Lessmeister Lothar, Hütschenhausen (DE)



Lothar Lessmeister Hütschenhausen (Germany)
2008 1° International Marseille - Hens
2006 1° International Carcassonne - Hens
2006 1° International Perpignan - Hens
2005 1° International Perpignan - yearlings




The strong mistral wind in the Rhône valley made the international race from Marseille one of the toughest races of the 2008 season. This race was won with the hens by Lothar Lessmeister from Hütschenhausen, one of the best performing lofts in the Extreme Long Distance in Europe last year. His yearling hen "Mistralche" with ringnr.05286-07-1009 raced with a velocity of 974 m/m the 1st International Marseille '08 -hens. This is also good enough for the 4th international of the combined race against 13.939 pigeons. This hen is bred from 2 pigeons from 2005 that hadn't raced, but that Lothar had put straight to breed on the basis of the excellent quality of their muscles.
The father is a full brother of the 8th Nat. Perpignan '06 and the 9th Nat. Perpignan '07 and comes out "Adonis" x "Dona Espana", the mother is a granddaughter of "Steffi", she is a full sister of the "Nadira". The "Dona Espana" is at the moment one of the best breeding hens that Lothar owns, she herself won in 2003 the "Copa Espagnola" with the lowest coefficient over the 2 Spanish races, based on the 30th International San Sebastian '03 and the 6th International Barcelona '03 against 20.204 pigeons.
Thanks to his "Mistralche" Lothar once again wins 4x a 1st International, every time it is a hen in widowhood that ensures him a victory. In Germany he has since 2003 already won 7x a 1st National in the Extreme Long Distance.

Pedigree : Click here

Super results with multiple pigeons in the 1st 100 International

Barcelona '01 19th 51st etc. against 25.760 pigeons
Barcelona '03 4th 6th 67th 254th 382nd etc. against 20.204 pigeons 12/16
Perpignan '06 4th 76th 79th 241st 286th etc. against 14.904 pigeons 14/22
Barcelona '07 21st 31st 33rd 68th 75th 84th 111th 147th against 25.716 pigeons 19/32
Marseille'08 4th 78th 100th 270th etc. against 13.939 pigeons

Ace pigeons

2003 1st
International Ace pigeon "Copa Espagnola" "Dona Espana"
National Ace hen "Classica"
2002 2nd National Ace cock "Rapid" 1996 2nd National Ace cock "de 364"
2002 2nd National Ace hen "As-täubin"
2007 2nd National Ace hen "Kodona"
2007 3rd National Ace hen "Constante"
2007 3rd National Ace cock "de 668"
2005 3rd National Ace hen "Athene" (Inter)national top prizes;
2003 1st national San Sebastian "Dona Espana"
2006 1st national Barcelona "Evita"
2006 1st national Dax "Vento"
2008 1st international Marseille -hens "Mistralche"
2006 1st international Perpignan -hens "Nadira"
2006 1st international Carcassonne -hens "Nadira"
2005 1st international Perpignan - yearlings "Fadhila"
2001 2nd international Barcelona -hens "Barcelona-W."
2003 3rd international Barcelona -hens "Campeona"
2008 4th international Marseille against 13.939 pigeons "Mistralche"
2003 4th international Barcelona against 20.204 pigeons "Campeona"
2006 4th international Perpignan against 14.904 pigeons "Nadira"
2003 5th international Barcelona -hens "Dona Espana"
1993 5th international Dax "Bully"
2003 6th international Barcelona against 20.204 pigeons "Dona Espana"
2006 6th international Dax against 11.536 pigeons "Vento"
2006 6th international Carcasonne against 10.232 pigns "Nadira"
2003 7th international San Sebastian -hens "Dona Espana"
2006 7th international Barcelona against 22.887 pigeons "Evita"

The year 2006 was literally a super year with 2x a 1st National and 2x a 2nd National. Internationally this meant in 4 different races a quotation in the 1st 10 International, this hasn't been achieved by many fanciers before or after. In addition, Lothar had an exceptional pigeon in the racing lofts with the "Nadira", in just 14 days this hen raced 2x a 1st International hens.

2007 was also a super year with nationally the three best Ace pigeons in the Marathon races and a super result from International Barcelona with no less than 6 pigeons within the first hundred International !! In the "Olympic" year 2008 it is gold for "Mistralche", but Lothar hasn't yet made up his made if he is going to continue racing her. She may move shortly to the breeding lofts to keep the above mentioned top pigeons company, just like their parents and often also their grandparents.

Passion for breeding
Lothar gains most pleasure from breeding good pigeons. Only the pigeons with excellent muscles are allowed to breed, according to Lothar a supple and elastic muscular system is 90% responsible for magnificent and permanent performances in the Extreme Long Distance. All the other external things are not as important. Where the assessment of the muscles is concerned, Lothar is grateful to Piet de Weerd. In the '90's he drove to Breda in the Netherlands on various occasions (+/-400km) in order to learn how to judge the muscles. This typifies the passion of this fancier. When Piet de Weerd noticed that Lothar Lessmeister also had the talent he presented him with a pigeon, namely "Kleiner Buffel". This inbred son of the "Buffel" x his own daughter is still in the breeding lofts in Hütschenhausen. At the time, Piet de Weerd predicted a golden future for Lothar, something which clearly came true. I haven't often seen such high-quality by the breeding pigeons of one and the same fancier. Particularly the vitality literally oozed out of them. This was proved by the firm and vivid muscles in combination with silky soft feathers.
The basis of the loft is chiefly formed by pigeons from Kipp und Söhne, Piet de Weerd, Cees de Jong, Jan Ernest, Theo Ernest and Ko van Dommelen. It is not the case that numerous pigeons have been bought from these fanciers, only the few that satisfy Lothar's strict standards accompany him to Hütschenhausen. The breeding loft has only become stronger over the years, partly due to his own performance pigeons that have now also been added to the loft.

Team Lessmeister

Lothar is helped all year round. His son Ralf takes care, amongst other things, of the internet site. House friend Wolfgang Bayer has an important contribution with the care of the breeding pigeons. Gertrud, Lothar's wife, makes sure of a warm reception and takes care of the gastronomy for all the guests. Lothar himself determines the selection of the pigeons, the coupling of the breeding pigeons and takes care of the racing pigeons. During the arrivals of the pigeons they all sit down cosily together to wait for the pigeons.

Care of the racing pigeons

Where the preparation towards the races is concerned, especially the feeding of the racing pigeons, Lothar has learned a great deal from the former Dutch top pigeon fancier Cees de Jong from Lepelstraat. Since he has followed his advice in 2001 the performances has improved greatly. Before the races the pigeons are given superdiet, the last days before basketting they are given Super-M mixture supplemented with sunflower seeds, colza and hemp. Lothar tries to care for the pigeons as naturally as possible and to build up a natural resistance.
The pigeons are given apple vinegar in the drinking water every day. Before the race his own vegetable/fruit mixture is added for the necessary vitamins. After the race the pigeons are given electrolytes in the water. The youngsters are trained by Lothar himself. As yearlings they race 1x of 2x Extreme Long Distance. The older racing pigeons usually race 3x Extreme Long Distance.


I'm certain that we will hear a lot more about Lothar Lessmeister and his pigeons over the coming years. On behalf of the entire Pipa-team I would once more like to congratulate you on the successes you have achieved.