Luc-Bart-Jurgen Geerinckx (Wommelgem, BE) proud winners of 1° Nat Argenton against 12,447 old birds

You could call this a victory in homage to father Luc, but is also a proof that Bart and Jurgen have what it takes to be successful. It did not take them long to find a suited name for this weekend’s winning pigeon: Luc.

These two young fanciers from Wommelgem are one of the main competitors in the middle distance races these days. The season started with a dark period after the death of their father Luc Geerinckx. But last weekend they had some goodnews: this time they were all smiles, celebrating the national victory old birds from Argenton. This is a crowning achievement for the magnificent season of Bart & Jurgen with some major wins:     

1° Prov Chateauroux 1,762 old birds
1° Prov Chateauroux 2,139 yearlings
1° Prov Montrichard 2,478 old birds
2° Prov Bourges     3,068 yearlings

Now they have won the first prize from Argenton. Their pigeon Luc was clocked at 14h00:52 after having covered a distance of 558.366km. This made him the fastest pigeon of the pack with a speed of 1638.07 m/min. This was not the first great result for the top athlete. He has already won several provincial and national top results in his career.

-‘Luc’ BE09-6326192

’12 Argenton  Nat 12,447 p. 1
’12 Montlucon Nat 17,865 p. 69
’11 Argenton  Nat 11,001 p. 139
’10 Bourges   Nat 17,138 p. 232
Quiévrain             63 p. 1
Quiévrain            185 p. 5
Dourdan-Angerville 1,332 p. 59
Dourdan-Angerville 2,231 p. 64
Bourges            5,139 p. 258
Argenton           7,132 p. 179

He is also a full brother of top class flyers Iron Lady and Iron Star, which have had some fine results as well:

-‘Iron Lady’:

1° Prov Chateauroux   2,611 p.
2° Nat La Souterraine 4,778 p.
3° Nat Argenton       5,767 p.

-‘Iron Star’:

1° Prov Chateauroux   2,412 p.
43° Nat Bourges      22,476 p.

Bart would like to add that Luc is the last son of his top class breeding couple Blauwe IJzeren BE96-6618311 x Eénwitpen Willyke BE02-6506323. As a summer youngster he was given the chance to show his strength as a racing pigeon. You can find his full pedigree here.

Good luck and bad luck is often closely related. On the one hand the Geerinckx family was very happy with the national victory from Argenton old birds last Saturday. On the other hand there was some bad news as well: they have lost two of their best yearlings (with for instance a 1° Prov Chateauroux and a 12° national Montluçon) this weekend. We hope that these two yearlings have eventually returned to their loft by now. The old birds of Luc & Bart were particularly strong this weekend with some fine results at provincial level. Let’s have a look:

Argenton Prov 1,531 old birds:
1-6-57-142-186-210-225-446 (9/12p.)

A comeback for the cocks

form Chateauroux. We noticed that it were especially his hens that had been doing very well. Bart told us that he was hoping for a better performance of his cocks as well as soon as the weather improved, with higher temperatures and less rain. The weather has not changed much since, but his cocks have actually improved their performance quite a lot! The 35 cocks are housed in two lofts (one upper and a new lower loft). In contrast to previous years he did not have them breed before the season. Only about ten youngsters were bred in mid-March, after which they were immediately placed in widowhood. This could explain why the cocks needed a bit more time this season to find their best form, says Bart. But after the national win from Argenton there is no need for doubt about the fitness of his cocks. The weekend before Argenton the pigeons were given time to recover and to rest. As a result they could not be together with their hen for about two weeks either. That is why Bart & Jurgen had deciced to show the hens to the cocks for an hour, prior to being basketed. Did the rest days and the time with the hens lead to this national victory? It is possible. But we think this victory is mainly the result of the talent and quality of the Geerinckx pigeons. For the sake of completeness we would like to add that both the cocks and the hens are raced on classic widowhood in Wommelgem, with partners that stay at home.

Luc would have been proud of his two sons. This weekend they took their fourth provincial win this season, one of which is also a national victory. Congratulations, well done! Keep up the good work!