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Lubomir Kubacek (Bohunovice, CZ) First National General Champion 2016 in the Czech Republic

Lubomir Kubacek has once again been crowned 1st National General Champion for 2016 in the Czech Republic, the fourth time he has won the title. In addition he also won first general champion long distance, second general champion short distance, third general champion yearlings and third general champion young birds. An amazing achievement!

The Kubacek family with Banderas

In the Czech Republic the general championship consists of three disciplines, short, middle and long distance. In each category a fancier has to have three pigeons, so overall the competition is based on nine best all-round pigeons from one loft. The short distance category has a maximum of fifteen prizes and the three pigeons with the five best races from 100 - 400km compete. For middle distance there are twelve prizes and three pigeons with the four best races from 300 - 600 km are selected. Finally in the long distance category, a maximum of eight prizes means that two pigeons with three best races over 500km compete along with one pigeon with two best races over 700km. Each pigeon can only be selected for one category, so nine of the very best racers are required to win the title of general champion. That is no mean feat!

It is the fourth time that Lubomir has breed crowqned national general champion after his sucsess in 2010, 2012, 2013 and now 2016. At the beginning of the season he starts with fifty-eight cocks and thirty-four hens. thirty-four pairs are raced on a total widowhood system, whilst twenty-four cocks are raced on a classic widowhood system.

Six out of the nine pigeons that won the title are related to Lubomir's base breeder, Toni.

The Czech Republic General Championship winning pigeons

14-CZ-0234-582 Brutus Jr.

The sire of Brutus Junior is Lubomir's superstar, Brutus. Brutus represented the Czech Republic at the Olympiad in Nitra and was also a gold medal winner in category A in the pre-olypiad show in Budapest. The dam of Brutus Jr. is a direct daughter of Toni. 

Brutus Jr. has the following results:

1.     Mochov      186km    2,563 p.
3.     Mochov       186km   1,481 p.
5.     Mochov       186km   2,650 p. 
6.     Krajkova     348km   2,302 p.
7.     Cheb         365km   2,039 p.
11.    Mochov       186km     781 p.
16.    Mochov       186km   2,548 p.
19.    Rakovnik     260km   2,687 p.
29.    Rokycany     268km   2,642 p. 
29.    Krajkova     348km   2,463 p.

Take a look at the pedigree of Brutus Jr. here.

14-CZ-0234-636 Devil

The sire of Devil is Inter, the international winner from Cheb against 41,284 pigeons.  Inter comes from super racer De 62. 1st national ace pigeon. The dam of Devil was bred from a son of Toni, Dark Toni, the winner of a national race from Cheb against 29,171 pigeons and placed second at the Nitra Olympiad. Dark Toni was paired to a nest sister of Toni. 

Devil's results:

1.    Cheb          365km   2,135 p. 7 min. ahead
6.    Rakovnik      260km   2,460 p.
8.    Mochov        186km   2,548 p.
10.   Eisenach      529km   3,928 p.
10.   Mochov        186km   2,781 p.
11.   Cheb          365km   2,039 p.
18.   Mochov        186km   2,753 p.

Take a look at Devil's predigree here.

14-CZ-0234-453 Blue Moon

The sire of Blue Moon is a super son of Toni, Blue Toni. This cock three times representated its country at olypiad or pre-olympiad shows.  Blue Toni was also a gold medal winner in category H at the pre-olympiad in Brno. The dam of Blue Moon is Sudorka, one of the best breeding hens of all time and the mother of the olympiad pigeon Calibos.

Blue Moon's results:

4.     Mochov      186km    2,781 p.
7.     Mochov      186km    2,548 p.
9.     Rakovnik    260km      923 p.
10.    Cheb        365km    2,039 p.
18.    Cheb        365km    2,135 p.
22.    Krajkova    348km    1,227 p.
25.    Mochov      186km    2,753 p.

You can see Blue Moon's pedigree here.

13-CZ-0234-1550 Paulien

The dam of Paulien is a direct daughter of Toni.

Paulien's results:

1.     Mochov      186km    2,322 p.
1.     Cheb        365km    2,241 p.
3.     Mochov      186km    2,382 p.
4.     Krajkova    348km    2,302 p.
10.    Cheb        365km    1,468 p.
19.    Krajkova    348km    2,838 p.
30.    Krajkova    348km    2,463 p.
30.    Eisenach    529km    3,928 p.

Take a look at the pedigree of Paulien here.

14-CZ-0234-488 Daughter Paulien

This super hen was the winner of fourteen prizes in a single year and was first back to the Kubacek loft three times during the 2016 season, twice of them from over 700km. The father of Daughter Paulien is Paulien, a grandson of Lubomir's foundation breeder Toni. The dam is from his base breeder, Koler. Daughter Paulien's results are as follows:

3.     Cheb        365km    2,241 p. 
3.     Krajkova    348km    1,962 p.
6.     Leverkusen  746km    1,819 p.
10.    Mayen 7      23km    3,988 p.
25.    Mochov      186km    2,548 p.
33.    Mochov      186km    1,481 p.

