Luc Van Coppenolle (Ouwegem, BE), owner of a breed of very strong long distance racers

When we take a look at the results of the long distance races and the international competitions, we always come across the name of Luc Van Coppenolle. He has a loft with national fame in the marathon races.

His pigeons are known for being very strong long distance flyers. They can take a beating and they are strong and powerful. They are persistent and determined to win. Over the years the family of Van Coppenolle has gained recognition at home and abroad. Until 1988 Luc raced together with his father in a loft at his parents’ house under the name of Leon & Luc Van Coppenolle. In 1989 Luc moved to his present home, where he made a fresh start with about ten breeding pairs from a previous breed. This was the starting point for today’s pigeon breed of powerful long distance birds. With this breed he managed to win such titles as East-Flemish long distance champion 1984, champion Cureghem Centre 1985 and General Champion of Belgium KBDB 1986. The undisputed stock sire of the Coppenolle breed is The Barcelona BE74-4304943, a true champion with such top prizes as:

137th national  Limoges   ’75  
 28th internat. Barcelona ’77
286th internat. Barcelona ’78  
168th internat. Barcelona ’79
599th internat. Barcelona ’80  

He stems from a crossing of the finest pigeons of the best Belgian long distance fanciers; a mix of the lines of Desmet-Matthijs (Klaren & Blesse), Hector Desmet (Prins), the Devriendt Moere brothers (Cattrysse) and the Motta line Vanhee via Derweduwen. The Barcelona would lay the groundwork for a new generation of first class grand distance racers: Van Coppenolle has been breeding excellent young children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren with this pigeon. Meanwhile, 35 years later, the story continues. The Barcelona is the sire of Primus Barcelona BE80-4306332, one of the best Barcelona racers in our sport’s history as 5th Primus Interpares 1986 and 3rd Primus Interpares 1987. Primus Barcelona was in his turn the sire of Rode Narbonne BE89-4039411, winner of for instance an 81st national Narbonne 1990 and a 51st national Narbonne 1995. That same Primus Barcelona is also grandfather of a phenomenal stock pigeon of Van Coppenolle: the De Pau BE92-4525762, winner of a 3rd national Pau 1996, a 27th national Marseille 1996, a 9th national Pau 1997 and a 56th national Perpignan. This is a strong and indefatigable breed!

Still there was no room for complacency: he kept on looking for pigeons to further improve his breed. In the early 90s he added some pigeons from Roger Florizoone: he obtained direct pigeons and some others were used for joint breeding, mainly with the lines of the Primus Interpares Florizoone and the renowned Benoni of Gaston Devooght. These lines can be found in the pedigrees of most of the Coppenolle pigeons now, as some of these hens have turned into stock dams. In recent years pigeons from René De Meester, Martin Ravelingien and Freddy De Ketelaere were added as well. In the last few seasons he has also had some crossings with top class pigeons for the long distance. However Luc only wants to mention their names in the composition of his breed when they have proved their added value. To conclude he has a loft with long distance racers that manage to win great prizes season after season. We sum up the most important titles he has won up to now:

1st General Belgian Champion Verstandhouding-Entente ’03
1st PIPA- IATP-ranking ’04
1st Internat. Championship 2005 W.S.C Stolberg
3rd Nat Champion Extreme Long Distance KBDB ’06
1st Internat. Criterium Entente Belge ’07
1st Nat Ae Pigeon Long Distance IFC 4000 ’08 (with ‘Blauwen As’)
2nd Western-European Super Marathon ZLU ’08
1st National Marathon ’09
1st Europ Marathon Euskirchen (D)
1st Internat. Champion I.F.V. ’09
2nd Nat Champion Grand Distance KBDB ’09… etc.

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It is obvious that it takes a lot of effort and hard work to win so many championship titles. We will take a closer look at two of his best pigeons that have contributed to winning several of these titles.

- Blauwen As BE06-4258946

1st Nat Ace Pigeon Long Distance IFC 4000 ’08 
165th  Nat. St.Vincent 6,521 p. ’07
       182th Intnat St.Vincent 7,515 p. ’07
201th  N.Zone Brive 4,381 p. ’08
       880th Nat Brive 14,521 p. ’08
294th  Nat Tarbes 4,660 p. ’08
       496th Intnat Tarbes 12,537 p. ’08
304th  Nat Perpignan 7,603 p. ’08
       162th Intnat Perpignan 17,624 p. ‘08
595th  Nat Montauban 5,438 p.  ’08
163th  Nat Tarbes 4,812 p. ’09
       341th Intnat Tarbes 12,849 p. ’09
1730th Nat Brive 17,456 p. ’09
307th  Nat Montauban 9,091 p. ’11
365th  Nat Tarbes 4,818 p. ’11
       875th Intnat Tarbes 10,695 p. ’11
1817th Nat Limoges 19,373 p. ’11

Sire: BE05-3149372 Brother 1st Nat Ace Pigeon Long Distance
A full brother of Schicht BE01-3214932, the first Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance 2004 for Michel Denys (from the bloodlines of Roger Florizoone x Coutteau). He won his national title with the following results:

22th Nat. Brive 19,477 p.
11th Nat. Bordeaux 7,519 p.
26th N.Zone A Limoges 6,076 p.

