Leideman Brothers (Hardenberg, NL) show their class in Venlo, winning a 1st, 2nd, 4th, 8th and 9th of as many as 4,429 pigeons

They had an impressive five pigeons in the top ten in Venlo on 9th of June, which says something about the Leideman Brothers. Places 1 and 4 were won with two direct youngsters of the phenomenal Goed Grijs. She is showing not only to be an excellent racing hen but a fabulous breeder as well.

Andre (l) and Bert (r) Leideman

Andre and Bert Leideman have been among the most appealing fanciers in The Netherlands. They claimed an extensive number of victories and overall top results in major competitions in recent years, which shows their enormous potential. Their relentless search for top quality birds has enabled Andre and Bert to gather an invaluable collection of breeding birds, and one of their most prominent breeders is without doubt Goed Grijs. She had a terrific racing career with 7 clean first prizes, and she is now turning out to be an invaluable breeder as well. We will take a closer look at this breeding hen in a minute, but first we talk you through some of the best results of 2019, which illustrates the sheer strength of the Leideman Brothers:

20 April 1st-2nd-3rd-7th-8th-14th-15th Weert                                      (161 km) 11,059 p.
27 April 1st-2nd-3rd-4th-5th-6th-8th-9th-10th-11th Tongeren                       (212 km)    926 p.
 4 May   1st-2nd-3rd-10th-14th-15th-17th-18th-19th-20th-21st-23rd-31st-32nd Isnes (265 km)  8,525 p.
11 May   1st-2nd-3rd-4th-5th-7th-8th-9th-10th Chimay                              (322 km)  1,006 p.
         2nd-3rd-9th-11th against                                                           9,617 p.
18 May   1st-4th-5th-7th Chimay                                                   (322 km)  1,299 p.
 9 June  1st-2nd-4th-8th-9th-11th-13th-16t-22nd Venlo                             (136 km)  4,429 p.

Click here for an overview of their best results in 2017 and 2018.

BE15-6106415 Goed Grijs

Goed Grijs was obtained in the spring of 2015, from the Van De Brande Brothers (Berlaar, BE), which are highly renowned sprint fanciers. They only race in Quievrain and Noyon (100-200km) but Andre and Bert have demonstrated that their bloodlines can cover longer stretches as well. Goed Grijs is a wonderful hen that can really push hard in the final stages of a race. The two brothers describe her as follows: "We have never had such a strong finisher, she would always storm home, not just after a race but after any training flight during the week. She goes like a bullet from a gun. She reminds us of some other notoriously strong finishers such as Kleine Dirk, Geeloger or Kannibaal. They were famous for their finishing sprint!" This fantastic hen was raced for just two seasons, and she claimed an impressive 7 first prizes as a yearling and a two year old, racing against an average of 2,527 pigeons (no doubles).

1st NPO Laon         6,371 p. 2017
1st Duffel           5,821 p. 2016 - 2 minutes' lead
1st Heusden-Zolder   2,775 p. 2017
1st Laon             1,052 p. 2017
1st Wijchen            786 p. 2016
1st Heusden-Zolder     656 p. 2017
1st Hapert             231 p. 2016

Goed Grijs claimed a 1st NPO Laon (387km) with a five minute lead (not including her teammates) in her second season of racing, after which Andre and Bert understandably decided to no longer basket her. And it does look she has even greater potential in the breeding loft. The team is racing no more than three direct youngsters, and each three of them has already won a first prize against thousands of pigeons. It goes to show that Goed Grijs has now transformed into an invaluable breeder. It's time for a closer look.

Nest mates NL17-1647589 and NL17-1647590

NL17-1647589, winner of a 1st Hannut (5,447 p.)

The 589 (hen) and the 590 (cock) are two youngsters of Goed Grijs. Click here for their pedigree. Their sire is One O 5, which was an excellent racing bird himself:

  2nd Niergnies     9,897 p.
  4th Tessenderlo  10,314 p.
  5th Asse Zellik   2,573 p.
 13th Reims         4,913 p.
224th Duffel       11,200 p.

The 589 claimed a 1st Hannut of 5,447 pigeons as a yearling, and she claimed another first prize this season: a 1st Chimay of 1,006 p. This is her palmares:

 1st Hannut      5,447 p.
 1st Chimay      1,006 p.
 8th Asse Zellik 4,712 p.
14th Isnes       8,525 p.
14th Rethel      3,828 p.

Like we said, the 590 (blue coloured cock) has already claimed a first prize as well: a 1st Chimay of 1,006 pigeons this very season (and 2nd fastest of 18,006 p.). You can tell from his palmares that he is almost just as successful as his sister:

 2nd Chimay 9,460 p.
 4th Weert  5,552 p.
 4th Venlo  4,429 p.
20th Rethel 4,692 p.
26th Hannut 5,447 p.

NL18-1459568, 1st Venlo Province 10 (4,429 p.)

This promising one year old hen bred from Goed Grijs claimed a 1st Venlo in Province 10 of 4,429 pigeons on 9th of June. This was the last sprint race in Province 10, after which the 568 took home a title of 1st Ace Pigeon Sprint in Province 10, having won 6 prizes in 6 races. Here are some of her best results so far:  

 1st Venlo    4,429 p.
15th Weert   11,059 p.
22nd Isnes    8,525 p.
 1st Tongeren   260 p.
30th Arlon    7,113 p.

The sire of the 568 is top class breeder Patrick of Patrick boeckx (Vorselaar, BE), which is also the sire of the 15-119 (3rd of 11,336 p., 4th of 7,115 p., 8th of 5,821 p.), the 15-066 (3rd of 6,403 p, 6th of 9,897 p., 12th of 5,572 p.) and the 17-730 (6th of 10,570 p. after 5 teammates!). Click here for the full pedigree of the 568.

Goed Grijs, a rare bird

The Leideman brothers have gained quite a reputation in the Netherlands in recent years. Andre and Bert's continuous search for top quality pigeons both in The Netherlands and in other countries has given them a collection of breeders with incredible potential. It allows them to compete with the very best teams. Today, Goed Grijs is one of the leading names in this loft. She had a fantastic racing career with 7 first prizes to her name, and she is now proving to be an invaluable breeding hen as well. Goed Grijs, along with several other top class breeders, is guaranteed to deliver fantastic racing birds, and we do expect a lot from them over the course of the season.