Look at the week the Netherlands 2nd and 3rd of July 2011

With the gunpowder fumes from National Argenton/Chateauroux/Blois/Orleans – which cost the necessary feathers here and there – barely extinct, the Netherlands is preparing itself for a mostly middle distance weekend. The kilometres are starting to add up and the ‘lofts in form’ are distancing themselves more and more from the ‘group racers’.

Province 1: Orleans 3.490 pigeons – With his second first prize in the club, the yearling ‘4448/10’ from J. van Goethem in Zeeland ran off with first prize … this time also good enough for the 1st provincial. With this, Van Goethem (17/31) had his third victory in district 3 in 2011. Henk Bijl, one of the stars in the same district, was third, just ahead of the every strong Cees Schroevers. These three remained ahead of the unchained gebroeders Scheele, who once again had the best series with 4th-5th-8th-12th-14th-16th-17th-25th-36th-31st-32nd-40th-42nd-43rd-45th-47th-48th-50th (17/31). Pladet from Hoek (6th and 13th) also did very well with 16/ 23. 

Province 2: Orleans 6.796 pigeons – He was close several times this season, but this time Marinus van Gastel won the well-earned 1st prize in Brabant 2000. With 6/8 and the 1st and 8th prize he had a very good result; especially as the first nominated ‘554/10’ had already won the 3rd St. Quentin 8.189 pigeons and 3rd Creil 2.810 pigeons this year. Silver goes to P. Heeren from Etten-Leur (8/11), also with a top pigeon (5x top 10 wherefrom 2x 1st in CC Westhoek, average more than 1.500 pigeons). Van Zundert was third with his first nominated (previously 1st Pithiviers 3.855 pigeons) and 6/7, ahead of the excellent Comb. Huijsmans who had the series 4th-5th-15th-19th-43rd-79th and 15/17; formidable!! 

Province 3: (no provincial competition)

Province 4: Orleans 6.877 pigeons – the winner of this ZNB middle distance competition was Harrie Leenders from Voerendaal. Two weeks ago his winning pigeon lost the provincial victory by a matter of seconds; this time the ‘976/09’ did it right and just beat another giant – the ‘901/09’ from Jean Hornesch. Diego Wouters took bronze, ahead of Dohmen from the German Hongen, who was 4th, 5th and 11th. Penders from Itteren also had two early pigeons with the 6th and the 9th place!

Province 4: Bergerac 3.443 pigeons – a tough 1-day race for the Limburgers over circa 800 km with R. Dohmen from Gulpen in gold position. Liberated at 6h45 and clocked at 18h49 from 775 km; then a pigeon has to be good. Vanspauwen from Sibbe was second and then two pigeons within the minute for Demas from Maastricht. Th. Wolfs from Maria Hoop also had two early pigeons in 6th and 8th place.     

Province 5: Mantes la Jolie 11.068 pigeons – The fastest pigeons fell in district East (5.509 pigeons), with the winner being Boris Dirks, who directed a marvellous Ooyen-Groenenwegen (19/22) to second place. Also very good was J.J. vd Heiden from Numansdorp, in third place and with 13/17; the fifth place was for a just as strong Willem van Rij with 9/10. Van Zon-Griffioen from Berkenwoude had their first and second nominated at places 6 and 7. In West (5.559 pigeons) De Boer/Olree took the victory (9/20), ahead of W. Huizer from Oude-Tonge. Plaisir & Co from Oud-Beijerland were the first to have two pigeons in 3rd and 7th place. 


Province 5: Bordeaux 1.590 pigeons – ZLU competition Bordeaux in province 5 saw great names at the top. Piet de Vogel won (14/29) by clocking at 21h01 from 876 km. Saarloos (8/17) was second and Kootkar from Rotterdam fourth. Batenburg-VD Merwe took 5th and 8th place, 8 pigeons in the evening and more than 50% prize (39/63), also very good!