Dam: BE98-4515787 Daughter Pau
Half sister of Marseille and a daughter of stock sire Pau 762/92 (see above) x Stammoeder 3' 277/96 (a joint breeding with Florizoone, an inbred Primus I). The Marseille BE98-4551816 is winner of for instance:

9th Ace Pigeon Long Distance '01 K.B.D.B.
2nd European Ace Pigeon extreme long distance '01
1st Ace Pigeon extreme long distance internat. '01 I.F.C.4000
'99 Narbonne Nat. 136th against 8,204 p.
‘00 Pau Nat. 172nd against 2,669 p.
    Marseille Nat. 86th against 4,093 p.
    Perpignan Nat. 598th against 6,246 p.
‘01 Pau Nat. 30th against 2,567 p.
    Marseille nat. 41st against 4615 p.
    Perpignan nat. 114th against 8041 p.

- Groten Blauwen Narbonne BE06-4258945

2nd Prov Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2008
9th   Nat Narbonne 6,801 p. ’08
      22nd Intnat Narbonne 12,201 p. ’08
56th  N.Zone Limoges 3,166 p. ’08
      90th Nat Limoges Derby 6,016 p. ’08
88th  N.Zone Cahors 1,834 p. ’08
      378th Nat Cahors 5,441 p. ’08
87th  N.Zone Limoges 5.549 p. ’08
      152th Nat Limoges 11,995 p. ’08
98th  Nat Pau 1,984 p. ’09
      283th Intnat Pau 7,608 p. ’09
134th Nat Tarbes 4,812 p. ’09
      274th Intnat Tarbes 12,849 p. ’09
774th Nat Brive 17,456 p. ’09
1735th Intnat Perpignan 18,354 p. ’09

Sire: BE05-4348996 Zoon Blauwwitpen Perpignan
He stems from Blauwwitpen Perpignan 711/01 (10th Nat. Perpignan 7,537 pigeons, 13th Nat. Castres 4,101 pigeons, 80th Nat. Albi 5,063 pigeons, 96th Nat. Pau 2,118 pigeons, 10th Bourges 4,146 pigeons, 140th Nat. Beziers 3,539 pigeons, 210th Nat. Dax 5,026 pigeons, 276th Nat. Perpignan 6,489 pigeons, 339th Nat. Dax 6,136 pigeons, 824th Nat. Brive 20,310 pigeons) x Stammoeder 3' 276/96 (from a joint breeding with Roger Florizoone, an inbred Primus I. She is the dam of As Roger and Rode Perpignan and grandmother of Beziers and St. Vincent etc.).

Dam: BE04-4438062 Witpen Gentil
A daughter of Superkweker 767/99 (sire of the 34th Nat. Perpignan, 79th Nat. Perpignan 2002; an original R. Florizoone) x Lang Vaal 947/02 (a half sister of supercrack As Roger).

As we mentioned above the Luc Van Coppenolle family focuses on the long distance and the international races. The other competitions usually act as training flights for the important races. That is why only the results in races of over 600km are important to him, where the pigeon’s strength, endurance and orientation really stand out. Each season he has about 70 widowers (30 to 35 old birds and 35 to 40 yearlings) that can prove their abilities over longer distances. The old birds are basketed for the international classics; the yearlings take part in races from Libourne, Limoges and Narbonne. Their goal is to gain experience for the future and of course to separate the wheat from the chaff. There is no doubt that the long distance pigeons from Ouwegem have given their best in 2012, winning several top results:

1st Locally and 14th Nat Agen-Bordeaux 4,971 old birds etc…
1st Locally and 90th Nat Marseille 3,245 p. etc…
2nd Locally against 153 p., and 35th Nat Libourne 7,957 p. etc…
2nd + 5th locally against 116 pigeons and 40th + 50th Nat. Pau 1,989 pigeon etc.
5th-6th-7th Locally Perpignan against 152 p.,
and 74th-152nd-174th Nat Perpignan 6,661 p. etc…

