Maarten Huijsmans (NL): Total auction of the 2x 1st Nat. Middle Distance Champion

Maarten Huijsmans is the wonder boy of Dutch pigeon sport. In 2015, he placed himself amongst the National Champions and was crowed 1st National Middle Distance Champion two times since then, ranking Top 10 nominated and/or not nominated champion 13 times.

Many victories in large competitions and (inter)national ace pigeon titles put him in the spotlight time and time again. His small breeding team, consisting only of national stars, form the steady foundation to his success. These cracks were never sold, which led Maarten to becoming a national superstar. 

Now that Maarten has decided to move, he is left with no other choice but to say goodbye to his whole colony - without doubt one of the best in The Netherlands. The choice to auction his pigeons - with no exceptions - is a logical step. World-famous pigeons will be on offer, including Super Cees, Pia, Olympic Roel, Super Yearling, Ace Hen, Blue Pearl, Special Diamond, Super Talent, Next Universe, Blue Dream, Simply The Best, Super Dutch...all (national) winners and ace pigeons. Pigeons that brought Maarten to the highest level, but certainly also helped other lofts win. In 2022 alone, achievements including 1st Nat. Champion Long Distance NPO, 1st NPO Fontenay (380km) 4,410 p. and 1st NPO (Issoudun 525km) 2,472 p. where all on account of pure Huijsmans pigeons! This is a last chance to get your hands on these golden bloodlines; not only children to his cracks, but the superstars themselves! Exclusively on PIPA. 

Below is a grasp from Maarten his 5-star collection. 

Next Universe - NL19-3920765

Olympic Roel - NL15-1777271

Simply The Best - NL19-3920752

Super Yearling - NL15-1777319

Super Cees - NL12-1698913

Super Dutch - NL16-1594036

Jasmijn - NL20-2029839

Super Talent - NL19-3920726

Golden Iris - NL15-1777255

Ace Hen - NL14-1134029

Blue Pearl - NL17-1766877

Little Doutzen - NL19-3920779

New Diamond - NL17-3924529

Romee - NL17-3724539

Pia - NL15-1777222

Special Diamond - NL18-3811439

Blue Dream - NL17-3724604