Loft Jos Vercammen - Vremde, See a ‘marvellous’ 2009 season now crowned with the Belgian Ace-pigeon Europacup All-round

If we can agree about one thing, it is the fact that the colony of Jos & Lars Vercammen has had a phenomenal… say ‘marvellous’ sport season 2009. One to frame… and without doubt one of the best seasons ever in their pigeon career.

Once again it was simply impossible to knock them off the ‘top’ competition events, as a sportive opponent you can’t avoid this fact. From the first interprovincial classic from Vierzon (we write ‘middle of May’) they were immediately sharp… it was the prelude to the marvellous season that would follow. When top lofts are really in ‘top condition’… then you know that one of the pigeons is going to excel here or there. From Argenton it was their super crack ‘Rolex’ (son of wonder boy “Beckham”) who was very close… which in the end resulted in the 1° Nat Argenton Zone B against 3.785 old birds… nationally the Vercammens ended in 3° place against 9.901 old birds. This whilst ‘Mambo’ (a full brother of “Porto” who was the 4th national Ace pigeon KBDB middle distance) won the 2° provincial by the yearlings in the same Argenton. What everybody could easily feel, was about to happen… translating itself in the highlight, say the ‘banger’ of the 2009 sport season, when, from Bourges II at the end of July, regarded as the ‘top classic’ by far in the national ‘grand middle distance’ … won the 1° + 2° National Bourges against 37.357 youngsters, also immediately the 2 fastest pigeons of the entire bunch of 64.621 pigeons! The corks could pop… the champagne flowed freely! More than deserved… after years of pigeon sport at top level, after years of boom and often  ‘curtain-fire’ everywhere… this was the ultimate ‘fat cherry’ on the cake!
That such a top season would end in prominent title wins in the end is then nothing but logical. We have made a concise ‘round up’ for you of the main championships, say the ‘highlights’ from 2009…

Highlights from 2009
1st + 2nd Belgian Ace pigeon Europacup All-round (In the preliminary prognosis KBDB)

Complete result "Belgian Ace-pigeon Europacup All-round”: Click here
1st Provincial Champion KBDB Antwerp long distance (700-850km)
1st General Champion Union Antwerp small long distance youngsters (450-600km)
1st Winner Criteria Long Distance club Antwerp with old birds, yearlings and youngsters (2 from four 1st nominated)
2nd General Champion Long Distance club Antwerp with old birds, yearlings and youngsters (450-600km)
2nd Provincial Ace pigeon Long Distance club Antwerp old birds (450-750km)
2nd Provincial Ace pigeon Long Distance club Antwerp yearlings (450-650km)
3rd General Champion KBDB Antwerp
9th National Champion KBDB youngsters (450-600km)
Winner 'Beker van de Koning' etc…

The last, say the ‘most recent’ titles that they could add to their honours list 2009 are those of 1° + 2° Belgian Ace pigeon ‘All-round’ in the preliminary prognosis, which will be made public by the KBDB in the middle of December! The pigeons that signed for this are the top hens ‘Arena’ and ‘Fancy Face’
-B08-6144144 “Fancy Face”, daughter of ‘Salgo’ 07-6221050 (a son of ‘Deco 351/01’ x ‘Judy 078/04’... ‘Deco’ is father of ‘Porto’, ‘Mambo’, ‘Febe’ etc…) x ‘Selma’ (out ‘Lou 689/95’ x ‘Petra 210/95’… a granddaughter of stock breeder ‘Panter 5026/86’). This super hen ‘Fancy Face’ has a.o. the following toppers in her honours list:

1° Belgian Ace-pigeon Europacup All-round (In the preliminary prognosis KBDB)
1°    Etampes(349km)   2.273 p.
1°    Fastest Etampes(349km)  4.157 p.
1°    Issoudun(504km)   490 p
7°    Noyon(208km)    554 p.
8°     Toury(382km)  772 p.
12°    La Souterraine(593km)   812 p.
13°    Toury(382km)   1.217 p.
14°    Bourges(479km)   579 p.
7°    Provincial Issoudun(504km)  2.139 p.
20°    S.-national Issoudun(504km)  5.848 p.
55°    Provincial Bourges(479km)  4.376 p.

