The last but one Jewels Of The Sky auction ended with great succes! Erik Limbourg made an average of 4.650 EURO/pigeon!!

Last Sunday the Jewels Of the Sky Auction January Part 1 ended. A huge succes with an overal average of 2.245 EURO / pigeon!

Update 12 January:
This weekend all participants of the Jewels Of The Sky auction made high averages for their birds! Absolute top result for Erik Limbourg who made 46.650 EURO for 10 young birds! Second great succes for Limbourg in 2 months time! Other top averages with + 2.000 EURO per bird were for R&X Verstraete, Pieter Veenstra, Arie Dijkstra & Jos Vercammen. Also Batenburg-van de Merwe, A. Udo & Steef Duijn made great averages with each + 1.500 EURO/pigeon!

Update 4 January
Today we have started our last auction of this Jewels Of The Sky edition. One of the most special offers in this whole edition we kept as last. Hans Eijerkamp & Sons offer their 1° Olympiad pigeon 'V-Power' for sale! A unique offer! Other fanciers who offer topbirds in this auction are G&S Verkerk, Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede, Alwin Petrie, Casaert M&G, Declerck-Blancke & Casaert-Senechal! Take a look to this auction by clicking 'Top Pigeon 4 Sale'!

Update 29 December:
Today we started the new Jewels Of The Sky Auction. In this auction absolute top birds from a.o. Pieter Veenstra, Arie Dijkstra, Batenburg-van de Merwe, Hok Jos Vercammen, Steef Duijn, A. Udo, Jespers Van de Wegen, Erik Limbourg (only young birds) & Xavier & Raoul Verstraete. Take a look to the auction by clicking 'Toppigeons 4 sale' in the menu!

Update 20 December:
Last weekend the Jewels Of The Sky auction December finished. Once again a beautiful result. An average of 1.641 EURO / pigeon was paid for 58 pigeons in the Jewels Of The Sky. The absolute eye-catcher was Benny Steveninck who auctioned 8 pigeons (wherefrom 7 youngsters). His 8 pigeons earned no less than 26.000 EURO! The 2 most expensive youngsters, 7.000 and 6.000 EURO were respectively sold to Gerard Koopman – the Netherlands and Great Wall - China. There were also top averages for Harm Vredeveld, Marcel Sangers, De Smeyter-Restiaen, Henri Custers, Reedijk-Jongekrijg & Chris Hebberecht, which all achieved over the 1.000 EURO/pigeon.
The 21 pigeons from the Scottish ex-prof footballer Duncan Ferguson were also a great success with an average of 3.520 EURO / pigeon. Toppers in this auction were daughter Kleine Dirk which went to Canada for 15.600 EURO, daughter Kannibaal which went to China for 9.000 EURO and son Reza which went to Taiwan for 8.200 EURO!

 Update 12 December :
The following weekend 19-20 December the first series of Jewels of the Sky December will end, with a.o.Vredeveld Harm, Reedijk-Jongekrijg, Hebberecht Chris, Steveninck Benny, Sangers Marcel, De Smeyter-Restiaen...
Also a super collection of pigeons from ex-international Duncan Ferguson online ! This ex-top footballer is moving to Spain and therefore has to sell his collection of pigeons. You will only see the very best here on PiPa.

Follow the auction on

Update November 23rd:
Also the past weekend Jewels was a huge success, just like the auction of the Robby Wilms colony and the auction of all old birds of Cees Schroevers. At this moment the auction of Jewels of the Sky - November Part 2 with pigeons from a.o. Etienne Meirlaen, Rens vd Zijde, Desbuquois, L&B&J Geerinckx, Pros Roosen, ...

