Luc De Roeck (Manage, BE) says goodbye to pigeon racing !

The job is done: it would be a good summary of Luc's career in pigeon racing. This exceptional champion is now ready to see his life's work spread around pigeon lofts from across the world.

We already wrote several times about the general development of this loft, especially in the numerous reports that we published since his first national victory in 2005. We can all agree on one thing: he owes his succes to a pigeon family that was built by a grandmaster, over the course of several decades. The De Roeck breed is built around two bloodlines. The first one is the line of his golden pair 'Le Daems' x 'La Vaneeno', the second line is that of his pigeon 'Rocky' (who could have been named 'Olympic Rocky' after he was selected for the Porto Olympiad in 2005). In this very last report devoted to the De Roeck pigeon loft, we would like to present you the best pigeons that were bred from these two different bloodlines, as well as those bred from their crossings.

We will start with the first descendants of the golden pair 'Le Daems' x 'La Vaneenoo'. As the name suggests, this pair consists of a cock of the Daems loft from Bevel coupled with a hen of Julien Vaneenoo from Wingene. The first crack pigeons bred from this combination were born in 2001, including most notably a pair of aces: the 'Montélimar' and 'l'As du Rhône'. The first one won the national victory on Montélimar against 8,538 pigeons in 2004, the second one won the title of 1st Ace Pigeon Rhône Valley one year later. This should give you an idea of the quality of their genes. Luc continued to discover new top pigeons year after year, and these were all bred from this line crossed with the line of 'Rocky'.

- 'Olympic Rocky' (BE01-9006056)

During his brilliant racing career, this top class pigeon achieved one top result after the other, and he proved just as successful in the breeding loft (see later on). His main results are:

Olympic Pigeon Cat Marathon Porto ‘05
1.  Aurillac nat zone   3,663 p.
10. Brive nat zone      3,228 p.
24. Montélimar nat zone 5,730 p.
34. Orange nat zone     3,350 p.
39. Argenton national   9,302 p.

That's it for the introduction of the two most important lines of the loft.
Before we continue, we will take a look at the best pigeon of this loft, and arguably one of the best pigeons of its generation in Europe.

- 'Super Ace 815' (BE09-9040815)

This incredible crack is in fact an inbred product of the golden pair: his sire is a full brother of the 'Montélimar' and of 'l'As du Rhône' (see above), while his dam is a full sister of 'L'Orange' (see later). This hen is a granddaughter of the golden pair through her dam.
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This pigeon is probably one of the best pigeon that has ever flown Belgium. He started to show his potential already in 2010 when he won a 2nd national zone Châteauroux, which resulted in a 15th national against 22,718 pigeons. In 2012 he won 3 national top 10 prizes in the zone but he really came to the for in 2014, when he became the best pigeon of Belgium with 4 long distance prizes (PIPA ranking), while also finishing in 3rd place in the national ace pigeon championship long distance KBDB. After this fantastic season he was transferred to the breeding loft. Luc did not know at the time, but his '815' was about to become an exceptional breeder. He had only bred a few youngsters during his racing career (the De Roeck racing birds can raise one youngster per season) and yet 'Super Ace 815' has already created a bloodline with two generations of prize winners, despite becoming a full-time breeder only in the end of 2014. In his short career as a breeder this amazing pigeon has bred an impressive number of successful youngsters. In fact, Luc won a national first prize in this year's race from Limoges with one of his sons:

- 'The Limoges' (BE12-106278)

A late youngster born in 2013 (ringed with an old one), this pigeon won a 20th national Brive last year against 8,674 pigeons. In 2016, he made the headlines with his national victory from Limoges I, which also marked the end of his racing career.

This pigeon is the perfect example of the level of quality of this crossing of the two most important lines at De Roeck: his sire is the 'Super Ace 815' while his dam is a direct daughter of 'Olympic Rocky', himself paired at the time with a granddaughter of the golden pair!
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- 'The Orange' (BE06-9045227)

The national winner of the race he was named after. This super crack won no less than 4x top 35 national during his career:

1.  Orange nat   4,466 p. ‘10
24. Orange nat   5,237 p. ‘09
32. Bourges nat 19,084 p. ‘08
35. Bourges nat 16,023 p. ‘07

Sire: son of 'Cahors 608/96' (former basic cock at De Roeck).
Dam: daughter of the golden pair 'Le Daems' x 'La Vaneenoo'.

- 'The Brive' (BE09-9040751)

After 'The Montélimar' and 'The Orange', 'The Brive' is now the third national winner in the De Roeck loft. In 2011 he was the fastest two year old basketed for Brive. In addition he finished in 2nd place national against 10,089 pigeons (2 years old & older).

'The Brive' is another descendant of the invaluable crossing of Golden Pair descendants with descendants of 'Rocky'. His sire is a grandson of the golden pair through his dam. His dam was also bred from this same crossing: her grandfather from her father's side is a direct son of Montélimar (a direct son of Golden Pair), and her dam is a direct daughter of Rocky.
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The sire of the 'Brive' deserves special attention as well: this pigeon born in 2006 (ring BE06-9045177) is not only the sire of the national Brive, he also bred the two top class racing birds 'The Cahors' & 'The Valence'.

- 'The Cahors' (BE11-9013121)

This super crack ended his racing career as 5th National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB In 2014. The bloodline of the golden pair can be found in his pedigree through his sire, which is a grandson of this legendary breeding pair (see above).

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- 'Le Valence' (BE12-9078414)

A full brother of the 'Cahors', 'The Valence' showed his potential in the long distance races. He is another top descendant of the golden pair!
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'The Cahors' and 'The Valence' have another great half brother called 'The Tulle' through their dam (The 228/08). This half brother is another important pigeon in the De Roeck racing loft. The sire of Tulle is none other than 'L'As du Rhône', a direct son of the golden pair and winner of a 1st Ace Pigeon Rhône Valley in 2005.

- 'The Tulle' (BE10-9096793)

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We conclude with another exceptional pigeon. He is another grandson of the golden pair, and winner of no less than two national victories in the zone!

- 'Double Zonal Winner' (BE10-9096771)

This last crack perfectly show the potential of the De Roeck pigeons, which can fight for victory across every distance: he won his first zonal victory from Châteauroux, he then went on to win a zonal victory from Cahors, and he closed his racing career with a top prize from Narbonne woth at national and international level. He is an allround pigeon able to claim victory in races of 400 to 800 km. In addition, he is the sire of a pigeon that won a local victory from Jouy, a race over approximately 150km. It goes without saying that the pigeons of De Roeck are highly versatile racing birds.
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In a few weeks' time, almost all the pigeons from the De Roeck loft will be leaving the country to be spread around the world. The future buyers won't be disappointed; these are invaluable pigeons from a top quality breed. For Luc this will be the start of a new life. He has been a pigeon fancier for several decades, and he was successful in almost every single race. It makes him one of the most celebrated pigeon fanciers in Belgium. His job is done for now. Luc, we wish you a lot of happiness!