-B08-6144137 “Arena” , daughter of ‘Iron Sven’ (out ‘Sven 227/97’ x ‘Iron Lady 223/97’… ‘Sven’ is a grandson of stock bear ‘Panter 506/86’) x ‘Etimmeke’ (out the 11° Nat Bourges 51.950 p. being super crack ‘Etim 011/91’ x ‘Dana 065/96’… ‘Etim’ is also a grandson of stock bear ‘Panter 506/86’). This “Arena” was the
2° Belgian Ace-pigeon Europacup All-round (In the preliminary prognosis KBDB)
2° Prov. Ace-pigeon Long Distance club Antwerp yearlings (450-650km) (Long Distance club Antwerp roughly 7500 members)
16°    National Limoges (640km)     16.893 p.
37°    S.-national Issoudun (504km)   5.848 p.
14°    Provincial Issoudun (504km)     2.139 p.
75°    Provincial Bourges (479km)     4.376 p.
7°    Noyon (208km)     1.013 p.
10°    Bourges (479km)   461 p.
12°    Noyon (208km)      521 p.
13°    Noyon (208km)      209 p.
17°    Noyon (208km)      554 p.

Pedigree :  "Arena": Click here
Pedigree : "Fancy face" : Click here


These hens are the ‘new jewels’ in the lofts of Jos & Lars Vercammen, who seemingly manage to breed a recital of new top pigeons with great ease year after year. Is that the great strength of this colony? It more or less began with the golden line, say the dominant breeding line that can still be found in almost all the new toppers… this of golden stock bear , the ‘Panter’ 86-6056506. Via his children and grandchildren the colony of Jos & Lars Vercammen pushed through to the highest regions of our pigeon sport in the ‘grand middle distance’ and ‘light long distance’… a place that they have managed to keep hold of over the years, even to expand on it. New crack pigeons saw the light of day and in turn formed the basis to the breeding of new toppers… we are thinking of ‘Deco’, ‘Beckham’, ‘Etim’, ‘Porto’, ‘Yasmine’, ‘Petra’, ‘Iron Lady’, ‘Aladdin’, ‘Jonge Panter’,‘Sven’, ‘Melissa’, ‘Barco’, ‘Bosko’, ‘Agassi’, ‘Mitu’,’New Panter’,‘Rolex’, ‘Arena’, ‘Fancy Face’ etc… these are just a few names off the cuff of stock pigeons and excellent Vercammen-toppers that keep flashing through our minds… just phenomenal, the opulence of top talent that has seen the light of day there in Vremde. Pigeons that don’t only possess exceptional performance capabilities, but also dominant breeding genes… which plants itself in generation after generation. Real class with which Jos & Lars continues to bombard the opponents with ‘chain results’, provincial and national top performances (see ‘national toppers 2009’)… resulting in top notations and the winning of numerous championship titles. The one is the logical consequence of the other. In our previous articles we reported extensively on the success method Vercammen, we would like to refer the interested parties to our previous articles concerning the stunt work that the colony ‘Loft Jos Vercammen’ have managed to put to paper.

The final conclusion of all this is very simple: Loft Jos & Lars Vercammen is simply ‘top’!!! And not only in Belgium, but also far abroad… where the Vercammen pigeons have managed to write ‘history’! Congratulations Jos, Lars and family… Now, for a "spectacular" 2010!

National toppers from 2009
1° National Bourges (479km) 37.357 p. (1° fastest 64.621 p.)
2° National Bourges (479km) 37.357 p. (2° fastest 64.621 p.)
1° National z. Argenton (555km) 3.785 p.
1° National z. Bourges (479km) 14.205 p.
2° National z. Bourges (479km) 14.205 p.
3° National Argenton (555km) 9.901 p.
4° National z. Argenton (555km) 7.850 p.
6° National z. Argenton (555km) 2.311 p.
7° National z. Limoges (640km) 6.479 p.
8° National Limoges (640km) 16.893 p.
9° National Argenton (555km) 6.410 p.
10° National z. Limoges (640km) 6.479 p.
13° National z. Bourges (479km) 14.205 p.
14° National Argenton (555km) 21.092 p.
15° National Bourges (479km) 37.357 p.
16° National Limoges (640km) 16.893 p.