Leideman Brothers (Heemserveen, NL) are having a gold plated 2019 season

If bookmakers were to get involved in pigeon racing, they would not get very high margins with the Leideman brothers. Whenever the two brothers appear at the start, they are promptly one of the main favourites. And they will often meet the expectations as well! They have been outstanding again in 2019, thanks to a blazing start.
Their success story is based around three pillars: Silver Dream, Goed Grijs and Magnus x Tip Top 5.
André and Bart Leideman received a lot of praise in recent years, having claimed an extraordinary number of victories and overall top prizes in important competitions. And the list goes on: they have added five prestigious wins to their palmares in the first few weeks of the 2019 season.
      20 April  1st-2nd-3rd-7th-8th-14e-15th Weert                                       (161 km) 11,059 p.
      27 April  1st-2nd-3rd-4th-5th-6th-8th-9th-10th-11th Tongeren                       (212 km)    926 p.
      4  May    1st-2nd-3rd-10th-14th-15th-17th-18th-19th-20th-21st-23rd-31st-32nd Isnes (265 km)  8,525 p.
      11 May    1st-2nd-3rd-4th-5th-7th-8th-9th-10th Chimay                              (322 km)  1,006 p.
                2nd-3rd-9th-11th of                                                                9,617 p.
      18 May    1st-4th-5th-7th Chimay                                                   (322 km)  1,299 p.
Bert shows continued commitment as the caretaker of the pigeon family, while André has a notorious eye for talent, as Gerard Koopman once said. Their efforts have resulted in a number of bloodlines that have played a key role in many of the team's major achievements.

Silverdream – the golden breeding hen

It was during the race from Weert (161km) on 20th of April that the bloodline of super class hen DV07237-11-1597 Silver Dream showed its potential yet again. André and Bert claimed an impressive 1-2-3-7-8-14-15 of 11,059 pigeons, with grandchildren of Silver Dream taking the first three prizes. The race winner is NL18-1459287, a one year old hen bred from top class bird Ace 820, and one of the big stars of 2018. This is her palmares:
      1st I.prov. ace pigeon allround Prov. 10
      1st I.prov. ace pigeon middle distance Prov. 10
      4th Nat. ace pigeon middle distance WHZB/TBOTB
      1st Weert                         –  5,230 p.
      2nd Boxtel                        –  1,961 p.
      3rd Quievrain                     – 10,570 p.
      3rd Laon                          –  6,371 p.
      6th Rethel                        –  7,115 p.

Ace 820, the sire of a first prize winner from Weert of 11,059 p. in 2019 (click here for the eye of Ace 820)
Click here for the pedigree of the first prize winner from Weert of 11,059 p.

The bronze medal winner comes straight from Jet, which is yet another super class descendant of Silver Dream. Jet has quite a list of achievements as well:
      1st Asse Zellik                 - 11,343 p. 
      1st NPO Gien                    -  4,911 p. & fastest of 7,768 p. 
      1st Rethel                      -  4,692 p. 
      6th Laon                        -  6,371 p. 
      10th Duffel                     -  5,821 p.
Silver Dream was obtained from Stellerman, and she stems from Blue Dream of Wouters (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon sprint KBDB 2009) paired to a daughter of Gerard Koopman's renowned Kleine Dirk. Her descendants have won quite a number of prizes:
      1st I.prov. ace pigeon allround & middle distance 2018 (‘Ace 820’, son)
      4th Nat. ace pigeon middle distance TBOTB 2018 (‘Ace 820’, son)
      1st Asse Zelik                  – 11,474 p. (‘Floyd’, son)
      1st Asse Zellik                 - 11,343 p. (‘Jet’, daughter)
      1st Weert                       - 11,059 p. (granddaughter)
      1st Boxtel                      - 10,739 p. (‘Sigrid’, granddaughter)
      1st Quievrain                   - 10,570 p. (‘Justify’, great-grandson)
      1st Tessenderloo                - 10,314 p. (‘Enzo’, great-grandson)
      1st Weert                       -  5,230 p. (‘Ace 820’, son)
      1st NPO Gien                    -  4,911 p. & fastest 7,768 p. (‘Jet’, daughter)
      1st NPO Nanteuil                -  3,926 p. with a 7 min. lead (‘Vitória’, great-granddaughter)
      1st Chalons en Champagne        -  2,315 p. (‘606/17’, great-grandson)
      1st Rethel                      -  1,867 p. (‘Nestmaat Voltar’, son)
      1st Tongeren                    -  1,580 p. (‘790/16’, granddaughter)
      1st Rethel                      -  1,133 p. (‘567/17’, great-grandson)
      1st Quievrain                   -    986 p. (‘567/17’, great-grandson)
      1st Chimay                      -    600 p. (‘578/17’, grandson)
      1st Troyes                      -    371 p. (‘Sigrid’, granddaughter)
      1st prijs                       -    342 p. (‘Voltar’, son)
      1st Sens                        -    323 p. (‘Sigrid’, granddaughter)
      1st Sens                        -    285 p. (‘795/16’, grandson)

