved national victory against 3,975 pigeons. Team Deneys took a five out of five in this highly demanding race. And that was not the first impressive achievement of Dimitri's racing birds. Have a look a the following results:

Noyon: 189 olds: 1-3-4-6-8-10-13-14-17-20-21-31-38-49-50-59 (16/16)
Chevrainvilliers: 1290 yearlings: 1-2-4-5-6-31-209 (7/9)
Bourges: 1,020 young birds: 3-14-16-22-32-64-149-208-306-330-331 (11/42)

This shows that obth the old birds, the yearlings and the young birds have been doing really well in the sprint, the shorter middle distance and the longer middle distance. Click here for a list of achievments for last season. But back to the memorable race from Argenton: what are the bloodlines that Maria stems from? She is a half brother of Flying Bullet 888/13 from her father's side. This pigeon won five first prizes, twenty prizes per ten and she claimed the title of 11th National Ace Pigeon Shorter Middle Distance KBDB and 2nd Provincial Ace Pigeon Shorter Middle Distance KBDB Flemish Brabant in 2014. Her pedigree from her mother's side is equally impressive: the dam of Maria is also the dam of Excellent, another renowned bird in Dimitri Deneys's collection. And again, the apple does not fall far from the tree.

Maria put the cherry on the cake

Team Deneys closed the season with 27 first prizes and several championship titles. We take a look at the most prestigous ones:

5th Nat. Champion KBDB Youth Criterium from 21 to 30 years
25th Nat. Champion KBDB Shorter Middle Distance Olds & Yearlings
2nd Provincial Champion KBDB Shorter Middle Distance Yearlings
4th Provincial Champion KBDB Shorter Middle distance Olds

Team Deneys did particularly well in the shorter middle distance in their club De Eendracht Tollembeek: they are General Champion 1 + 2, Champion with the most prizes, Champion olds, ace pigeon and crack, champion yearlings, ace pigeon and crack and Champion young birds, ace pigeon and crack. Dimitri was king of the hill having won 11 prizes. For a complete overview of Dimitri's championship titles in recent seasons, click here.

This was the cherry on the cake for Team Deneys, but there is still room for a few more. It is now up to the descendants of Dikken, Supreme Kannibaaltje, Excellent and other talented birds in the collection of Dimitri Deneys to add some more victories to their palmares.