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Lubomir Kubacek (Bohunovice, CZ) has another fantastic season

Lubomir Kubacaek has continued his excellent form throughout yet another season of pigeon racing in the competitive environment of the Czech Republic. Year upon year he builds on his successful family of racing pigeons and continues to dominate the sport. Lubomir is once again first national general champion in 2018

Lubomir Kubacek and family

Lubomir's results in 2018 are as follows

  • 1st General Champion Czech Republic
  • 1st General Champion Czech Republic Yearling
  • 1st General Champion Czech Republic Long Distance
  • 2nd General Champion Czech Republic Young Birds
  • 3rd General Champion Czech Repubic Middle Distance
  • 1st Provincial Champion
  • 1st National Ace Olypiade Category H
  • 1st National Super Ace
  • 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th, 11th and 12th National Ace Yearling
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd National from Krajkova 348km against 28,171 pigeons
  • 1st, 6th and 16th National from Duisburg 769km against 4,816 pigeons
  • 7 x 1st prize inter-provincial 4,500 pigeons
  • 24 x 1st prize provincial 2,000 pigeons
  • 2 x Olympiade pigeons in Poland 2019

2018 was one of the best season so far in Lubomir's career with 24 x first provincial prizes, 7 x first provincial prizes and two national victories. Once again he was crowned first national general champion in the Czech Republic. It is the fifth time we has won this title. With first general champion long distance, first general champion yearlings and second general champion with young birds, it has been a fantastic year. This is mainly thanks to his base breeder, Toni, five of the nine pigeons that won for him are related to Toni.


The first national victory was from Krajkova, a distance of 348km against 28,131 pigeons. The winning pigeon was Hattrick, a grandson of Toni and bred from a full sister of current breeder, Blue Toni.

You can read about this victory here...

Take a look at the pedigree of Hattrick here...


Tiger was first reserve yearling at the Poznan Olympiade in 2019 and 1st provincial, 4th national yearling ace bird in the Czech republic in 2018. The sire of Tiger is an original Hardy Kruger cock, a son of Orlando. The dam is the best breeding daughter of Dark Toni, the silver olympiade bird from Nitra, 2013 and a national winner and brother to Blue Toni, the son of Toni. this hen is also the mother of Devil, a 2 x 1st provincial winner.

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Paola was second reserve yearling at the Poznan Olympiade in 2019, her results are as follows...

  • 1st provincial ace bird hens 2018
  • 2nd provincial / 5th national yearling ace bird Czech Republic 2018, beaten by a loft mate
  • 2nd provincial ace bird youngsters 2017, again beaten by a loft mate
  • 4th provincial super ace bird 2018, after a loft mate, ten best races in one year
  • 4th national ace bird hens 2018, best yearling
  • 5th national ace bird yearlings 2018, best hen
  • 2nd national Krajkova 348km against 28,171 pigeons. Fastest yearling in the race
  • Half-sister of Olympiade bird, Olympic Bull, on the sire's side

The sire is super breeder, Van Hove (sire to Olympic Bull). The dam is the Olypiade hen from Budapest in 2015, Lucky 13. Lucky 13 is already a super breeding hen, being the dam of Paola but also of Luke, 3rd and 6th inter-provincial winner against 5,241 and 2,284 pigeons. Lucky 13 is also the dam of Maxima, winner of 12th, 16th, 17th, 30th, 40th, 65th, 75th and 97th inter-provincial prizes.

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The second national victory in 2018 was from Duisburg, 769km against 4,816 pigeons. The winner was a hen named Ella, again a grand-daughter of basic cock, Toni and once again bred out of a full sister of current breeder, Blue Toni.

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Lubomir had two pigeons at the olympiade in Poznan, Poland in 2019.


Gregorian was...

  • 1st national olympiade category H with a co-efficient of 8.58
  • 1st national super ace pigeon (ten best races in one year)
  • 3rd international olympiade bird in category H (six races over 285km in one year)
  • Bronze medal winner at the 2019 olympiade in Poland

Gregorian is a fantastic racer, one of the best that Lubomir has had in his loft in recent years. He is a super all-rounder who knows how to win from the short distance (over 261km) right through to the long distance (over 704km and over ten hours on the wing.) His forte is the middle distance races of 500km and over. Gregorian is bred out of two original Van Hove-Uytterhoeven from the super line of Jonge Bange II.

Take a look at the pedigree of Gregorian here...

Olympic Bull

Olympic Bull was...

  • 3rd Czech Republic olympiade bird in category C in Poland 2019
  • 1st inter-provincial super ace pigeons 2017 (+400 fanciers)

The sire of Olympic Bull is Van Hove and the grandsire is Hard Guy. The dam is Magda, a daughter of the olympiade pigeon in Budapest in 2018, Hard Guy, also in category C.

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Kat is another super bird from the Kubacek / Krüger partnership. Father Black Hardy, son of Black Diamond with 3 x 1st, mother is a nest sister of basic cock, Toni, super breeding hen and mother of many great birds! Kat was 3rd national super ace pigeon with ten best races in one year and is a super two year old cock with fourteen prize cards, having raced 5,319km in 2018.

Take a look at the pedigree of Kat here...

In Lubomir's breeding loft there are no less than seven olympiade birds, followed by two pre-olympiade birds. The actual breeding team includes...

  • Brutus - olympiade cock Nitra 2013
  • Santos - pre-olymiade bird Brno 2014
  • Blue Toni - olympiade cock Budapest 2015
  • Hard Guy - olympiade cock Budapest 2015
  • Lucy 13 - olympiade hen Budapest 2015
  • Olypic 28 - Olympiad hen Budapest 2015
  • Super 613 - pre-olympiade bird Bucharest 2016

Congratulations Lubomir