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Lubomir Kubacek (Bohunovice, CZ) has another excellent season

Lubomir Kubacek of the Czech Republic has once again excelled, being awarded 2017 Provincial General Champion with both old birds and young birds as well as second National General Champion, second National General Champion Long Distance, second National General Champion Yearlings and fifth National General Champion Young Birds.

After a difficult start to the season due to bad weather with a lot of tail wind, Lubomir's first result came with the inter-provincial race from Wertheim, a distance of 562km, when his pigeons scored second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh provincial prizes against 1,065 pigeons. In the inter-provincial race this equated to sixth, seventh, eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth positions against 4,390 pigeons. From thirty-four pigeons basketed for the race, Lubomir managed twenty-seven prizes!

First on the clock was a two year old hen, Becky G, which was bred from a brother of the Olympic hen, Lucky 13. The dam is a grand-daughter of the super breeder Billie (3 x first and the sire of a first national ace hen). This season Becky G was also clocked in sixth inter-provincial from Rottendorf, 521km against 10,461 pigeons.

Click here to take a look at the pedigree of Becky G...


In the following weeks a new star of the loft came to the fore. Bingo was not only the winner of the biggest pigeon race in the Czech Republic, Krajkova, 348km against 30,179 pigeons but the following week he was the inter-provincial winner from the same race point against 6,899 pigeons. In between these two wins, Bingo was also the provincial winner from Cheb, 365 km against 1,255 pigeons,. That is three first prizes for 2017.

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Another super pigeons in 2017 was Mike, a two year old cock from the Hebberecht x Krüger combination. Mike was not only first provincial from Koblenz, 704km against 605 pigeons (third inter-provincial against 2,237p.) but also first provincial in the national race from Knokke, 1007km against 298 pigeons (second inter-provincial, 927p, eighth national against 4,401p.)

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Sire of Bull

In the 2017 season Lubomir has three first inter-provincial super ace pigeons and first inter-provincial ace short/middle distance pigeons against nearly four hundred fanciers and eight thousand pigeons at the start. First inter-provincial super ace pigeon is another star of the loft, Bull. Bull was also sixth national ace yearling and won thirteen prize cards over a total distance of 5,368km. Dominating in the longer middle and long distance races, Bull was breed from the super crack Van Hove when paired to Magda, a daughter of the Budapest Olympiade pigeon, Hard Guy. Hard Guy itself was first super ace inter-provincial and a direct son was first super ace inter-provincial last season. This makes Bull the third generation of super ace pigeons from Hard Guy.

Dam of Bull

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A full brother to Bull is Pitt Bull, Lubomir's best yearling in 2015 with twelve prizes. A nest brother of Pitt Bull bred Lubomir's final race winner in the Tatra Derby One Loft Race in 2015.

Bull's best results are...

  • 8th   Krajova      348km   2,284p.
  • 10th Eisenach     529km   4,121p.
  • 10th Koblenz      704km   2,237p.
  • 17th Rottendorf  521km  10,461p.

Professor Green

Second inter-provincial super ace pigeon is a two year old cock, Professor Green, which was bred from Blue Toni and is a grandson of the base breeder, Toni. in the 2017 season, Professor Green scored twelve prizes cards over a total distance of 5,107km.

Professor Green's best results are...

  • 2nd    Leverkusen   746km        520p. 12th inter-provincial 2,2024p.
  • 26th   Mochov        186km     2,781p.
  • 30th   Rottendorf    521km   10,461p.
  • 51st   Wertheim      562km    4,499p.
  • 51st   Eisenach       529km    3,928p.

Click here to take a look at the pedigree of Professor Green...

Third provincial super ace pigeon is another two year old cock, Blacky, bred from the Toni and Koler bloodlines. Blacky is a grandson to Toni S, a super son of the base breeder Toni which was first national ace pigeon long distance in 2012. In the 2017 season, Blacky won thirteen prize cards over a total distance of 5,368km. Last season he was fourth provincial ace pigeon in the yearling category.

Blacky's best performances are...

  • 7th   Wertheim    562km   4,499p.
  • 7th   Cheb           365km   2,135p.
  • 8th   Leverkusen  746km     520p.
  • 10th Mockov        186km   2,548p.
  • 15th Krajkova      348km   1,227p.
  • 25th Koblenz       704km   2,237p.
  • 45th Krajkova      348km  7,569p.

Click here to take a look at the pedigree of Blacky...


First inter-provincial ace pigeon in the short/middle distance category is Ella, bred from the super racer Santos which was also the category winner in 2013 and was also a member of the team for the pre=olympiade show in Brno in 2014. The dam of Ella is a direct daughter of the base pair, Toni and Olympic, a full sister of the Brno gold medal winner, Blue Toni and the silver medal winner in the 2013 Nitra Olympiade, Dark Toni. In total, Ella has forty prize cards including...

  • 1st   Mochov      186km   2,781p.
  • 6th   Mochov     186km  2,563p.
  • 7th   Rakovnik   260km  2,565p.
  • 9th   Mochov     186km  2,650p.
  • 14th Wertheim  562km  4,499p.

Click here to take a look at the pedigree of Ella...

And finally, second national ace yearling in 2017, first provincial ace yearling and nominated for the pre-olympiade show in 2018, is a cock named Admiral. The sire of Admiral comes from the Belgian loft of Jos and Jules Engels and is a direct son of first national winner, Argenton. The dam is Topstarka, a super racing hen and the inter-provincial winner from Rottendorf, 521km against 4,605 pigeons.

Admiral's best results are...

  • 2nd   Cheb           365km 2,060p.
  • 4th    Krajkova     348km  2,284p.
  • 10th  Krajkova     348km  2,665km
  • 11th  Cheb          365km  1,255p.
  • 14th  Krajkova     348km  2,039p.

Click here to take a look at the pedigree of Admiral...

Over the 2017 season, Lubomir's results have been outstanding...

  • 2nd National General Champion CZ
  • 2ny National General Champion Long Distance CZ
  • 2nd National General Champion Yearlings CZ
  • 5th National General Champion Young Birds CZ
  • 1st Provincial General Champion Old Birds CZ
  • 1st Provincial General Champion Young Birds CZ
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th Inter-Provincial Super Ace against 400 fanciers
  • 1st Inter-Provincial short/middle Super Ace against 400 fanciers
  • 2nd National Ace Yearling
  • 1st National winner Krajkova 348km 30,179p.
  • 1st Inter-Provincial winner Krajkova 348km  6,899p.
  • 6 x 1st Provincial prizes in 2017
  • 63.3% prizes across the whole season (2016 = 63.4%, 2015 = 63.9%, 2014 = 63.8%)

Congratulations on another exceptional season Lubomir!