Lubomir Kubacek wins 1st and 2nd National MSS Krajkova

A stunning result last week in one of the biggest races in Czech Republic by PIPA-agent Lubomir Kubacek. He basketed 79 pigeons on this 348 km long race and won 56 prizes against 25.235 birds starting with 1 & 2!

Lubomir Kubacek with his family: an astonishing result on the Krajkova race in Czech Republic

But the best is yet to come! Lubomir starts with: 1-2-8-10-12-15-18-20-38-39-40-40-51-54-55-56-59-61-65-77-91-91- 94-94- … An impressing result! The speed of the winner was 1.243 m/m.

When we take a look at the pigeons that arrived first there are two main breeders that appear several times in the pedigrees of these top birds: “Blue Toni” and “Toni”.

Blue Toni, base breeder and Olympic Pigeon of Lubomir Kubacek

Little Rose, CZ 0234-18-1078, is a yearling hen who won this big race against 25.235 pigeons. She was bred out of Illusion, a super racing grandson of “Dark Toni” ( “Dark Toni” is a direct son of base breeder “Toni” ).

“Illusion” is a super racing cock with 45 cards. His best results are:

  • 6th National Duisburg 769 km against 4.816 birds
  • 6th I.Prov. Koblenz 704 km against 2.241 birds

Mother of “Little Rose” is “Adele” 17th Nat. Ace long distance MMDT 2018! This super racing last year flew all four race over 700 km. Best results are 14. I.Prov. Koblenz 704 km against 2.241 birds, 64. National Eindhoven 889 km against 4.094 birds! She is a granddaughter of super racer/breeder “Van Hove”, which is father of my last Olympic bird from Poznan 2019 named “Olympic Bull”.

Check the pedigree of Little Rose here.

Second prize winner is the yearling cock “Kimi”, CZ 0234-18-1020, a  direct son to base breeder “Blue Toni”, the superstar on the loft of Lubomir. Gold Medal winner on Pre-Olympiad in Brno and Bronze medal winner on the Olympiad in Budapest 2015.

“Blue Toni” was mated with super racing/breeding hen “Topstarka” – granddaughter “Topstar” from Verstraete. “Topsatarka” was 1st I.Prov. winner from Rottendorf 521 km with more than 13 minutes ahead and was the 4th National Ace hen Czech Republic in 2013. She is already mother to the 2nd National Ace yearling 2017!

Check the pedigree of Kimi here.

Not only the first and second pigeon are related to Toni:

  • No. 8     grandson “Blue Toni”
  • No. 12   grandson “Blue Toni”
  • No. 15   son “Blue Toni”
  • No. 18   grandson “Toni”
  • No. 20   son “Blue Toni”
  • No. 38   grandson “Blue Toni”
  • No. 39   grandson “Toni”

8. Nat. Krajkova 25.235 p.

18. Nat. Krajkova 25.235 p.


20. Nat. Krajkova 25.235 p.


So we see three direct sons of “Blue Toni” in the top 20 and two grandsons of “Blue Toni” in the top 20!

What a blast for Lubomir and his Toni-breeding-line!