La Colombe Joyeuse celebrates her winners from Pau 2009.

The 2009 season, which went fairly smoothly, is only just over, and the the first celebrations are upcoming. On Saturday the 26th of September the “La Colombe Joyeuse” was, as usual, the first in line.

Over the last few years the Belgian coast has been seen as the “place to be”  gfor the annual feast. For her 133rd birthday “La Colombe” chose somewhere more central, a question of returning to the place of years ago. Chairman Danny Van Bael, vice-chairman Emiel Audenaarde, Secretary Luk Van Den Haute and treasurer Roger Gheysen this time chose the prestigious  “Sheraton Hotel” on the Rogierplein, inear the north station, in the heart of Brussels.

Chairman Danny Van Bael during his opening speech

Robert Desmet, together with his son, were one of the first to congratulate the winners.

Mrs Luk Van Den Haute-Van Bael talked through everything smoothly

1st International and national Germany
1st International hens
Hermas Heiko, Althornbach
Prize presented by Luk Van Den Haute, secretary La Colombe Joyeuse
1st National Belgium,
Vereecke Roger, Deerlijk,
Prize presented by national chairman KBDB Pierre Derijst.

1st National France,
Dumas J.L., Pulligny

The national winners

The winners per province

The longest distance on the international results,
Baarda G - Pingjin,
presented by Luc Degeest from Cureghem-Center

The first series of 2 pigeons
Belgium = Aerens Daniël, Drongen
The Netherlands = Joosse Cees, Nieuwdorp
Germany = Hermes Heiko, Althornbach
France = Hoflack Serge, Boursin
England = Buddle L. & K, - Dover

Second national Belgium,
Ballman Dieter, Amel

Three first national Belgium
Vereecke Roger, Ballman Dieter and Carteus Georges

Zonale winners Brussels Pau, participants nominated by drawing lots.

Three first international,
Hermes Heiko (G), Dumas J.L. (Fr), Koers Karl Heinz, Mandelbach (G)

Robert Desmet being honoured by Chairman Van Bael for his years of commitment to the pigeon sport.

The table of honour

Tabel representatives KBDB

Tabel representatives KBDB

Hungry stomachs from Antwerp and the Flemish Brabant

Roger Vereecke and Mr Bodson (Optica)

Top fanciers from Germany, Dr Brockamp and Mr Hermes

The interlude....