Kurt & Raf Platteeuw (Rumbeke, BE) : 1st & 2nd National Limoges

The super class combination from Rumbeek excelled in Limoges, claiming a national first and second place. They had already dominated the first middle distance races of the season, and it seems they are not planning to back down.

Straight to gold and silver

Kurt and Raf Platteeuw did not linger; they turned the first long distance race of the season into a major success. Father and son Platteeuw were once again outstanding in this year's national race from Limoges, even though they competed against plenty other renowned teams. They made a blazing start in the middle distance earlier on, with a provincial first prize from Blois (twice) and Vierzon, and expectations were understandably high for the opening classic in the long distance. And with so many talented pigeons in their team, they had nobody to be afraid of. As the race unfolded, the strong athletes gradually but surely appeared at the front, in a sunny weekend with high temperatures and clear skies.

Nabrina: national winner

Nabrina (BE15-3115471) proved the fastest of as many as 13,576 pigeons. This four year old hen has repeatedly shown to be a very gifted racing bird; she claimed national top prizes from Brive, Jarnac, Tulle, Bourges, etc. She is a daughter of top class pair Billy x Adele. Click here for Nabrina's impressive pedigree.

Nabrina: 1st national Limoges 13.576 d.

Peter Pan a close second 

Nabrina finished just ahead of one of her loft mates, Peter Pan (BE17-4052981), the runner-up in this race. And that second place was not the first major result for this young star: he had already won a national top 100 place both in Angoulême and BourgesPeter Pan was bred by A & P Van Landuyt, who has been one of the leading names in the national long distance over the years. Click here for Peter Pan's pedigree.

Peter Pan: 2nd national Limoges 13,576 p.

Moifaa in the same slipstream

We had the powerful Nabrina and Peter Pan finishing in first and second, and fellow team member Moifaa (BE17-3117438) claimed an early arrival as well, finishing in 11th place of 13,576 pigeons. And this pigeon too proved his worth in previous seasons, claiming for instance an 11th National Jarnac, a 42nd National Gueret, etc. Click here for Moifaa's pedigree.

Moifaa: 11th national Limoges 13,576 p.

The team forges ahead

Over the last few years, the Platteeuw pigeons were often racing in a league of their own, and we often got the impression that they had finally reached their peak. But they seemingly continue to raise the bar time and time again, and it leaves us wondering what to expect next. They had a record-breaking 2018 season, and they have been outstanding again in the very first major race of 2019. We reckon their opponents will not be too confident for the upcoming races. Kurt and Raf, two avid fanciers, have given us a hint of what's to come in the next few months. They have already claimed 4 provincial first prizes and a double national victory by the 1st of June. It looks like nothing can stop the Platteeuw pigeon family, as they are on their way to new triumphs.

Team Platteeuw