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Luc De Laere (Anzegem, BE): also wins 1. National Argenton youngsters!

Luc De Laere is clearly becoming the man of the season: After the 1° national Chateauroux and the 1° national Ace pigeon KBDB Grand Middle Distance, he is now also nationally victorious against 13,393 young pigeons from Argenton.

What else is there to say about the De Laere colony? All superlatives have already been used up, the supremacy is too overwhelming... Constantly, these pigeons are making a stand and hit their competition with devastating blows. 

At the highest level, the bar is set at a height where competition is scarce, for the De Laere house, after years of dominance there is still no competition for the descendants of, among others, wonder pigeon "Tieke". It was no different in the last national race from Argenton, where the highest speed of all participating pigeons (old + yearlings + youngsters) was achieved by one of the athletes of this Anzegem super loft.

Sunshine Tieke: 1° National Argenton youngsters

At Argenton national on August 27, the fastest pigeon of the entire pack was Sunshine Tieke (BE22-3081587). This beautiful hen convincingly won the 1° National against everything and everyone, a true feat when one considers that the next West Flemish pigeon can be found in 24th place in the national result among the youngsters. Sunshine Tieke therefore attracted all the national attention to her with: 1° club against 692 pigeons in the strong long distance club in Rekkem with an almost 20 minute lead, 1° Provincial West Flanders against 4,100 p. (also about a 10-minute lead in this one) and against all competition from Antwerp, nevertheless a convincing 1° National against no less than 13,393 young pigeons! Aside from that… Luc also wins the 1° provincial in West Flanders among the old and yearlings with one of his other clappers... ! Sunshine Tieke is a 24 carat gold nugget because she comes from the very best that can be found in pigeon land: on the father's side we find the inevitable stock pigeon Tieke, the wonder pigeon that is responsible for countless exploits at home and abroad. On the mother's side we see in the pedigree the name of an icon in the pigeon sport: De Bliksem from Gaby Vandenabeele!

Luc with the national winner

Sunshine Tieke has already proved her mettle, because otherwise she would not have been basketted for this national race with a champion of the De Laere quality. In the previous national competition (also from Argenton) she was immediately at the top of the results, as well as in a few introductory flights.

Luc and wife basking in the aftermath of their latest stunt

At lonely heights

Luc's pigeons have been at a level where competition is scarce for several decades, in an area where many stars try to make life miserable for each other in the sporting field. To stand out among such competition is evidence of the fact that we are dealing with a colony that has no equal in the popular extreme middle distance in Belgium. The last performance at Argenton once again reminded everyone that the quality at the De Laere house is of an exceptional level.