Lubomir Kubacek (Bohunovice, CZ): wins 2nd & 4th Nat. MSS from Cloppenburg

The first national race in Czech Republic on the long distance in series of MMS races was held on 2nd of July from Cloppenburg. This release point is situated in the northern part of Germany close to Oldenburg.

The birds of Lubomir were released, together with the other 3.956 birds at 5.45 a clock in the morning for a race of 724 km back to the Kubacek loft.

After a more than nine hour flight, the first bird of Lubomir was clocked. Is was the super performer and three year old cock called Antonio. He was nominated as number one for this race. Finally it turned out Antonio won the 2nd prize National!

Only 6 days prior to this National race this champion won the 3rd prize interprovincial from Ghota (500 km) against 2.528 birds in very hot weather cimcumstances.

One week before the Ghota race, Antonio was also outstanding with a super result on an interprovincial race from Cheb (365 km) with the 4th prize against 5.664 birds. This was also a hard race with an average speed of the first pigeons of 1.112 m/m!

So 3 weeks in a row, Antonio won super results on hard races with a 4th, a 3rd and finally the 2nd prize! What a super bird!

The origins of Antonio are te be found in Belgium, Germany and the basic lines of the Kubacek loft. Father is Banderas, a very good pigeon of Lubomir that won 1. Nat. Oostende against 2.922 p. and a super son of base breeder “Toni”.  Banderas was also 2nd Nat. Ace MMDT Long Distance competition 2016!

Mother is Blue Nelly, a bird of the German champion Hardy Krüger who is daughter to Balisto, winner of 1. Nat. Poitiers against 5.426 p. for Hardy. Nelly a daughter of the super breeder Black Power, and also mother of the Car winner in SAMDPR 2009!

The best results of “Antonio” (no doubles):

2. Nat. 724 km 3.956 birds
2. Prov. 186 km 2.583 birds
3. I. Prov. 500 km 2.528 birds
3. Prov. 260 km 1.035 birds
3. Prov. 186 km 3.016 birds
4. I. Prov. 365 km 5.664 birds
5. I.Prov. 336 km 4.350 birds
7. I.Prov. 530 km 3.664 birds
9. Prov. 365 km 1.847 birds
10. Prov. 365 km 1.759 birds
10. Prov. 186 km 2.567 birds
13. I.Prov. 348 km 7.023 birds
Banderas, father of Antonio

Five minutes after Antonio, the 2 year old hen Sia arrived home. She is a very good racing hen and a direct daughter of “Hard Guy”, Olympic pigeon in Budapest 2015 in the category long distance. Hard Guy plays an important role in the loft of Lubomir Kubacek, because he is also grandfather to another super pigeon Olympic Bull, Olympiad bird Poznan in 2019. He is also a super breeder!

Mother of Sia is Mia, a fantastic racing hen and mother of 1st Ace OLR Mazury in Poland!

Sia after winning 4th Nat. Cloppenburg

Complete result on the Cloppenburg race:

2-4-13-23-25-32-67-72-85-… 18/26 against 3.956 pigeons
The 5590, winner of 13. Nat. Cloppenburg with his hen

Like a Swiss watch

The Cloppenburg race proves it again. Lubomir Kubacek is one of the dominating fanciers in Czech Republic. The national races are his playground and the bloodlines on the Kubacek loft have proven it over and over again: these birds are capable of winning on the interprovincial and national level on different kind of distances from 300 to +700 km!