Kurvers-de Weerd wins 1st international Perpiganan 2004 - 18.192 old pigeons

With a streetlength of 28 metres ahead, the combination Kurvers-De Weerd wins the international race from Perpignan, before Jan Vanderveek from Westdorp, also from Holland. The third M. Romyn from Landgraaden completes the Dutch winners’ stand. The winning pigeon “Malaysia King”, did have to wait a little while before he could enter the loft after a flight of 940 kilometres. Lei didn’t expect his pigeons that early. When he saw the pigeon at 5.28 am, he first thought it was a late pigeon from Marseille. The lofts opened and at 5.55 am the pigeon entered. Some very expensive minutes got lost, but he was so far ahead that it wasn’t such a big problem for the international victory. His teammate Deweerd, who was on holiday in the Malaysia, couldn’t believe his ears when he heard about it. The first international victory of Kurvers-De Weerd was a fact…

History of the winning combination
In 1986 was decided that they only would play long distance flights. Before they also played sprint and middle distance, not without any succes. They became general champion in 1983 and 84 in the so called Phoenix department.
In 1986, they became 2nd Marathon champion of the ZLU and after that they were the only Dutch fanciers that made it to the podium in one of those championships, with as highlights, 1994 and 2000 Champion of the ZLU. They were more than once the Long Distance champion, both national (St. Vincent, Dax, Mont-Marssan) as ZLU long distance (Pau, Dax, Barcelona, Marseille, Perpignan).

Two times they had the best long distance pigeon ZLU with “Kleine Blauwe”. His father is the first international Perpignan and Perpignan “King” and this in a time period of 5 years.
From the beginning of the ‘Gouden-Duif’ competition of the pigeon magazine “De Duif” they were constantly in the top 20 with as highlight the victory in 1999.
The combination Kurvers-Deweerd only plays with widowers. In the beginning of the season they have about 130. They only participate in races above 800 km, and during the last 20 years they had a price percentage of 50% (per 4)
The strains are mostly Martin Thaens, Ophuizen-marell and Cor de Heijde. More recently they buyed some pigeons from Wijnands from Maastricht.
Since 2000 De Weerd plays in combination with vet De Weerd.

Palmares of the international winner: "Malaysia King" - 2332169/2001
Bordeaux ZLU
Marseille ZLU
202e Nat. - 6.133 p.
257e Nat. -7.459 p
Int. 334e - 9.686 p.
Int. 777e - 19.290 p
Perpignan ZLU
222e Nat. - 9.405 p.
436e - 5.890 p.
Int. 594e - 19.420 p.
Int. 997e - 16.800 p.
Barcelona ZLU
Marseille ZLU
Perpignan ZLU
1.878e Nat. - 7.875 p.
637e Nat. - 5.884 p.
1ste Nat - 7.644 p.
Int. 1st -18.192 p.

Prizes in the first 100 Prov. / Nat.
2004 : Bordeaux Prov. 10.209 p. 27e...etc...
Cahors Prov. 1.849 p. 68e...etc...
Bordeaux Nat. ZLU. 5.279 yearlings 8e, 23e, 35e, 38en 51e ...etc...
St.Vincent Nat. 15.966 p. 62e, ...etc...
Marseille , 31e ...etc...
Perpignan Nat. 7.644 duiven 1ste, ...enz... Int. 22.519 duiven 1ste, ...enz...
2003 : Dax ZLU. 9.405 p. 65e, 77e ...etc...
Marseille ZLU. 8.730 p. 92e, ...etc...
Perpignan ZLU. 5.890 p. 11e ...etc...
2002 : Bordeaux ZLU. 5.384 old p. 47e, 60, ...enz..
Pau ZLU. 2.792 p. 6e, 21e, ...etc...
Perpignan ZLU. 7.083 p. 3e, 25e, 74e, ...etc...
Dax Nat. 14.226 p. 4e, ...etc...
Bordeaux ZLU. 6.133 yearlings 43e, ...etc...