Marc Capelle (Baudour, BE) confirms his status of Belgian sprint emperor!

The Belgian sprint emperor: it is the perfect description for the multiple national champion of Belgium. Marc Capelle is the most awarded sprint fancier of Belgium, which he demonstrated again in 2014 by winning a gold and silver medal in the national ace pigeon competition sprint.

Marc Capelle with the sire of his two champs from 2014.

Brief summary 

Marc Capelle’s efforts in the national Belgian championships KBDB over the years can be summarized as follows:

1st National Ace Pigeon Sprint 2002
1st National Ace Pigeon Sprint 2008
1st National Champion small middle distance 2012
1er National Champion Sprint olds 2013
2nd National Ace Pigeon Sprint 2005
2nd National Ace Pigeon Sprint 2007
2nd National Ace Pigeon Sprint 2008
2nd National Champion Sprint 2008
2nd National Ace Pigeon Sprint 2013
3rd National Ace Pigeon Sprint 2006
4th National Champion Youth 1999
6th National Champion Sprint 2007
7th National Ace Pigeon Sprint 2004
8th National Champion Yearlings 2012
9th National Champion Sprint 2004

Two additional titles were won in 2014 and they should be added to the list as well:

1st National Ace Pigeon Sprint Yearling KBDB 2014 ('Kapo')
​2nd National Ace Pigeon Sprint Old Pigeons KBDB 2014 ('Korleone')

Who did better?

We haven’t really counted but we think Marc Capelle might be the fancier that has won the most top three prizes in the national KBDB championships over the past fifteen years. Being able to make it to the podium of these championships for so many years is quite a remarkable feat. He missed the top three only in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Keep in mind that Marc has been running a pigeon family only since 1998. His palmares deserves great respect. Every season again this fancier is a major topic of discussion in the winter months, as all of his opponents in his area are afraid of his pigeon family. Several unions have fallen apart simply because he was too dominant.
2012 was the first year in which he had to race his pigeons in the shorter mall middle distance competition, because his hometown was not included in a good union for the sprint races (in terms of number of pigeons). The results were sensational: Marc ended the season as the winner of the national championship shorter middle distance! He also basketed a few birds for the national race from Bourges I, which was a unique moment in his career. He achieved another remarkable result, winning a 9th national against 16,859 yearlings. Such level of domination in an entirely new discipline could have motivated him to continue racing the middle distance, especially since he had also purchased a number of pigeons well suited for this discipline (including De Smeyter-Restiaen, Adrien Mirabelle and others). In the end he decided not to. In the following season he was back in business in the sprint races in a good union, in which he managed to achieve some great performances once again: he won another title of national champion sprint old birds and a 2nd place in the national ace pigeon sprint championship! He went back to his first love, the sprint races, which is also the favourite discipline of his father, who gave him his passion for pigeon racing.


Again, Marc achieved great results during this season. He raced in the same union called the 'Renouveau' throughout the season with a very small racing team (9 old pigeons and 9 yearlings). Two brothers eventually proved to be the team's best pigeons: 'Kapo' & 'Korleone'. These two pigeons born in 2012 and 2013 have managed to bring home two medals for their fancier. Impressive!

- 'Kapo' (BE13-9068122)   


1st National Ace Pigeon Sprint Yearling KBDB 2014            
1. St Quentin 645 p.
1. Nanteuil   384 p.
1. Nanteuil   243 p.
2. Nanteuil   624 p.
3. Nanteuil 1.145 p.
3. Nanteuil 1.068 p.

Click here to check the pedigree of 'Kapo'.

- 'Korleone' (BE12-9067214)

2nd National Ace Pigeon Sprint Old Pigeons KBDB 2014
1. Nanteuil   572 p.
2. Nanteuil 1.535 p.
2. Nanteuil   872 p.
2. St Quentin 632 p.
5. Jouy       461 p.
7. Nanteuil 1.250 p.

Click here to check the pedigree of 'Korleone'.

The sire and...

...the dam of the two national ace pigeons.

Marc, congratulations on your exceptional performances over the years. You will hardly need it but we wish you good luck for the coming season anyway. We are already planning an appointment for the next edition! Many congratulations.