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Kristof Mortelmans (Ranst, BE) his ‘Daan’ is the Best Extreme Long Distance Old bird across 3 races in 2022

In the past years, Kristof has achieved something special every season. This varied from national ace pigeon to national victories, provincial victories, or ace pigeons. Every time there was something to celebrate!

2022 was another successful season for Kristof, which you could read bout after last season finished in this article.

In this article we will take a closer look at Daan, BE19-6187537, with which Kristof Mortelmans won the PIPA Ranking Best Belgian Extreme Long Distance Old bird across 3 races in 2022. 

Earlier in his racing career, Daan had already won the title of 53rd Best International Agen pigeon across the seasons 2020 and 2021. This year, he was crowned 21st National Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance Old birds KBDB. The last ace pigeon competition is held across 2 races. In the PIPA Ranking across 3 extreme long distance races however, he came out on top! 3 top results on extreme long distance races in one season is a spectacular achievement, which very few can match. Daan did it in 2022 with the following National Top 100 results:  

34th Pau 3,734 p.
67th Perpignan 3,766 p.
86th St.-Vincent 2,899 p.

Father of Daan is Son Kobe (BE17-6265158), an excellent breeder who has brought forth several provincial top racers. Son Kobe himself, is a child of Kobe, who was good for 12 out of 12 during on extreme long distance races and became 4th International Ace Pigeon Marseille 2016-2019. 

Moreover, Kobe is a brother of Spolle, the double provincial winner who became 10th National Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB in 2015. Daan is clearly bred from a family of super racers. Kobe and Spolle are both grandsons of Jelle, who can be seen as the stock father of the Mortelmans colony. 

Mother of Son Kobe is Daughter Goede Vos bred from de Vos from Jean-Pierre Raemdonck-Ruys and from Daughter Jelle (BE13-6202981), the mother of Kobe and Spolle...

The mother of Daan is Geschelpt BE13-6202980, a cross between Jos Van Olmen x Raemdonck-Ruys. Many fanciers, including Kristof succeeded with pigeons from Jos and Bart Van Olmen and Jean-Pierre Raemdonck. The mother of Daan, bred from a cross between these two lofts, is the perfect examples of their class. 

Extreme long distance crack 

Kristof has found another super crack in Daan. Just like many other stars on his loft, such as den Dave (1st Nat. Marseille), Ballou (Best Belgian Perpignan pigeon 2021-2022), Kobe and Spolle, Daan also descends from the Jelle bloodlines. Jelle made his mark on the Mortelmans lofts and helped develop a stock which thrives as racing kilometers increase. It made Kristof Mortelmans a regular force on extreme long distance races. Daan may be the latest winner of Kristof Mortelmans, but certainly not the last...