Great results with breeding pair Magnus x Sister Tip Top 5

Magnus, a talented new breeder (click here for Magnus's eye)
It was the marvellous result in the race from Isnes (265km) on 4th of May that put this new super class pair in the spotlight once again. The brothers claimed a massive 1-2-3-10-14-15-17-18-19-20-21-23-31-32 of 8,665 pigeons, with grande dame NL15-1234189 Sia finishing in first place. And it was not her first victory:
      1st Gennep 107 km               - 11,041 p. (14 April 2018)
      1st Isnes 265 km                -  8,665 p. (4  May 2019)
      1st Quievrain 314 km            -  2,480 p. (13 May 2017)

Sia, winner of a 1st Gennep 11,041 p. 2019 (click here for Sia's eye)
Click here for Sia's full pedigree

She has also won an 11th Quievrain 10,570 p., a 26th Morlincourt 4,815 p., and a 34th Heusden-Zolder 11,336 p. Besides, she bred a pigeon that excelled as yearling in the 2018 one day long distance season, winning the following prizes:
      7th  Nat. S4 Chateauroux 730 km  -  3,647 p.
      37th Nat. S4 Bourges 677 km      -  5,877 p.
The sire of Sia is Magnus, a direct Wolfgang Roeper from the one and only 269, winner of a 6th National ace pigeon title in 2012, as well as a 1st International Olympiad Pigeon in category H. And the 269 continued to race the following season! He went on to win a title of 1st Int. Ace Pigeon allround Europa Cup in 2013. This is quite a gifted bird! The dam of Sia is a sister of Tip Top 5, which took a 9th place in the final of the 2013 Million Dollar Race. Tip Top 5 was bred from a sister of Fernando, winner of a 1st NPO Arras 366 km of 10,735 pigeons with a five minute lead. These two birds, Magnus x Sister Tip Top 5, have clearly developed into a brilliant breeding pair, as you can tell from their youngsters:
Raissa, 1st substitute Olympiad pigeon and a super class sister of Sia (click here for the eye of Rassia)
- Raissa
      1st substitute NL Olympiad sprint Poznan 2018
      1st Duffel                      -  4,613 p. & fastest of 6,969 p.
      2nd Quievrain                   - 10,570 p. behind loft mate
      3rd Niergnies                   -  9,897 p.
      3rd Heusden-Zolder              -  5,927 p.
      5th Heusden-Zolder              - 11,336 p.
      5th Rethel                      -  1,867 p.
- 691/17 Wolfgang Roeper
      1st RV Lubieszyn 304 km         -  1,124 p. 2018
      1st RV Lubieszyn 304 km         -    846 p. 2018
      1st RV Demmin 214 km            -  1,187 p. 2019
- Zus Raissa
      The dam of
      2nd Nat. S4 Chateauroux         -  3,647 p.
In the wake of a prestigious win from Isnes, Bert announced the end of Sia's racing career. "Her parents have enormous breeding value, and Sia herself bred a one year old hen that was our second best pigeon in the demanding one day races from Bourges and Chateauroux last year. Perhaps the main reason for her retirement is the fact that she suffered a broken leg, which we caused ourselves. André and I agreed that if she could deliver one more time, we would let her retire. And she delivered on 4th of May." The two fanciers, and many other fanciers as well, have great confidence in the Magnus x Sister Tip Top 5 combination. Gerard Koopman for instance obtained the two youngsters of this pair that were offered for sale in the latest Leideman Brothers' PIPA auction.

The golden genes of Goed Grijs

Goed Grijs, a sensational racing bird and now a top breeder (click here for the eye of Goed Grijs)
As a racing bird, BE15-610641 Goed Grijs won the hearts of pigeon fanciers across The Netherlands but she is now gaining a reputation as an exceptional breeding bird as well. Her bloodline came to the fore in a race from Chimay (322km), where the team claimed a 2-3-9-11 of 9,617 pigeons, or a 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 of 1,006 pigeons. The first prize winner is a son of Goed Grijs, and a nest mate of the perhaps even more talented NL17-1647589, which claimed a first prize from Chimay, as part of a team that claimed a 1-4-5-7 of 1,299 pigeons. This was an excellent result for the 589/17, and it adds to an already excellent palmares:
      1st Hannut                      -  5,477 p.
      1st Chimay                      -  1,464 p.
      8th Asse Zellik                 -  4,712 p.
      9th Chimay                      -  1,006 p.
      14th Isnes                      -  8,525 p.
Click here for the pedigree of the super class son of Goed Grijs that claimed two first prizes.
A third youngster of Goed Grijs is now holding a 1st place in the ace pigeon championship of Rayon 7 Province 10 after four sprint races. In fact, these three youngsters are the only descendants of Goed Grijs that are currently racing. In other words, this grey-coloured bird is a high value breeder for the Van den Brande brothers. This was Goed Grijs's palmares as racing bird:
      1st NPO Laon                    -  6,371 p.
      1st Duffel                      -  5,821 p. 2 minute lead
      1st Heusden Zolder              -  2,775 p.
      1st eLaon                       -  1,052 p.
      1st Wijchen                     -    786 p.
      1st Heusden-Zolder              -    656 p.
      1st Hapert                      -    231 p.