Luc De Laere (Anzegem, BE) : provincial victor on Bourges

Luc hits hard on the national opening classic from Bourges. A phenomenal series and provincial victory put this colony in the spotlights.

Bourges : the season opener

Traditionally, the end of may is the start of the national racing calendar. After a long winter and the subsequent preparatory races, nearly all national top lofts are ready, with their highly motivated athletes, for the national classics. Bourges is a race which everybody looks forward to, a race which will show who is ready and lay bare the differences. This time, the weather was sublime. Perfect flying conditions and a light headwind lead to a fair race without preferences for location. 

De Laere off to an astonishing start...

Luc basketed 26 old birds which resulted in an exceptional result against the strongest competitors. In the strong and renowned club 'De Arend' in Rekkem the following results list was printed: 1-3-5-6-7-36-39-50-67-74-75-... / 795 pigeons and 19 prizes. 

Provincial West-Flanders: 1-5-12-14-15-63-68-106-149-171-189-... / 5,780 pigeons and 21 prizes out of 26 of which 17 prizes 1:10! Moreover, this was the 41st Provincial victory for the De Laere loft!! Below, several of the stars responsible for this great result will be breifly introduced:

Athos (BE19-3042160) took the club and provincial victory, although this wasn't his first feat. This true winner had already won 1st Chateauroux, 5th Gueret, 9th Issoudun, ... besides a handful of other top results he became 6th Provincial Ace Pigeon KBDB Heavy Middle Distance in 2020. In short; a great racer with an extensive palmares. 

Apollo (BE20-3000640) was the second pigeon to arrive from Bourges in Anzegem (3rd club and 5th Provincial). This racer had also already earned his credits in the past. On Chateauroux for instance, he had previously won: 1st club, 2nd Prov. and 5th National, and besides another victory from Clermont he has a long list of top results from races such as Bourges, Argenton, Sermaises,... in other words: a typical De Laere pigeon. 


Germo (BE20-3000575) arrived in Anzegem as third and won 5th club and 12th Provincial. He too, showed to be capable of peaking on races such as Chateauroux, Gueret, Blois, ... as a son of Jerommeke (1st Provincial Ace Pigoen KBDB) the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. 

Conty (BE20-3000572) finished 6th in the strong club and 14th provincially on this tough but fair Bourges race. As descendant of the famous "Contador", Conty was found at the top of the charts on several occasions during races last season including Souillac. In 2022, he immediately shows himself with a top result on Bourges, a promising sign for the near future.  

Armin (BE20-3000523) was the 5th pigeon that contributed to this spectacular result. Placing 7th in the club and taking a beautiful Top 15 spot on the provincial level against just shy of 6,000 participating pigeons. Building on his results list, this descendant of "Wittebuik" (Vandenabeele) does the De Laere name proud. 

Descendants of stock pigeon Tieke continue to ensure success 

Luc De Laere has been known to achieve an exceptional high level with his pigeons. Naturally, his world-famous stock pigeon "Tieke" is partly responsible for this. Countless lofts worldwide have been successful with descendants of this icon. Yearly, ace pigeons are linked to the De Laere name and his Tieke, and even in this still short season of 2022 there is a pigeon carrying this golden bloodline which had managed to fly into the spotlight. 

Elias (BE19-3042202) is a son of "Sproet Tieke" and is on a roll...

16/04 : Clermont  129 p. : 2th

23/04 : Clermont  685 p. : 4th

30/04 : Clermont  674 p. : 4th 

07/05 : Clermont  413 p. : 4th

14/05 : Orleans : 460 dp : 3th and Prov. : 6,206 p. : 26th 

21/05 : Pontoise : 316 p. : 84th

28/05 : Bourges : 795 p. : 75th and Prov. : 5,780 p. : 189th 

With Bourges the national races have begun and the De Laere colony immediately show themselves upfront. The competition has been warned...