Luc De Laere (Anzegem, BE) claims 1st provincial Chateaudun

The stuntmen of Luc De Laere have been pushing hard again in 2019. They win a provincial first prize from Chateaudun, which adds to an already extensive list of achievements.

Luc De Laere, enjoying his time in the loft

Maurice & Luc Delaere have been among the leading names in the middle distance in West Flanders since the start of the century, and they gained international fame thanks to world class pigeon Tieke. This terrific bird was 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Middle distance two years in a row, thanks to a brilliant palmares. But it was not until he started breeding that Tieke really became an iconic name: numerous Tieke descendants proved highly successful in Anzegem and in other lofts over the years. Luc is now racing on his own, without the help of Maurice, but that does not keep his Tieke descendants from racing at the highest level!

The provincial winner: Frodo

Frodo (3080067/18) did really well, taking the win against almost 3,000 one year olds. He was in fact basketed as team De Laere's first nominated, which shows that this victory did not really come as a surprise. He has been very successful in earlier races from Chateauroux, Blois, Clermont, etc. as well.

Frodo: 1st provincial Chateaudun 2,917 p.

German fancier Willi Linsen claimed a prestigious win against around 20,000 pigeons with a pigeon whose origins bear a striking resemblance to Frodo's (click here for Frodo's pedigree).

We did see a tremendous overall performance from Luc De Laere in the provincial race from Chateaudun. To start with, they claimed a great victory against 2,917 yearlings, with the first nominated of a total of 19 yearlings, 13 of which claimed a top result. Frodo was basketed as a double yearling, claiming a 4th prize in the old birds' category. In fact, team De Laere did great in the old birds' race as well, with a 4th-5th-9th etc. of as many as 4,848 old birds.

A world famous bloodline

And the world famous Tieke bloodline continues to produce excellent racing birds: the pigeons that finished in 5th and 9th place provincial in Chateaudun are descendants of this incredible breeder as well. It was top class racing bird Little Prince that claimed a 5th prize of 4,848 old birds, and this pigeon combines the bloodlines of Tieke and Bliksem, which shows that good bloodlines will never disappoint (click here for Little Prince's excellent pedigree). This is another pigeon that has already proven his worth in earlier races: this star claimed a 1st Provincial Orleans in 2017, as well as another win from the same release site. He also claimed a 1st prize Argenton in the club last year, while also finishing in 46th place national of 11,823 pigeons that day. And he had already won a 3rd prize from Vierzon of 221 p. this season, as well as a 35th Provincial and a 324th national of 20,912 pigeons.

Little Prince: a top class bird for De Laere

The 9th provincial Chateaudun originates from this bloodline as well. Berry (3021412-17) is a descendant of the world famous Wittenbuik of Vandenabeele from his father's side, and he is related to none other than Tieke from his mother's side. This means Berry stems from some of the best bloodlines worldwide (click here for Berry's pedigree). Berry was already in great form in this year's races from Clermont (10th of 676 p.) and Blois.

A household name

The De Laere pigeon family from Anzegem has been a household name both at national and international level for several decades now. They have numerous ace pigeons, national titles and overall top prizes on their palmares. Many of you will remember the fantastic provincial results of their young birds in recent seasons. And these birds have demonstrated their many qualities in countless other lofts as well. It leads us to believe that we have not seen the last of this team of natural born winners!