A look at the achievements of King Kong of André De Smyter (Machelen-Zulte, BE)

André De Smyter from Machelen-Zulte in East Flanders has had some great moments with his Geschelpte André, an excellent pigeon that is now renamed King Kong. His new name suits him well, considering the accomplishments of this chequered cock over the last few years.

The story of King Kong shows that not only the most famous pigeon fanciers can have (very) good pigeons in their loft. King Kong is a good example of an excellent racing pigeon and he is not the only top quality pigeon in André’s loft. André has a good team of racers and every season his pigeons manage to win a lot of prizes in the most interesting races in the region. 

First of all we take a look at the achievements of his star ‘King Kong’:

6th  national Bourges     20,589 p '12
71st national Argenton    11,001 p '11
76th national Chateauroux 20,517 p '11
79th national Bourges       9761 p '11
26th interprov. Tours       2285 p '10
36th interprov. Tours       2898 p '10
17th interprov. Blois       1058 p '10
40th interprov. Argenton    3387 p '09
47th interprov. Argenton    5241 p '09

One thing led to the other. A few weeks ago André had the idea to have his champion photographed. He paid a visit to the well known pigeon photographer Dominique Velghe from Ingelmunster in West Flanders. Dominique was genuinely impressed by the achievements and the overall quality of King Kong. That is why he offered to buy the pigeon from André. A deal was made and today King Kong lives in the breeding loft of Dominique Velghe.

A long list of achievements for King Kong

This cock collected 74 prizes in four years’ time. He managed to win prizes in races of 100 to 600 km seemingly effortlessly. We give you a summary of his most important wins:

14th Roye    193 p.
8th  Roye    221 p.
11th Roye    223 p.
43rd Ablis   165 p.
69th Ablis   268 p.
16th Ablis   206 p.
11th Ablis   212 p.
46th Orléans 461 p.
45th Orléans 487 p.
44th Orléans 576 p.
54th Orléans 540 p.
4th  Argenton Long Dist. Club  441 p.
47th Argenton interprovincial 5241 p.
9th  Argenton Long Dist. Club  389 p.
40th Argenton interprovincial 3387 p.
11th Argenton Long Dist. Club  351 p.
27th Argenton interprovincial  886 p.

39th   Clermont                306 p.
3rd    Clermont                215 p.
4th    Tours Long Dist. Club   215 p.
36th   Tours interprovincial  2898 p.
26th   Fondclub Bourges        195 p.
507th  zone A Bourges I       6154 p.
2387th nationaal Bourges I   22476 p.
14th   Tours Fondclub          284 p.
124th  interprovincial        2504 p.
1st    Tours Long Dist. Club   137 p.
26th   interprovincial Tours  2285 p.
6th    Blois Long Dist. Club   166 p.
17th   Blois interprovincial  1058 p.
152th  zone A Bourges II      2164 p.
673th  national Bourges II   10906 p.

2011: An amazingly successful season for this champion!
      He was nominated pigeon for four national races that season,
      in each of which he won a prize including three times top-100
13th   Arras                  259 p.
14th   Clermont               177 p.
25th   Clermont               274 p.
218th  Ablis                 1118 p.
8th    Chateauroux Long Dist. Club 325 p.
36th   zone A Chateauroux    7132 p.
76th   national Chateauroux 20517 p.
12th   La Chatre Long Dist. Club 282 p.
224th  zone A La Chatre      5481 p.
2380th national  La Chatre  15780 p.
5th   Argenton Fondclub       210 p.
39th  zone A Argenton        4106 p.
71st  national Argenton     11001 p.
3rd   Long Dist. Club Bourges  82 p.
33th  zone A Bourges         2108 p.
79th  national Bourges       9761 p.

9th  Angerville                141 p.
15th  Angerville               466 p.
2nd   Bourges Long Dist. Club  303 p.
5th   zone A Bourges          6402 p.
6th   national Bourges       20589 p.
94th  Long Dist. Club Tours    344 p.
486th interprovincial Tours   2355 p.
55th  Long Dist. Club Limoges  287 p.
594th interprovincial Limoges 2594 p.
40th  Long Dist. Club Blois    199 p.
200th interprovincial Blois   1306 p.

King Kong did particularly well in the more demanding races with a velocity of 1000 to 1200 m/min and in a temperature of 20 to 25 °C. What about his origins? He stems from N. & F. Norman x Vanwildemeersch-Vyncke (Norman x G. Vandenabeele) x Et. Clauwaert. We took a closer look at the pedigree of King Kong 08-4038644 and we noticed that this pigeon was given to André De smyter as a youngster by André Dhaese from Deinze.

The sire is the B-98-4383998, which stems in turn from 96-3119383 (via Vanwildemeersch-Vyncke, with Norman & G. Vandenabeele origins) and the 97-4528864 (via Et. Clauwaert). The dam of this champion is a pure Norman hen, namely the Dochter Taremol 04-3236938. Her sire is De Taremol 03-3028012 (bred from top class breeder Zorro 94-3160128 x Tourske 99-3225167) and her dam is Dochter Wippie 02-3217224 (bred from Wippie 97-4157642 x Dochter Zorro 00-3022223). You have noticed that this is another outstanding pigeon from the line of the world famous Zorro of N. & F. Norman, this time in a combination with the high quality line of Vanwildemeersch-Vyncke, as well as Etienne Clauwaert.

