Luc De Laere (Anzegem, BE): "Three old and just as many yearlings below the 23rd National Tulle”

"It is the first time that I manage to get 3 pigeons 2 times in the first 23 National for a race of +600 km against 6 and 7000 pigeons. All 6 pigeons have the same pedigree, they come from my very best pigeons."

These are the words of Luc De Laere from Anzegem, West Flanders, after his brilliant results at Tulle which have exceeded his wildest expectations. Although the people in Anzegem are already used to a few things when it comes to top performances.

Let's have a look at the national results of Tulle. Luc played 7-9-23-134-144-157-338-402-499 (9/13) against 6.206 old pigeons (per ten). Among the 7.155 yearlings it became 19-21-23-109-133-186-330-417-519-885-1298 (11/15) of which 9 per 10. Overwhelming results of this colony of pigeons that already won 1st provincal Chateaudun and numerous top prizes earlier this year.

A picture of Luc De Laere at his loft.

Fanciers who are familiar with pigeon racing at the highest level know that the name "De Laere" is inextricably linked to "Tieke". This world famous pigeon offered Luc and his father Maurice De Laere (who died in 2015) national fame because of his unparalleled performance. "A miracle bird", according to specialized pigeon literature. Tieke became the 1st provincial ace pigeon middle distance for 2 years in a row thanks to his fantastic flying performances. A top flyer as there are very few to be found in the middle distance sector. But the pigeon gained the greatest fame because of his wonderful breeding performances both in West Flanders and far beyond. His results at Tulle in 2019 were outstanding.

7th National Tulle (6.206 old pigeons)

Registered to New Tieke (BE17-3021504), who excelled last year with the following national results: 5th National Gueret (11.609 pigeons), 25th National Chateaudun (8.517 pigeons) and 203rd National Argenton (19.859 pigeons).

New Tieke: 7th National Tulle.

Click here to see the pedigree of New Tieke.

The father of New Tieke: De Sproet Tieke.


The mother of New Tieke: Perfecta.

9th National Tulle (6.206 old pigeons)

Registered to Dream Boy (BE17-3021441). This cock, a son of Tiekes Bliksem x First Lady, flew a.o. 1st Argenton 15 minutes ahead of 862 pigeons, 2nd Nat. Zone Argenton (7.382 pigeons) and 15th Nat. Argenton (21.915 pigeons).

Dream Boy: 9th National Tulle.

Click here to see the pedigree of Dream Boy.

The father of Dream Boy: Tiekes Bliksem.

The mother of Dream Boy: First Lady.

19th National Tulle (7.155 yearlings)

Registered to Jomme (BE18-3080093), a full brother of Jerommeke 203/14 and his sisters who also flew 1st provincial. This blue-white cock offered the colony of the Arendstraat in Anzegem a lot of sporty highlights.

Click here to see the pedigree of Jomme.

Jerommeke, the full brother of Jomme.

21st National Tulle (7.155 yearlings)

Won by Remus (BE18-3080187). This top pigeon has won 10th provincial Issoudun 14 days earlier. He is a son of top breeder Witneus Tieke (BE11-3113705) and Regina (BE11-3115701), a daughter of 759 Tieke, the wonderful top breeder with numerous 1st prize winners among her offspring.

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De Witneus Tieke: father of Remu

Regina is the mother of Remus.

23rd National Tulle (7.155 yearlings)

Geovanny (BE18-3080051), another direct son from Tiekes Bliksem and Benja (direct Gaby Vandenabeele) took care of this top ranking.

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Benja (directly Vandenabeele) is the mother of Geovanny.

Luc: “Recently I also had the 2 fastest Chateaudun-pigeons with a speed of 1703 m/min: BE19-3042143 and BE19-3042144. Locally they were good for the 1st and 1st of 890 young pigeons. They came in at the same time and their sister came from the 2nd round (BE19-3042205) and the week before that she also flew the 1st from Clermont against 437 young."

Click here to see the pedigree of 143-19.

The facts mentioned above prove that it is all about top-class sport for Luc Delaere in Anzegem. Due to circumstances, the 57-year-old Luc and his wife Sybille experienced a though and difficult season. "That is the reason why we are so excited about the top results in Tulle. To classify 3 pigeons 2 times up to the 23rd National for a race of more than 600 km against 6 and 7000 pigeons exceeded our expectations. The fact that these pigeons have the same pedigree (from my best pigeons) is giving us a great pleasure."