Leen TIJL - Nieuwe Tonge (NL) Just like in 2008, now also national victory again from Bordeaux in sector 2.

Also the fastest pigeon against 41.790 pigeons. The pigeons were liberated from Bordeaux, well-known for, amongst other things, its delicious wines, on Friday the 31st of July at13h30.



The liberation took place under cloudy skies and a temperature of about 25 degrees. There was a slight north-easterly wind (5,5 km. per hour).

In Central France the wind blew from an easterly and south-south-easterly direction.
There were a total of 41.790 Dutch pigeons liberated, of which
Sector 1    17.832 pigeons
Sector 2    13.574 pigeons
Sector 3      8.042 pigeons
Sector 4      2.342 pigeons.
The arrival
Leen, a fifty-nine year old exporter of fruit and vegetables, had entered 64 pigeons for this race.
At 01h00 Leen went to check his lofts, but there was no pigeon to be seen. He then went to bed and set his alarm for 05h00.
After a short sleep Leen went to his lofts just after 5 o’clock and saw that there was a pigeon at the trap. This pigeon was clocked at 02h02.12.
It was the NL06-1058831, who had raced a distance of 835,817 kilometres with a velocity of 2149 metres per minute.
With this, his cock secured the victory in sector 2 against 13.574 pigeons.
Leen also had a national victory in 2008 in the race from Bordeaux. It was then the 06-NL-1058962, who was clocked at 01h50.26 with a velocity of 2626,181 metres per minute.
The arrival of the following pigeons were noted at 8.56, 09.19, 09.33, 09.35, 09.40, 09.41, 09.45, 09.46, 09.50, 09.52, 10.02, 10.05, 10.10, 10.23, 10.25, 10.43, 10.52, 10.56, 11.08, 11.09, 11.18. The competition was closed in the national basketting centre in Middelharnis at about 11h00.
We can safely say that Leen pulled a marvellous series out of the top hat here at national level

The winner
The NL06-1058831 is a red cock who answers to the name “Red Star”.
His father is the “Narbonne” and comes out pigeons from the Gebr. Van Doorn from Someren-Eind (we see here pigeons so as the “Vale Kweker” and the “Rode Lady Barcelona” from Jan Theelen; the “Goede 54” and the “Lucinda” from the Gebr. Hagens; the “Blauwe Kuypers” from the Gebr. Kuypers and the “708” from the Gebr. Saya).
The mother comes out the “Rode André” and the “Blauwe Witpen” from L. van der Baan ( sort Gebr. Hagens). “Rode André” has as parents the “Rode Barcelona” and the “mooie duivin” from L. van der Baan.
The 2009 season was – by the standards laid down by Leen – not quite as he had expected. Just before basketting for Narbonne last week, Leen put the pigeons together. “Red Star” didn’t manage to win a prize. He didn’t arrive home until the Monday morning. “Red Star” showed no signs of having been to Narbonne. As punishment “Red Star” was basketted for Bordeaux one and a half days later. So as you have already read, he more than made up for his failure from Narbonne with this national  victory.
As a yearling he classified himself as 214th from Bordeaux for yearlings. In the 2008 season he won a prize from Tarbes ZLU. In 2009 he was basketted four times for a long distance race, but he only arrived home after the competition had closed from Pau, Marseille and Narbonne.

Leen has approximately 35 metres of pigeon loft, consisting of a few garden lofts and an attic loft above the garage. There are no grids in the lofts. The floor is not cleaned in the garden lofts, but the attic loft, where the widowers reside, is cleaned every day. The front of the garden lofts faces south-west, although it is the rainy side, but in this way Leen can keep an eye on his loft from his desk and from his terrace.
At the end of March both the breeders and the racing pigeons are coupled. They also breed here from the racing pigeons. In the future Leen may alter this in connection with the flight feather condition in the overnight races.
The pigeons go into widowhood after they have raised one or two youngsters and have then brooded for another ten days. As preparation for the overnight races the pigeons race the programme races up to 300 kilometres, then a short break, followed by a race of about 450 kilometres.
The pigeons are given a mixture of Mariman, the Variamax. Leen feeds this Variamax throughout the year because it is a light mixture. For the overnight races the pigeons are given extra corn for the last few days before basketting. The pigeons are given plenty to eat, but as soon as they stop eating the rest is removed. 
Every Sunday Leen takes the pigeons to Ouddorp on the coast. The distance is about 25 kilometres. He does this because of the fact that in an overnight race the pigeons have to follow the coastline. In the past Co Nipius said that they followed the coastline and that one should take this into account when  training. Maybe “Red Star”, has now also profited from this, because the eastern wind and the clear night were ideal for racing home along the coastline.

Leen wrote several national flights to his name so as:
1980 Bergerac
2005 Bergerac
2006 Bordeaux sector 2
2008 Bordeaux sector 2
2009 Bordeaux sector 2
We are not going to mention all the top performances in the overnight races from the  ZLU and the sector races from the NPO, but we can safely say that Leen is always to be found at the beginning of the results.
Leen is a man, who is very passionate about his long distance pigeons. A man, who has invested a lot of time and money in his pigeons, but he also regularly has the sweet taste of a major victory or a magnificent result.
Leen, on behalf of the PiPa-team and all the visitors to our site, congratulations with this great performance!