Limbourg Erik, "First ace pigeon KBDB Long Distance 2006... and much more..."

"Wonderboy" Eric Limbourg, Brussegem

On the right: Eric Limbourg and his friend Geert De Clercq. Together, they make up one of the best pigeon teams of Belgium.
Geert is holding “Di Stefano” in his hands, Eric is holding “Chenoa”.

The above mentioned reports (written by Martin Martens) offered you the opportunity to become acquainted with the wonder loft of Eric Limbourg in Brussegem. I should in fact put this into plural because Eric’s right-hand man, Geert De Clercq, must be mentioned as well.
The results they have achieved this year are pretty rare in pigeon land.
This is unmistakably a unique performance: winning the 1° Nat Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB for 2 years in a row and even more unique is the fact that Eric has already achieved the 1° Ace Pigeon Long Distance for 4 times.
1991: 1° & 2° Ace Pigeon KBDB
Has anyone ever done better??

Eric was working halftime at the bank (KBC). During his daily work, he was the victim of a carjacking. He offered resistance and quickly understood things were getting serious: he was shot in the leg. He became a fulltime fancier after he recovered.
In spite of this serious setback, “Wonderboy” does not know how to sit still.
Some serious investments were made to expand the breeding loft in the Eechoutveldweg. What about these latest acquisitions: “Chenoa” (hen) 1st Olympiad pigeon Holland marathon 2006 Ostend, also the most expensive pigeon at the sale of the Bras Bros. and “Di Stefano” (cock) 1st Olympiad pigeon Belgium Marathon, he became 1st ace pigeon KBDB Long Distance 2006 at the lofts of the team of Depasse-Lardenoye as well. Both birds moved to Brussegem. These two ace pigeons will make up a deluxe breeding couple in the next few months.

Chenoa has a rather small figure, Di Stefano is a little above average. Since Eric practises compensation breeding (he tries to compensate the less good qualities from one pigeon with good qualities from another), he considers these two as a perfect breeding couple to secure the future although he stresses the fact that he sees the basket as the real standard of value. Eric does not look at the eyes but he does consider built (“compensation breeding”) and origin a little bit as well.

"Lucky 085"
1st Ace pigeon Long distances KBDB 2006

Pedigree "Lucky 085" : Click here

All the prizes "Lucky 085 : Click here

Prizes 1st Ace pigeon KBDB Fond 2006
10/06 AURILLAC NATIONAL 4° - 6.611 b. (coeff. 0.060) 684 km
24/06 BRIVE NATIONAL Z 28° - 2.780 b. (coeff.1.007) 677 km
22/07 SOUILLAC NATIONAL 13° - 6.475 b. 703 km
SOUILLAC NATIONAL Z 3° - 2.304 b. (coeff.0.130)
Total coeff. for 1st NAT ACE-pig.
Long distance KBDB 2006: 1.197%

Parents "Lucky 085

Preparation in 2006
All the pigeons flew the Quiévrain and Bouillon races and then went straight to Vierzon and Bourges. The Bourges race of May 27 was a bad race. Only 60 pigeons out of the 121 birds that participated made it to Brussegem on the same day. The old birds went on to Aurillac and completed the long distance programme in groups.
The hens are raced on classic widowhood and are not locked up in their boxes.

from left to right: the youngsters’ loft, hens on widowhood and widowers (86 boxes)

Inside view of the racing lofts

Eric and Geert have 86 widowers, 27 yearling hens and 7 two-year-olds ready for 2007. The best older racing hens were moved to the breeding loft after the season of 2006.
“ All the pigeons regularly go outside during winter. It’s better to wear out than to rust out. Just compare it to racing cyclists: they are preparing early for the season of 2007 as well, so are our pigeons!”, says Eric.
The pigeons are fed only one time a day during short winter’s days. In the racing season, they normally receive feed twice a day but sometimes this can go up to four times a day.
As soon as the first races are on the programme, the hens get started and participate in speed races. About 140 youngsters are ringed for own use.

The racing loft of the hens
The hens are loose in the loft. Eric and Geert have installed rolls on the loft floor so that the birds have difficulties staying on the ground. This system was installed in order to prevent the birds from coupling with eachother.


