Marc and Geert Pollin (Snellegem, BE) win 1st Nat. Montauban 2,129 yearlings

Third time lucky for Marc and Geert: they had already won two provincial first prizes from Bourges I yearlings and from Agen yearlings this season, and their third provincial win of 2015 has also resulted in a national first prize Montauban yearlings! This combination is having a splendid season so far.

Another great win in Snellegem

The town of Snellegem had another reason to celebrate: the Bastiaenssens loft had already won a 1st Nat. Argenton yearlings last week, and Marc & Geert Pollin have now won a national victory from Montauban yearlings. It is thanks to the palmares of these two lofts that Snellegem has become an internationally known town among fanciers.

The pigeons were released from Montauban on Monday at 6:30am, two days later than scheduled due to the heat on Saturday and the stormy weather on Sunday. The pigeons had to complete an average distance of 800km. Marc and Geert clocked their national winner at 17:10:03"; she had covered 804.188km with a velocity of 1256.45 m/min.

They had already won a 1st Prov. Bourges I against 2,201 yearlings and a 1st Prov. Agen against 619 yearlings earlier this season. Their third provincial win of 2015 from Montauban resulted in a well deserved national victory as well. It was a great finale to a great weekend, in which the pigeons of Pollin performed as follows:

Montauban   128 yearlings: 1-24-25 (3/3)
Provinciaal 583 yearlings: 1-153-166 (3/3)
Nationaal 2,129 yearlings: 1… (3/3)

Montauban   177 olds: 2-8-21-24-33 (5/6)
Provinciaal 784 olds: 12-48-91-100-152 (5/6)
Nationaal 3,990 olds: 25…

They had already won a victory from La Souterraine yearlings earlier that day:

La Souterraine  138 yearlings: 1-8-13-17-19-28-47-48 (8/8)
La Souterraine   99 olds: 2-27-31 (3/5)

They had a great race from Barcelona as well, having won a 35-48 against 292 pigeons (2/2).

In addition, Marc had a great race from Agen last week, when no less than 3 pigeons (two olds and one yearling) arrived home simultaneously at 17:15. They won a 1st and 2nd in the club old birds, and a 1st provincial yearlings. This is a moment that will be etched in his memory forever.

His pigeons performed as follows in the race from Agen:

Regional  YL.       146 p.: 1–27 (2/6)
Provincial YL.      619 p.: 1–114
National YL.      2,767 p.: 3-395
Preliminary int.  4,485 p.: 3

Regional   olds    218 p.: 1–2–8–12–44–70  (7/9)
Provincial olds    803 p.: 4–5–32–43–144–238
National olds    3,524 p.: 11–12–68–133–493-821
Preliminary int. 6,025 p.: 15–16–84- …

The Pollin pigeons have been doing great in several other lofts as well, winning the following top results:

-Norbert Ally: 1st National Montauban olds (50% Pollin pigeon - the dam was purchased on PIPA)
-Team De Jaeger Freddy: 2nd National Agen YL. (100% Pollin pigeon)
-Gerard Koopman: 1st NPO Sens (50% Pollin pigeon - the dam was purchased on PIPA)

Son Joske winner from Montauban yearlings

The pigeons of Marc and Geert Pollin are having a splendid season, having won several first prizes and great results. It was just a matter of time before they would claim an important victory this season, and it was Son Joske that eventually took home a national win. This talented pigeon was promptly renamed Montauban II. He has won the following prizes in 2015:

-Montauban II BE14-3027005

 1st Nat Montauban   2,129 YL
 2nd Clermont          328 p.
 3rd Montluçon         115 p.
11th Zone A1 Montluçon 700 p.
 5th Chateaudun        362 p.
20th Prov Chateaudun 4,072 p.
 7th Clermont          884 p.

Click here for his full palmares

Sire: Joske BE09-3091293
Comes from a joint breeding of Marc Pollin and Jos Thoné. He is a son of Mortifer BE03-3002141 (Olympiad Pigeon Dortmund 2009) x Sedna I BE04-5026055 of Jos Thoné (winner of a 1st Intnat. Narbonne 5,870 p. in 2005).

Dam: Sister Nai BE08-3090193
A full sister of this loft's current top breeder Nai. She is a daughter of Son Tony BE00-3241030 (grandson of Montauban I BE89-3382432), the sire of Nai and Cruyff (2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2010) x J&B BE03-3017314, which comes from Boudewijn Jonckheere. He is an outstanding breeder and the dam of not only Nai and Cruyff but also Dortmunder (Olympiad Pigeon Dortmund 2009).
Click here for the full pedigree of Montauban II (of Son Joske)

From Montauban I to Montauban II

The pigeon family of Marc Pollin became world famous thanks to their phenomenal stock sire Montauban I Pollin BE89-3382432. He was a fantastic racing bird and winner of a 27th, 5th and 20th nat. Montauban in three consecutive seasons, from 1991 to 1993. He then developed into a world class breeder, having bred several outstanding cracks at home and abroad, many of which were born in the loft of Marc Pollin itself. One of the best breeders in today's breeding loft is Nai, a direct descendant of this Montauban bloodline. Nai laid the foundation of the current generatinon of Pollin pigeons, along with Dortmunder (Olympiad Pigeon Long Distance Dortmund 2009) and Mortifer (Olympiad Pigeon Dortmund Cat. Marathon 2009). This proves once again that breeding pigeons from top class birds pays off in the long run.

Marc and Geert agree that their fresh national winner has great potential, which is why they renamed him Montauban II. It shows that they have great confidence in him. Congratulations on your impressive 2015 season, and your well deserved national win from Montauban!