Take a look at Daughter Paulien's predigree here.

13-CZ0234-1557 Banderas

This champion cock has raced consistently well this season and is now in line for second national ace pigeon long distance MMDT and also second inter-provincial ace pigeon long distance. His best performances are as follows:

1st  Provincial Mochov   (186km) 2,382 p.
13th Provincial Slany    (239km) 2,232 p.
26th Provincial Krajkova (348km)   815 p.
31st Provincial Krajkova (348km) 2,463 p.
49th Provincial Mochov   (186km) 2,650 p.
77th Provincial Krajkova (348km) 2,838 p.

The MMDT competition includes only four races over 700km in one year, held every two weeks, and Banderas won with the following results:

18.06.16  27th Interprovincial Mayen        (723km)   2,050 p.
02.07.16 368th National        Bad Bentheim (774km)   4,288 p.
16.07.16  42nd Interprovincial Leverkusen   (746km)   1,819 p.
30.07.16   1st National        Oostende     (1,007km) 2,922 p.

Banderas is a direct son of Lubomir's base breeding cock, Toni. Toni is already the sire of three first national ace pigeons and he is sire or grandsire to no less than four Olympic pigeons. A direct son of Toni, Dark Toni, was a silver medal winner in the middle distance category at the Olympiad in Nitra. Dark Toni was also the national winner from the classic middle distance race from Cheb, a distance of 365km, against 29,228 pigeons. So, Toni has already bred two national winners. The dam of Banderas is a direct daughter of the iconic Belgian pigeon Yvan of the Herbots Brothers partnership.

Take a look at the pedigree of Banderas here.

So, six out of the nine pigeons winning the general championship have close links back to Toni.


Toni is the foundation of Lubomir's family of pigeons and has the following results to his credit:

1. Prov. Ace Pigeon
1. Prov. Ace Pigeon Middle distance 2006
1. Prov. Ace Pigeon All Round 2006
8. Nat.  Ace Pigeon All Round 2006
2  Slivenec                     249 km    1,601 p.   
3  Tachov                       355 km    4,731 p.  
4  Chomutov                     332 km    3,133 p. 
4  Cheb                         386 km    2,669 p. 
5  Slivenec                     249 km    2,586 p. 
5  Vlašim                       198 km    1,541 p.  
7  Stendal                      562 km    2,919 p.  
7  Chomutov                     332 km    1,153 p.         

Toni is the direct sire of the following:

1st National    Cheb           365 km         29,228 p.       2012 
1st National    Oostende     1,007 km          2,922 p.       2016
1st Int.-Prov.  Wertheim       562 km          5,492 p.       2011
1st Int.-Prov.  Krajkova       348 km          7,488 p.       2013 
1st Int.-Prov.  Cheb           365 km          7,196 p.       2013
1st Int.-Nat.   Ace Rohnfried-Cup Portugal Derby              2013
1st Int.-Nat.   Ace Rohnfried-Cup Portugal Derby              2014
1st Int.-Nat.   Winner gold medal Europa Cup Brno             2014
2nd Int.-Nat.   Winner silver medal Olympiad Nitra            2013
3rd Int.-Nat.   Winner bronze medal Olympiad Budapest         2015
1st National    Ace pigeon “All-round” ( Olymp. “D” )         2012
1st National    Ace pigeon “Middle distance” ( Olymp. “B” )   2012
1st National    Ace pigeon “Short distance” ( Olymp. “A” )    2012
1st National    Ace pigeon ( Olymp. “H” )                     2012
1st National    Ace pigeon “All-round” ( Olymp. “D” )         2013
1st National    Ace pigeon “Middle distance” ( Olymp. “B” )   2013
1st National    Ace pigeon “Short distance” ( Olymp. “A” )    2013
1st National    Ace pigeon ( Olymp. “H” )                     2013
1st National    Ace pigeon “Long distance” ( Olymp. “C” )     2013
1st National    Ace pigeon “Extreme Long distance” (Ol. “E” ) 2013
2nd National    Ace pigeon “Long Distace” MMDT                2016
2nd National    Ace yearling                                  2011
3rd National    Ace yearling                                  2011

It is fair to say that Toni is an outstanding racer and breeder. Toni is also the father of Blue Toni, Lubomir's all-time best racer that represented his country three times at olympiade and pre-olympiade shows. Blue Toni was a gold medal winner in category H at the pre-olympiade in Brno 2014 and a bronze medal winner in category B in Budapest 2015. He has now become a super breeder and is already the sire of super cock, Blue Moon, co-winner of 1st general champion 2016 and the sire of Professor Green, which won ten prizes as a yearling. He is a grandsire to Anna, 1st provincial ace young bird in 2016 and a first and second prize winner. Other grandchildren have raced very well with the following results in 2016 young bird racing:

1. 2,714p. 186km
11. 2,370p. 186km
14. 2,438p. 239km
17. 1,792p. 186km
20. 1,791p. 348km
21. 2,438p. 239km
26. 2,370p. 186km

Blue Toni

Congratulations, Lubomir!