Kurt and Raf Platteeuw (BE, Rumbeke): unstoppable in Aurrillac with a 1st national as the icing on the cake

When a cyclist delivers a truly exceptional performance, it is often referred to as 'Merckxian'. In football they coined a similar term: 'Messian'.

We suggest that, as of today, any truly exceptional result in pigeon racing should be referred to as 'Platteeuwian'. We use Kurt and Raf's national first prize from Aurillac with racing bird Catoo as a benchmark, since this was a truly exceptional achievement.

Team Platteeuw from Rumbeke had basketed a large group of birds for this race from Aurillac: as many as 59 old birds and 65 yearlings. The old birds did more than decent but that did not compare to the incredible results of the yearlings' team; they completed this race cum laude. They pretty much dominated the race from start to finish. Judging from their results one might think that this was a sprint race, but it was in fact a 670km flight! They had 6 pigeons in the provincial top 10, 13 pigeons in the provincial top 20, and 21 pigeons per 10! This was Merckxian, Messian and Platteeuwian at the same time!

Aurrillac provincial of 408 yearlings:

1-2-3-5-6-7-11-12-13-14-15-18-20-24-25-27-33-36-37-38-40-45-47-56-57-62-64-70-75-77-81-84-106-107-109-123-124-125-133-135   (40/65)

​Aurrillac national of 3584 yearlings:

1-21-24-38-65-68-118-122-124-125-129-157-177-217-254-265-281-293-295-302-308-323-350-436-438-474-478-549-564-576-587-605-770-773-775   (35/65)

Catoo destroys the field...

A great overall result only gets better if you can also take the first prize, and that is what racing bird Catoo (BE18-3118228) did. Her achievement in this race from Aurillac was something Kurt and Raf will not soon forget. This racing hen outperformed every single of her opponents, reaching the finish at 16:37'40". And then came a long period of silence, with the second place winner arriving home only at 17:04'26", still claiming a second place at provincial level. Catoo destroyed the field, taking an impressive lead of almost 27 minutes!

'Catoo', 1st nat. Aurrillac yearlings

This was not Catoo's first big result: she has already won a 3rd provincial Vierzon of 1473 pigeons, a 9th provincial Chateauroux of 2429 pigeons and a 29th provincial Bourges of 2228 pigeons. This is not really a surprise, given her excellent pedigree, which boasts a number of top quality bloodlines. And top quality bloodlines are almost guaranteed to deliver sooner or later.