These results once more illustrate the class of today’s Van Coppenolle pigeons. Throughout his career he has won several important prizes. We have made an overview of his national top 10 prizes in the past years:

An overview of national top 10 prizes

3rd  Nat. Pau ’96 of 1,953 p.
5th  Nat. Pau ’04 of 2,118 p.
6th  Nat. Pau ’05 of 2,212 p.
7th  Nat. Pau ’05 of 2,212 p.
7th  Nat. Perpignan ’95 of 5,698 p.
9th  Nat. Pau ’97 of 2,084 p.
9th  Nat. Narbonne ’08 of 6,801 p.
10th Nat. Marseille ’03 of 5,195 p.
10th Nat. Perpignan ’03 of 7,537 p.
10th Nat. Narbonne ’97 of 6,021 p.

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His pigeons are not only successful in their home loft; the pigeons of Luc Van Coppenolle have been winning prizes for several other lofts in Belgium and abroad, including national victories! We have included a list of his most important achievements outside his own loft below the article. It is quite an impressive list. Luc is really fond of pigeons that manage to arrive at the loft (or nearby) after a single flight of 14 to 15 hours. He enjoys seeing his pigeons arrive after such a long effort. That explains why Luc Van Coppenolle loves the extreme long distance!

Luc thinks that a strong breeding loft is the basis for sustained success. He always tries to breed towards the same bloodlines, which is crucial for continuing success. If you can add a top class pigeon to your breeding loft once in a while you will be safe for the future. That is what Luc Van Coppenolle has learned from experience. He is a dyed in the wool champion in the international grand distance!

The greatest successes with the Van Coppenolle pigeons in other lofts. The best proof of their breeding value!

1st Nat. Narbonne ’11 yl. (De Ryck-Duym) : 25% LVC
1st Nat. Cahors ’05 : (De Vuyst N.) : 50% LVC
2nd Nat .St.Vincent ’05 yl. (De Coninck G.) : 50% LVC
2nd  Nat. St.Vincent ’07 yl. (De Coninck G.) : 50% LVC
2nd Nat. Pau ’10 (Saeytijdt P.& S.) :  100% LVC
2nd Nat. Tarbes ’10 (Taildeman P.) : 100% LVC
2nd Nat. Narbonne ’11 ( Netherl. ) ( Belleter F. ) 50% LVC
2nd Nat. Tarbes’11 (U.K.) ( Corkett a. Sons ) 50%LVC
3rd Nat. Tarbes’12 (U.K.) ( M.Grayston ) 50%LVC
3rd Nat. Barcelona’12 ( Saeytijdt P.& S.) 50% LVC
3rd Nat. Perpignan’12 ( Saeytijdt P.& S. ) 25% LVC
4th Nat. Narbonne yl.’12 ( Van Looy-Van Nieuwenh. ) 50%LVC
4th Nat. Agen ’11 (Vercamst P.) : 25% LVC
5th Nat. Tarbes’11 (U.K.) (Corkett a.Sons )50%LVC
5th Nat. Narbonne ’09 (Ronsyn J.) : 50% LVC
6th Nat. Perpignan ‘08 (Haelters I.) : 50% LVC
7th Nat. Narbonne ’10 (Taildeman P.) : 75% LVC
7th Nat. St. Vincent ’05 yl.(De Coninck G.) : 50% LVC
8th Nat. Pau ’05 (MisseghersM.) : 100% LVC
8th Montauban ’05 (Ronsyn J.) : 50% LVC
10th  Nat. Irun ’07 (De Ruy-Galazka) : 50% LVC
11th Nat. Pau ’07 (Taildeman) : 100% LVC
12th Nat. Tarbes ’10 (Velghe F. & C.) : 50% LVC
12th Nat. Perpignan (Ronsyn J.) : 50% LVC
13th Nat. Narbonne yl.’11 (Van Looy-V Nieuwenh.)50%LVC
13th Nat. Barcelona ’07 (Michiels G.) : 100% LVC
13th Nat. Narbonne yl.’12 (De Coninck G.) : 25%LVC
14th Nat. Beziers ’03 (Taildeman P.) : 100% LVC
16th Nat. Perpignan ’08 (Taildeman P.) : 100% LVC
17th Nat.Bordeaux yl.’12 (Schamp D.) 50% LVC
18th Nat. Beziers ’01 (Reybroeck & zonen) : 50% LVC
19th Nat. Orange’12 (Buwalda S., NL ) : 50%LVC
20th Nat. Dax ‘03 (Joossens O.) : 100% LVC