Luc Van Coppenolle (Ouwegem, BE) wins 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Grand Distance KBDB 2013

Luc has won the title of 3rd nat. ace pigeon long distance KBDB 2013 with Sproete Favo, after having also won the long distance prize KBDB East Flanders. His Sproete Favo is a full brother of the first international Narbonne 2013.

Has Luc Van Coppenolle discovered a new super class breeding pair last summer? There is no doubt about it. This is obviously a top class pairing, because winning these titles with two full brothers is quite exceptional. This sounds very promising for the future. A fancier who can discover such a talented breeding pair will usually have a very strong team for the next several years; we have witnessed this a few times already. In fact, both the sire and the dam originate from a mixture of the old bloodlines of Van Coppenolle, which means the parents are closely related as well. This is another advantage and it proves that this is a top quality breed.

The pedigrees of both champions include nothing but excellent marathon racing pigeons with, for instance, Favoriet (1st internat. ace pigeon long distance IFC 4000), Beziers (winner of 4 x top 100 nat.) and As Roger (9th nat. ace pigeon long distance KBDB), as well as the renowned Pau Pair (which originates from a crossing of the lines of Beziers x As Roger). This is indeed a pigeon breed with excellent descendants. Let’s take a closer look at the list of achievements of the two champions:

-Sproete Favo BE09-4302839

3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Grand Distance KBDB 2013
Winner Grand Distance Prize KBDB East Flanders 2013
’13 Perpignan Club  127 p. 1
              Nat 5,613 p. 6
’13 Agen      Club   56 p. 1
              Nat 5,507 p. 45
’13 Marseille Club   34 p. 2   (behind loft mate)
              Nat 2,376 p. 104

Sire: Zoon Beziers BE08-4224236
A great looking breeding cock and sire of the 90th nat. Marseille in 2012. He is a son of Beziers BE00-4497078, an excellent racing pigeon and winner of:

5th  Nat Pau 2004
6th  Nat Pau 2005
77th Nat Beziers 2001
77th Nat Dax 2006

His dam Muisblauwe 3-band BE04-4432754 was bred from a crossing of Roger Florizoone x the bloodline of Pau: she is a daughter of As Roger 373/97, winner of a 9th Ace Pigeon Long Distance 1999.

Dam: Fijn Witpen Favoriet BE06-4373957
A direct daughter of Favoriet BE02-4408930, an extreme long distance champion:

1st Intnat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance 2005 IFC 4000
7th  Nat Pau        2,212 p.
100th Nat Dax       4,534 p.
136th Nat Beziers   4,559 p.
217th Nat Dax       5,189 p.
385th Nat Perpignan 7,611 p.
438th Nat Narbonne  5,051 p.
592nd Nat Bordeaux  7,519 p.

Her sire is a daughter of the famous Pau pair.
Click here for his full pedigree.

As we said, he is a full brother of the winner of 1st internat. Narbonne 2013 Blue Final:
-Blue Final BE10-4292294

’13 Narbonne Int  11,448 p. 1
             Nat   5,215 p. 1

Which fancier would not want to have such successful long distance pigeons in his loft?

If you would like to know more about the pigeon loft of Luc Van Coppenolle you can reread our previous PIPA report that was published following his international victory from Narbonne 2013.

The pigeon family of Luc Van Coppenolle has been at the top of the long distance competition in Belgium for years. This is a breed with a solid foundation, based on a very strong breeding team that is capable of breeding long distance stars regularly. In addition, these pigeons have the excellent characteristic of passing their qualities to future generations as well, allowing Luc to continue to excel in his favourite discipline, the international classics of the long distance. These are the true marathons in pigeon racing. Well done!