One of the sisters of King Kong is the dam of 12-4020360, which has won the following prizes last season: 28th / 589 p. Angerville – 93rd / 710 p. Fontenay – 14th / 361 p. Blois – 129th / 3619 p. Blois – 66th / 552 p. Blois – 432nd / 5645 p. Blois – 104th / 1061 p. Fontenay – 16th / 509 p. Bourges – 47th / 1187 p. Bourges – 315th / 11003 p. national Bourges.

From top class racer to top class breeder

We also give you the list of achievements of two children of King Kong. The first in line is the 10-4073699 (from the pair King Kong x Duivin 2023/02). This descendant has won the following prizes as a yearling:  5th / 178 p. Arras – 15th /170 p. Arras – 6th / 274 p. Clermont – 4th / 167 p. Clermont – 9th Ablis 323 p. – 7th Ablis 206 p. – 17th Ablis 121 p. – 20th Ablis 125 p. – 7th Ablis 165 p. – 5th Ablis 181 p. – 472nd / 2766 p. Tours. In the Tour of Belgium he won these results: 18th / 251 p., 1st /249 p. and 3rd / 223 p. As a two year old in 2012 he did great as well: 10th Arras 151 p. – 36th / 226 p. Clermont – 1st / 143 p. Angerville – 32nd / 456 p. Angerville – 44th / 468 p. Angerville – 14th / 197 p. Angerville – 15th / 334 p. Tours – 24th / 2355 p. Tours. His results in the Tour of Belgium in 2012: 22nd /206 p., 31st / 177 p., 4th / 167 p. and 21st / 151 pigeons.

The second descendant of King Kong we mentioned is the 12-4220383 bred from King Kong x 890/11 (a P. Blancke hen), which has won for instance: 23rd Clermont 449 p., 78th Angerville  589 p., 95th Blois 542 p., 782nd Blois 5645 p., 54th Blois 377 p., 453rd Blois 3619 p., 106th Bourges 508 p., 44th Argenton 497 p., 137th Argenton 1429 p., 43rd La Souterraine 368 p., 88th  La Souterraine 769 pigeons.

André De Smyter is an eye-catcher in the region of Machelen-Zulte

André has been regarded as one of the best fanciers in his region for several seasons in a row now. He is always looking for strong opponents and we all know he has been quite successful. We give you a few examples:

Clermont   215 p.: 1-3-3-7-10-17…( 10/12)
Clermont   162 p.: 2-3-4-6-10……( 8/9)
Ablis      163 p.: 13-14-25-27 ( 4/4)
Clermont   164 p.: 3-4-5-12-14…( 6/10)
Ablis      331 p.: 12-14-19….( 11/16)
Arras      259 p.: 4-5-12-13-15…( 7/9)
Clermont   274 p.: 6-8-12-18-22-25…( 7/10)
Clermont   238 p.: 3-4-8-11…( 7/7 )
Clermont   144 p.: 3-17-18-18-23-24…(8/12)
Angerville 141 p.: 1-2-7-8-9-10-11…( 9/12)
Angerville 466 p.: 2-15-26-31-32……( 12/15)

It is no surprise that this talented fancier has been one of the champions in his region for several years in a row. He was awarded as Emperor in the autumn races in Zeveren-Deinze (in 2007-2008-2009), he was awarded as Champion Middle Distance for the Leievliegers in Zulte with a first, second and third in 2006-2007-2008 and he was also crowned as Emperor. In Waregem he was first Champion Middle Distance with first, second and third in 2011, etc., despite the fact that the Zulte-Waregem region has quite a few excellent middle and long distance fanciers. There is some heavy competition in that region. In 2007 André moved to a new home that was located behind his old pigeon loft. This means his old birds could stay where they were. In 2011 he built a new loft for the youngsters, which will also be used for the old birds in the future. For now he has to transfer his cocks from the young birds’ loft to the other loft. That is why he is planning to build another loft in the future. In the previous season he had tested a few of his young birds in the nationals and it seemed to work out fine. This was the start of a new challenge for him! He wants to excel with the young birds in the national races. He is composing a team of pigeons based on a mix of his old bloodlines and cocks and hens of Yvonne Lefevre (the Lefevre-Dhaenens- Zulte line), Philippe Dobbelaere (Olsene), Georges and Philippe Peirs (Zulte), van Baudoncq-Van Praet (Zulte), van André Dhaese (Deinze), van Garré-Vandenberghe (Vichte) and more recently Dr. P. Blancke (Ruiselede) – Ingmar Chanterie (Machelen) – R & D Speybroeck (Vinkt).

In 2013 André will enter the ring with 18 widowers and about thirty youngsters from the first round. 12 breeding pairs will provide a second and possibly a third round of youngsters for the future.

Some interesting facts

  • At the end of February the pigeons are treated for paramyxo; the youngsters are treated for smallpox. The pigeons are checked by the vet before the start of the season. If something appears to be wrong André follows the advice of the vet.
  • Before the start of the season a light feed is provided with 50% barley and 50% breeding mixture and grit/vitamineral. Every week (on Tuesday) some beer yeast is added to the seeds.
  • The widowers are fed in the nest box with a spoon. Three days before basketing they get an extra portion and some sweet seeds.
  • The widowers are preferably raced loft per loft. The hen is showed just a few moments before the race so that the cocks can easily be taken out of their nest box.
  • When the pigeons arrive home there is always some honey in the drinking water. Before their arrival the hens are given a good meal so that they can give a warm welcome to their partners.
  • On the day of arrival the widowers are given a racing mixture. In the following two or three days a light meal is provided; they get additional feed a few days before basketing.

This was our report about King Kong and the successes of the team of André De Smyter from Machelen near Zulte. Congratulations André!