Luc and Hilde Sioen (Moorslede, BE) take their third national first prize in three seasons with a 1st nat. La Souterraine

Luc and Hilde won a 1st nat. Poitiers both in 2013 and in 2014, and they have now added a national first prize from La Souterraine II to their palmares as well. They also won a first national La Souterraine back in 1999 and in 2001, as well as an international first prize from St. Vincent ’06. It goes without saying that the fanciers from Moorslede have been quite successful in recent years.

Hilde, Cedric and Luc


Their 6th national first prize can be credited to Hilde, who runs the young birds’ team (about 55) and the racing hens. Luc is responsible for the racing cocks. This loft has a remarkably low number of young birds. “We have quite a big loft but we still prefer not to keep to many young birds”, Hilde explains. Hilde and Luc demonstrated in the race from La Souterraine II that it does not take a large team to win prizes. They had basketed 24 young birds, four of which managed to finish in the national top 100, including of course their national first prize winner. This is their overall result against 9,760 young birds: 1-6-31-65-132-225-971 (10/24).

Nairo, 1st nat. La souterraine II of 9,760 young birds

Nairo (BE15-3058337)

Luc and Hilde’s breeding loft is mainly built around pigeons of Rik Hermans (Pulle, BE) and Willem de Bruijn (Reeuwijk, NL), complemented with a few pigeons of Rik Cools (Ruiselede, BE) and Eric Vermander (Oekene, BE). The national winner Nairo is a 75% Hermans and a 25% de Bruijn. His sire Rigoberto (BE13-3138176) comes from a line that has yielded great results, Hilde explains. A nest sister of Rigoberto (BE13-3138175) is the dam of a 4th nat. La Souterraine I yearlings 2015, and other successful sisters of Rigoberto include Andrea, RafaellaNestzus Rafaella and Zirtaki. Click on the names for their respective pictures and their palmares. 
The dam of Nairo is Emilia (BE11-3088148), a direct Rik Hermans that was raced in the lofts in Moorslede. She won a 10th nat. La Souterraine 15,902 p. and a 3rd prov. Fontenay 7,568 p. Click here for the full palmares end pedigree of Emilia. Nairo is the first son of Emilia, which is obviously quite a talented breeder. The full pedigree of Nairo can be found here.

The wing...

...and the eye of Nairo

Willemina BE13-3138072

Hilde an Luc won a 1st nat. Poitiers 14,109 YL 2014 with Willemina, which was the fastest of 26,486 p. The competing lofts quickly found out that this bloodline is quite talented. The 6th prize was won by BE15-3058219, a full sister of Willemina. Click here for the pedigree of 219/15. The pigeon that finished in 31st place national is BE15-3058290, which was the first son of Willemina. His sire is in turn a son of Kleine Blauwe (BE05-6045556), a direct Heremans-Ceusters and number one breeder for Willem de Bruijn. Click here for the pedigree of 290/15. In addition, Willemina is a niece of Nomi, which won a national first prize from Poitiers '13 against 13,135 pigeons.

Willemina: 1st nat. Poitiers 14,109 YL - fastest of 26,486 pigeons

The sky is not the limit

Hilde took a break from pigeon racing to take care of her children but she is now back in business. An exact copy of another top loft (that of Kees Bosua, NL) has been built in Moorslede, and top quality pigeons from two different lofts were obtained. It was the start of a success story, and it appears that the sky is the limit for the fanciers from Moorslede.