Lubomir Kubacek (Bohunovice, CZ) is one of the stars of the East and Central European pigeon sport

Lubomir Kubacek had another fantastic season winning 1st National Champion Long Distance and 1st National Ace bird Marathon 2022!

In the 2022 season 9 of the pigeons of this Czech fancier represented his country on the Olympiad in Romania. Besides that he had another fantastic season with a.o. 1st National prize from Borken 773 km!

These super results were mainly achieved on long distance races over 500 km. This great results on the longer distances finally brought him the title of 1st National Champion on Long Distance 2022 and also the title of the 1st National Champion on Long Distance in competition MMDT 2022!

Lubomir also won 1st National Olympic Ace bird in category marathon “E” and 1st National Ace bird MMDT 2022 with a super daughter of the Olympic champion from Budapest 2015 “Hard Guy”!

Hard Guy is an important pigeon in Lubomir’s loft especially when we focus on the races over 500 km. He is not only father of the 1st National Ace Pigeon of 2021, but also grandfather of “Olympic Bull”, who was as a 2 year old on the Olympiad in Poznan in the category long distance Olymp. “C”. Another year before “Olympic Bull” wonas a yearling pigeon the 1st Inter Prov. Super Ace bird (8.000 birds at the start of this competition) and 6th Nat. Ace yearling 2017!

Later “Olympic Bull” became a super breeder, no less than 6 of his direct children won 1th prizes! He is father of “Marilyn” one of the most talented hens of the 2022 season. Marilyn became 4th Nat. Ace hen 2022.

Olympic Bull is father of 2nd National Ace youngster 2020. He is grandfather of 1st National winner MSS Cloppenburg 724 km against 2.942 birds! Two of his grandchildren are the two Olympic birds “Argenton Bull” and “Pogacar”. Olympic Bull is also grandfather of 14th final race 505 km Algarve Golden Race against 3.622 birds.

Father of “Olympic Bull” is the fantastic breeding cock “Van Hove”, this great pigeon is responsible for many super birds like “Paola2nd Nat. Winner MSS Krajkova (348 km) against 28.171 birds, “Just Fly2nd and 3rd Nat. winner, “Pretty Woman9th and 26th Nat. Winner on long distances and many more…

Van Hove is also grandfather of “Miss Tatra1st final race OLR winner! In the 2022 season he was grandfather of the pigeons winning 26th and 54th final race (420 km) Europa Master 2022 and grandfather of 27th Ace Africa Pro (2nd Best Europe YB).

It’s a family that wins generation after generation on an international level!

Some of Lubomir’s best results in 2022:

I.Prov. 5.6.2022 Eisenach 529 km / 3.664 birds
1., 2., 3., 4., 5., 6., 7., 8., 9., 10., 11., 12., 14., 15., 19., ...

I.Prov. 12.6.2022 Krajkova 348 km / 5.910 birds
1., 3., 4., 5., 6., 7., 9., ...

I.Prov. 19.6.2022 Cheb 365 km / 5.664 birds
2., 4., 4., 7., ...

I.Prov. 2.7.2022 Krajkova 348 km / 5.216 birds
3., 4., 5., 7., ...

I.Prov. 31.7.2022 Eisenach 529 km / 2.880 birds
3., 4., 6., 7., ...

Nat. MSS 12.6.2022 Krajkova 348 km / 24.415 birds
11., 13., 15., 16., 19., 29., ...

Nat. MSS 2.7.2022 Cloppenburg 724 km / 3.956 birds
2., 4., 13., 23., 25., 32., ...

Nat. MSS 16.7.2022 Borken 773 km / 3.829 birds
1., 5., 6., 7., 8., 10., 16., 17., 18., 19., ..

Nat. MSS 31.7.2022 Brussel 934 km / 2.564 birds
17., 19., ...


The star of the season and for sure the best all-round racing bird in Czech Republic during 2022, was the talented “Antonio”. This champion won 29 prizes after racing 11.878 km in two years. He had super results from 186 km till 934 km. These results braught him many nominations in the national competitions.

You can read more about “Antonio´s” 2nd National place from Cloppenburg 724 km here.

Finally winning a bronze medal on the East and Central European Cup in Brasov (Romania) in category All-Round with Antonio was a great finish of this wonderful season for Lubomir! On this event (with the same rules like on the Olympiad) Lubomir represented his country with 8 birds!