Leijtens Cor, "Cor Leijtens has struck again… He was victorious with a hen at Blois (2007)"

Cor with the winner

It can’t be said that Blois 2007 was raced under great weather conditions. Lots of showers, and really sharp ones too, gave the pigeons a hard time during the last part of the route.
And exactly under these circumstances, motivation is a matter of importance to win. You have to keep the pigeons, especially the hens, motivated, and that’s where the skill comes in, but Cor Leijtens from Oostelbeers seems to be a master in this area.
About week in, week out, he gets going in the CC Midebo with a striking number of awards. Results without the name Leijters in the top have become rare. Cor has grown into a true topper of pigeon racing.

At Blois Cor took along 18 pigeons and at a distance of 518 km he clocked his prize pigeons as follows: 12.44; 12.52; 12.58, 13.06, 13.10; 13.13; 13.23; 13.24; 13.25. The pigeon that was to return first at the farm by the Langereyt, was the NL 05-4004811 hen, definitely not just any pigeon.
She has already been 1st pigeon champion speed middle distance of CC Midebo as a yearling. You can find a lot of awards on her performance list: 3rd out of 3.000; 2nd out of 2.257; 3rd out of 976; 4th out of 1.332; 10th out of 1.523; 18th out of 3.686; and now to top it all 1st in division 3 NPO (Dutch Carrier Pigeons Association) and Long Distance Club Zuiderkempen. The 811 is a quite sturdy built blue hen with a remarkably strong carcass and a perfect muscular system.

Cor races widowhood with cocks and hens, but NOT complete widowhood. The cocks perform better, thanks to the hens. According to Cor, the cocks already lose to much energy while sitting in the basket. Moreover, the hens are better at returning home. Before basketting, the cocks never get to see a hen, but the hens DO get to see their cock.
This year, Cor started of with a racing team of 28 cocks and 27 hens.
They have already been on widowhood since the turn of the year.
In autumn, the pigeons are allowed on the nest once, and they can sit for ten days.

“Good blood will show”, and here it has yet again been proven.
Father: 97-600 Blauwe Jack through Brouwers-Kodama, son of De Nieuwe Raket and Ottey.
Blauwe Jack is the father of amongst others, 98-313 with 1st out of 5.777; 2nd out of 3.315; 5th out of 5.089; 7th out of 1.419. Also of 98-373 with amongst others 2nd out ot 5.089: 8th out of 1.419. And of 98-417 with amongst others 1st La Souterraine 881; 3rd out of 4.537; 18th out of 3.188.
Mother: 02-135 De Mooie daughter of 97-186 Lambear x 99-446 Blauwe.
De Mooie has a magnificent performance list with amongst others 1-4.438; 1-1.784; 1-1.543; 2-1.495; 6-1.765; 7-1.276; 14-2.129 etc.etc.

Though, Cor believes that Blauw Jack’s children aren’t real training animals and that’s a small disadvantage. At this moment, there’s only of them in the racing loft. Several fanciers race hard with pigeons from this line.

Both food and several side products are not being saved at all in Oostelbeers. Pigeons that have to be basketted every week, only deserve the very best. As well cocks as hens can eat as much as they want, twice a day for half an hour.
The hens train once a day for five quarters to an hour and a half.
The cocks fly twice a day for one hour.

Cor is known to sacrifice everything for his pigeons and spend a lot of time on them. Success doesn’t follow as a matter of course, Cor learned this very early and acts on it. Like at his farm, a lot of hard work has to be done, seven days a week.