Update October 11th:
The first part (Parts 1 to 4) of the Jewels Of The Sky Auction has finished! Pigeons from Jos Thone, Eric Berckmoes, Peter van de Merwe, Ad Schaerlaeckens, Cor Leijtens and Marc Pollin were sold for an average of 2.373 EURO per pigeon! Record average for Jos Thone with 7.160 EURO / pigeon! Other top averages were for Cor Leijtens at 2.380 EURO / Pigeon and Ad Schaerlaeckens at 2.800 EURO / Pigeon.

Exactly: PIPA now has a jubilee edition. It is in fact the fifth year in a row in which they will place their world-famous auction on the internet… As far as the concept is concerned? Well, that’s actually very simple in addition to being genius. For the entire year Nikolaas and Thomas Gyselbrecht sit ‘peering’ at their screens. Results are viewed. From top to bottom. From bottom to top. Analyses are made. Conclusions drawn. And then they set off… in the direction of the chaps who performed just that bit better. With just one simple question… if they want to put five to ten pigeons from their very best gems on the market. But with one condition: only the very best counts and will be put onto the net. Simply because Jewels Of The Sky has become the ‘norm’ in pigeon land. The norm that stands for quality. For exclusiveness. But moreover for certainty. The selection criteria is not to be scoffed at… Perfect body, an eye in which you can see everything that the average ‘eye-looker’ wants to see, plumage of which you can only dream, a lineage that is hardly obtainable… in short, Nikolaas and Thomas ensure that you are one hundred percent certain that you are buying a ‘lump of gold’ via the internet.

Of course such an auction breeds mutual rivalry. Toppers want to be noticed. Toppers are only too happy to offer their merchandise. But that’s not enough for PIPA. No, only the results of the previous season count. This gives a perfect picture of who has done what… And, because of the ‘standard’ that PIPA has laid down, the toppers want to race just that little bit better every year. To be able to sit in the ‘Jewels’-auction And exactly for that reason PIPA also sets its standards that little bit higher every year. Only the absolute cream gets a ‘turn’. And whoever is not included in the ‘Jewels’-auction, simply did not race good enough last season. Or to say that logic and ‘mother wit’ is never really far away…

Top photographer Dominique Velghe is has already started his’ rounds’. A question of getting everything on camera… He has to visit the following people:

Jewels Of The Sky October I: Ending on 11 October
Van de Merwe Peter
Schaerlaeckens Ad
Thoné Jos
Pollin Marc
Leijtens Cor
Berckmoes Eric

Jewels Of The Sky October II: Ending on 18 October
Hendriks Jo & Florian*
Koopman C&G
Roziers P&J
Vanhoutte Willy

Jewels Of The Sky November I: Ending on 21 November
Van Noordenne Nico
Van de Merwe Piet*
SG Jung
Clicque Gino*
Brockamp HP & P.
Sander H&F

Jewels Of The Sky November II: Ending on 29 November
Roosen Pros
Van der Zijde Rens
Veenstra Pieter
Geerinckx L,B&J
Desbuquois Gebr.*
Meirlaen Etienne

Jewels Of The Sky December I: Ending on 20 December
Vredeveld Harm
Hebberecht Chris
Steveninck Benny*
Sangers Marcel
De Smeyter-Restiaen*

Jewels Of The Sky January I: Ending on 10 January
Dijkstra Arie*
Jespers-Van der Wegen*
Limbourg Erik (only youngsters 2009)
Udo A. & Duyn S.
Batenburg-Van de Merwe
Hok Jos Vercammen
Verstraete R.&X.

