Luc De Laere (Anzegem, BE) exceeds his own expectations with his seventh provincial victory this season

Luc De Laere has been dominating the field in West Flanders almost all season. He has now won his seventh provincial first prize with the young birds, one week after his first prize from Blois and two weeks after winning the first five prizes in Orléans.

Luc De Laere, winner of seven provincial victories in 2017

Seven x 1st Provincial and 11 x 2nd Provincial in West-Flanders

Luc De Laere has been almost unstoppable in 2017. He won a countless number of top results, although he had to wait until 8th of july for his first provincial victory of the season. He claimed two victories at the same time: Orléans and Chateauroux. Click here to reread our report on his two provincial first prizes. Spirits were high as the team continued to claim first prizes in rapid succession. The young birds won the seventh provincial first prize of the season on 2nd of September from Tours, and Luc surprised himself and his opponents when he finished in 2nd place provincial for the 11th time this year. His palmares now lists an astounding 30 provincial victories.

Stock breeder Tieke

BE00-3010207 Tieke, stock breeder in the lofts of Luc De Laere

The pedigrees of all the pigeons that were successful in the provincial classics in recent weeks have one pigeon in common. BE00-3010207 Tieke has been an invaluable breeder for Luc. This pigeon bred an impressive number of talented racing birds, especially when combined with the Bliksem bloodline of Gaby Vandenabeele. The Janssen Brothers pigeons that were obtained via his good friend Rolf Huchthausen were combined with the Tieke bloodline as well, and they proved a valuable addition too. Luc sums it up perfectly: "If I had to get rid of all the pigeons that are somewhat related to Tieke, there would be nothing left here."

Orléans and Tours are his last major achievements

His results from Orléans on 19th of August and from Tours on 2nd of September are his greatest achievements so far. In Orléans (343km) a quintet of young birds from Luc's racing team landed on the board almost simultaneously, outpacing the rest of the pack in West Flanders (3,398 pigeons). The race from Tours had a similar outcome, with three of Luc's racing birds claiming the first three prizes. These are the full results for both races:

19/08 Orléans 343 km 3,398 p. 1-2-3-4-5-7-11-12-26-33-41-42-49-68-74-etc. (27/44)
02/09 Tours   435 km 1,483 p. 1-2-3-7-8-9-10-17-20-26-28-33-51-57-63-66-70-98-99 (19/34)

The champions and their pedigrees

We bring you an overview of Luc De Laere's most successful racing birds in recent weeks, and a look at their pedigrees:

06/08 Bourges II old birds 425 km / 652 pigeons

BE15-3070849 1st Provincial  (the sire is inteelt Tieke)

06/08 Bourges II young birds 425 km / 5,486 pigeon

BE17-3021503 2nd Provincial (the sire and the dam are grandchildren of Tieke)

19/08 Orléans young birds 343 km / 3,398 pigeons

26/08 Blois young birds 396 km / 2,380 pigeons

BE17-3021528 1st Provincial (Tieke x Bliksem line)

05/08 Pontoise young birds 220 km / 18,184 pigeons

BE11-3115713 Tiekes Bliksem, sire of a 1st Provincial Pontoise
and the sire of the provincial winners from Chateaudun and Clermont in 2016

26/08 Pontoise young birds 220 km / 7,954 pigeons

  • BE17-3021472 2nd Provincial (the sire is a grandson Tieke)
  • BE17-3021493 4th Provincial (grandchild Tieke x inbred Bliksem)

26/08 Argenton young birds 495 km/ +/- 4,500 pigeons

BE17-3021441 2nd Provincial (Tieke x Bliksem line)

02/09 Tours young birds 435 km / 1,483 pigeons

  • BE17-3021521 1st Provincial (the sire is a grandson Tieke)
  • BE17-3021560 2nd Provincial (Tieke x Bliksem line)
  • BE17-3021503 3rd Provincial (the sire and dam are grandchildren of Tieke)

Luc surprises himself

We let Luc do the talking: "I do not really have an explanation for my young birds' remarkable success. We keep things as simple as possible for them; the hens and the cocks sit together and we let them live their lives." Luc has grown accustomed to winning many top prizes. In fact he performs really well almost every season but he was genuinely surprised with what he has achieved so far this season. He has an impressive 30 provincial first prizes on his palmares since the start of September. Many congratulations Luc.