04-06-2005 BRIVE 677 KM 1.853 BIRDS IN RACE: 4°-8°-14°…
18-06-2005 CAHORS 746 KM 992 BIRDS IN RACE: -13°-14°-21°-22°…
02-07-2005 ORANGE 758 KM 714 BIRDS IN RACE: 5°-6°-12°…
16-07-2005 LIMOGES 604 KM 823 BIRDS IN RACE: 3°-4°-5°…
23-07-2005 SOUILLAC 704 KM 561 BIRDS IN RACE: -28°-…
30-07-2005 NARBONNE 872 KM 417 BIRDS IN RACE: -3°-7°-9°…
06-08-2005 PERPIGNAN 921 KM 383 BIRDS IN RACE: 1°-4°-9°-11°…
10-06-2006 AURILLAC 684 KM 592 BIRDS IN RACE: -2°-5°-11°-17°-…
24-06-2006 BRIVE 677 KM 833 BIRDS IN RACE: -4°-6°-12°…
01-07-2006 LA SOUTERRAINE 562 KM 1.481 BIRDS IN RACE: -25°-…
15-07-2006 JARNAC 666 KM 525 BIRDS IN RACE: 2°-5°-6°-7°-8°10°-…
23-07-2006 CARCASSONNE 872 KM 392 BIRDS IN RACE: 3°-4°-10°-17°…
23-07-2006: SOUILLAC 704 KM 550 BIRDS IN RACE: 2°-12°-30°…
11-08-2006: ST-VINCENT 884 KM 279 BIRDS IN RACE: 3°…
11-08-2006: ST-VINCENT 884 KM 214 BIRDS IN RACE: 6°-7°-14°…

7 X 1ST
3 X 3RD

04-06-2005 BRIVE 677 KM 5.446 BIRDS IN RACE: 3°-4°-17°…
18-06-2005 CAHORS 746 KM 2.928 BIRDS IN RACE: 4°-36°-39°…
02-07-2005 ORANGE 758 KM 2.857 BIRDS IN RACE: 15°-16°-40°…
16-07-2005 LIMOGES 604 KM 3.670 BIRDS IN RACE: 7°-9°-15°…
23-07-2005 SOUILLAC 704 KM 1.291 BIRDS IN RACE: -50°…
30-07-2005 NARBONNE 872 KM 1.621 BIRDS IN RACE: -5°-10°-12°…
06-08-2005 PERPIGNAN 921 KM 936 BIRDS IN RACE: 2°-3°-11°-14°…
10-06-2006 AURILLAC 684 KM 2.913 BIRDS IN RACE: 2°-3°-23°-44°…
24-06-2006 BRIVE 677 KM 2.919 BIRDS IN RACE: 9°-12°-14°-28°…
15-07-2006 JARNAC 666 KM 4.655 BIRDS IN RACE: 2°-17°-19°-24°-27°…
23-07-2006: SOUILLAC 704 KM 1.475 BIRDS IN RACE: -15°…


References in other lofts

Desbuquois Bros., Kapelle o/d Bos:
“ LUCAS III”: 2° Nat Ace Pigeon KBDB 2005: father direct Limbourg
“ DINA”: 5° Nat Ace Pigeon KBDB 2005: mother direct Limbourg
“ PEDRO”: 3° Interprovincial Chateauroux 1.956 p ’06 mother direct Limbourg
6° National Perpignan 3.796 ‘05
14° International Perpignan 4.666 p ‘05
28° National Perpignan 6.765 p ‘06
78° International Perpignan 14.900 p ‘06
Marc De Cock, Temse:
“ BONES”: 1° Provincial Bourges 4.798 p ’05: mother direct Limbourg
7° Nat Z Bourges 12.278 p ‘05
10° Prov Chateauroux 4.485 p ‘04
In 2005: 2 x 1° Ace Pigeon Long Distance club Lokeren 50% Limbourg
Casaert-Senechal, St-Léger:
Semi Nat Chateauroux 7.417 yearlings and fastest 18.846 p 50% Limbourg
2° Semi Nat Chateauroux 11.429 old 50% Limbourg . . father of winner in the yearlings category!
Coppens Michael, Moorsel:
won the following prizes in 2006 with the same pigeon 50% Limbourg, line 4° Nat Aurillac 6.611 p: Prov Vierzon 3.027 p, 18° Prov Bourges 3.218 p and 59° Semi-Nat Chateauroux 11.429 p.
Draye R&P, St-Joris-Weert:
won against 11.429 p in Semi-Nat Chateaurou
15-48-88-100 or 4 out of 7 in the TOP 100. These birds all descend from a son “Dubbele” who won 3° Nat Cahors and Prov Limoges. They have 75% of Limbourg blood in their pedigree.
Van Heddeghem, St-L-Houtem: Top breeder “Erik” father of several 1° prize winners 100% Limbourg
Den Hase Raf, Moorsele: Super hen, won several 1° prizes: 75% Limbourg
Jean Moens, Grimbergen: National Pau 2006: father direct Limbourg
Albert Paduwat, Bierges: Prov Ace Pigeon Speed 2004: father direct Limbourg
3° Nat. Ace Pigeon Speed 2004
Mr. David Whu, China: winner Derby race Changai 26.000 p 2006: 50% Limbourg
Mark Evans, England: Provincial 6000 p 2006: 100% Limbourg

Some of the present ‘Top pigeons’ at the Erik Limbourg-lofts

Daughter "Pierke" and halfsister "Lucky85" 1° ace pigeon KBDB 2006