Jewels Of The Sky January II: Ending on 17 January
Vandenheede F&J
Eijerkamp Hans & Sons
Verkerk G&S
Casaert M&G* & Casaert-Sénéchal*
Alwin Petrie*

Participants marked with an * are participating for the first time.
The auction starts each time approximately 14 days before the end, the auction can be found as with every auction top left PIPA.
If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us at
And that sometimes extremely high sums are paid is proved in this overview of the past few years…
Naked figures say more than words ... This is the top 25 of the past four years:

1. Claessens Ludo 2006-2007: 8.360 € / pigeon (10 pigeons in the auction)
2. Claessens Ludo 2007-2008: 7.750 € / pigeon (12 pigeons in the auction)
3. Claessens Ludo 2005-2006: 6.550 € / pigeon (10 pigeons in the auction)
4. Koopman C&G 2008-2009: 5.110 € / pigeon (10 pigeons in the auction)
5. Koopman C&G 2006-2007: 4.520 € / pigeon (10 pigeons in the auction)
6. Thoné Jos 2008-2009 : 4.420 € / pigeon ( 5 pigeons in the auction)
7. Koopman C&G 2007-2008: 4.320 € / pigeon (10 pigeons in the auction)
8. Verkerk G&S 2007-2008: 4.080 € / pigeon (10 pigeons in the auction)
9. Koopman C&G 2005-2006: 3.740 € / pigeon (10 pigeons in the auction)
10. Roosen Pros 2007-2008: 3.440 € / pigeon (5 pigeons in the auction)
11. Verkerk G&S 2006-2007: 3.300 € / pigeon (10 pigeons in the auction)
12. Verkerk G&S 2008-2009: 3.215 € / pigeon (10 pigeons in the auction)
13. Roosen Pros 2008-2009: 3.060 € / pigeon (5 pigeons in the auction)
14. Seelbach&Jung 2008-2009: 3.000 € / pigeon (10 pigeons in the auction)
15. Limbourg Erik 2008-2009: 2.875 € / pigeon (10 pigeons in the auction)
16. Van de Merwe Peter 2007-2008: 2.765 € / pigeon (10 pigeons in the auction)
17. Veenstra Pieter 2007-2008: 2.718 € / pigeon (11 pigeons in the auction)
18. Van Noordenne Nico 2008-2009: 2.715 € / pigeon (11 pigeons in the auction)
19. Brockamp Dr. H.P. & P. 2007-2008: 2.708 € / pigeon (12 pigeons in the auction)
20. Van de Merwe Peter 2006-2007: 2.625 € / pigeon (10 pigeons in the auction)
21. Brockamp Dr. H.P. & P. 2008-2009: 2.604 € / pigeon (12 pigeons in the auction)
22. Vandenheede Freddy 2007-2008: 2.498 € / pigeon (11 pigeons in the auction)
23. Sander H&F 2007-2008: 2.494 € / pigeon (9 pigeons in the auction)
24. Eijerkamp 2008-2009: 2.477 € / pigeon (11 pigeons in the auction)
25. van de Zijde Rens 2008-2009: 2.405 € / pigeon (10 pigeons in the auction)

No wall is too high, no water is too deep
And while we are talking about PIPA, we want to inform you that they are still looking for new challenges. It seems there is no wall too high, no water too deep… Take now the auction that will later take place from the international winners of Barcelona. Yes, Van Houten will soon offer this entire ‘merchandise’ on the internet. Including the international winner self. And the parents. Never before have such exclusive top pigeons been offered in an auction. And it has to be said: Van Houten had already been offered money for his winner. A lot of money. He  himself confirmed that an offer of one hundred and fifty thousand euro’s – or about six million (!) old Belgian francs – had been offered. A broker had offered this amount. Yet Van Houten chose PIPA. And at the same time for the uncertainty. Because you never know how much such a pigeon will raise in a public auction. Van Houten prefers trust to giant amounts of money for one pigeon... And that’s why he chose PIPA as a ‘partner’. Whether it is worth emphasizing, we do not know, but in Knesselare they are doing very well. The whole team ensures that PIPA can ‘peak’ every week. Both in visitors as in amounts of money. Because PIPA is and remains, in addition to ‘news site’ also the paramount auction website. With nothing to curb.

PS : the participants in the Jubilee edition will be invited to the PiPa party on the 19th of December, together with their partner, for a wonderful meal. More details later.

Bron : Het Duivenblad