Province 6: Soissons 7.298 pigeons – with the victory for Geert Tichelaar Jr. from Zaandam (15/21) and the remaining two podium places for the excellent Gebroeders Fanger … the 2nd and 3rd NPO and thus once again highlighting their class. Lex Udo (16/19) was fourth and with 5 pigeons in the top 100 he is also a stable factor when the prizes are being handed out. After his NPO victory a few weeks ago Dave van Zon now won the 5th NPO and 8th NPO (36/51) and at 6 we find ‘good old’ Jan Kuyzer from Krommenie.    



Province 7: Nanteuil 7.125 pigeons – Bordering on the impossible, three province 7 icons fought for the highest honour… in the end the ‘136/09’ from Jan Hooymans was too strong for Hans Dekkers and his ‘063/09’ (2x 1st in 2011) and the yearling ‘377/10’ from Dick van Oort (3x 1st in 2011). Top pigeons then which share the prizes of honour. Ad de Jong (18/20) had the best series in the top 100 with his 6 pigeons.
Province 7: Bordeaux 600 pigeons – In this ZLU competition, also  province race, the long distance lofts ‘in form’ took the prizes. Boekhout from Utrecht took victory from 938 km by clocking at 22h14 … so beating Aldus-Poulisse (1/2), Orange-shiner Jay Lissenberg (1/2) and Comb. Vd Berg (4th and 6th). 


Province 8: Breuil le Vert 10.759 pigeons –Fastest pigeons in the North were in region 2 (2.576 p.), where Alwin Petrie made a great impression with the 1st (same hen as 1st NPO Peronne 2010) and 3rd prize… the Brummenaar is once again  - having a fantastic middle distance season. Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp were strong with 2nd-4th-5th-11th-12th-13th (32/48), just like Ap Jurriëns who had 5 pigeons in the top 20 and 17/19, and with this confirms that he is just as good as the ‘big men’. Schaftenaar in Hardewijk won in region 1 (3.344 pigeons), ahead of Gebr. Brummel and in 3rd and 5th place Gebr. Wolf from Hattemerbroek (5/8). Fastest pigeon of the competition was in region 4 (2.636 pigeons) by Hommers-Van Well from Nijmegen 1st-10th-16th (17/30), ahead of Verheij and Van Zadelhoff (both Angerlo). In region 3 Ton Geitenbeek won again (also 4th, 11th, 13th, 22nd, 31st and 14/18) with the cock which was also the fastest pigeon from Nanteuil regionally.  Dirksen was second and Jan Wijnen from Wageningen took third place and with 7 pigeons in the top 100 (16/37) he also had a very good series!

Province 9: Nanteuil 11.807 pigeons – knew a very good winner in B. Pieper from Borculo … who with both nominated pigeons took 1st and 4th zit with 12/19 … the winner has now had his fourth 1st prize in the club (1st, 1st, 2nd, 8th, 13th in cc) and te fourth prize winner didn’t do any worse with the 3rd, 3rd, 3rd, 7th in cc. Kamperman from Keijenborg was second (9/10) and Gé vd Kemp demanded bronze (8/10). A very good 6th and 7th place for Gebr. Sterken from Almelo from the longest distance.

Province 10:(no provincial competition)

Province 11: St. Quentin 8.762 pigeons – The victory in ‘the high north’ went this time to quite a southern point, in Steenwijk. Comb. De Boer was just able to beat the young Homma brothers from Steggerda. A nice victory for the Steenwijkers (1st and 5th place with 6/12), a pity for the youngsters who also did fantastic with 9/11! The vicious ‘615/09’ from Adrie Kors is a glorious third prize winner and with his fourth pigeon (18/20) by the 21st prize and 8 pigeons in the top 100, Adrie belongs to the absolute shiners in this tough middle distance competition. H. vd Linde showed his class by being 4th-9th-11th with 7 pigeons in the top 100 and 31/38. 

Province 12: Nanteuil 4.329 pigeons – Victory in the Kuststrook for Paul Groeneveld from Honselersdijk, who had 4 pigeons in the first 50 and 9/15 and so a marvellous result! Ouwendijk from De Lier was second, ahead of Houweling & Zn (20/25), who had a good series with 7 in the top 100. There was also a good series for A. Boers from ’s Gravenzande, and the only one with two pigeons in the top 10 (7th and 8th), 9 pigeons in the top 100 and 31/56. An excellent result.