Kristof Mortelmans (BE - Ranst): a household name in the extreme long distance again in 2019

Six years - that's all it took for Kristof Mortelmans to show that he could master the art of extreme long distance racing. He has seven provincial victories and a title of 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB extreme long distance to back up his claim.

Top class bird Kobe added another wonderful reference, becoming this year's 4th International Ace Pigeon Marseille 2016-2019.

"Kobe is one of a kind", says Kristof with a broad smile. "We could really count on him in recent years. If he was in good fitness, I could basket him on pretty much any long distance race with ease of mind. Anything can happen in a race of course but he has not had any issues so far, fortunately enough. As a result, he has a 12 / 12 palmares, including four top prizes from Marseille. And this in turn led to his title of 4th International Ace Pigeon Marseille 2016-2019, as the 1st Belgian pigeon (click here for the results). I am very proud of this fantastic racing bird. And now the time has come for him to move over to the breeding loft", Kristof told us.

Kobe, 4th international ace pigeon Marseille 2016-2019  (click here for his pedigree)

When asked about his ambitions, Kristof does not hesitate: "A title of National Champion Extreme Long Distance would be the ultimate goal but I reckon this is every extreme long distance fancier's dream", says Kristof. "I keep working hard but you need things to go in your favour. I got relatively close this year, finising around 20th place with a six out of six, although an unfortunate miss of my first nominated in Narbonne probably cost me a spot in the top ten. But it's all part of the game", says Kristof, putting things in perspective. "Winning the Marathon Championship of the Antwerp Flying Club with a 10 out of 12 was quite special too; I really enjoyed that win. As for next year, I will be focussing more on the marathon races compared to previous seasons, where I used to basket some of my pigeons for the one day long distance as well."

"For 2019 all old birds of 3 years and older will be completing two international races; the two year old cocks will be basketed for Agen and Narbonne. The two year old hens will be racing St. Vincent and Perpignan, along with some older racing cocks. I will also be doing the Pau - St. Vincent - Perpignan trilogy for the first time with a team of around 10 three year olds or older. It will be quite a challenge but I think it can be done! By the way, I had three direct Spolle descendants in my yearlings' team this season, and they were always racing in the front. They competed in Limoges and Libourne this year, and they had some solid results. This sounds promising for the upcoming season, which I am really looking forward to", Kristof adds.

Spolle, a promising breeder!  (click here for his pedigree)

The pigeon family from Ranst does have a promising future, with such talented birds as Kobe, Spolle and stock breeder Jelle in their team. And let's not forget the descendants of Red Ace, 1st National Ace Pigeon extreme long distance 2016. Team Mortelmans will be a force to be reckoned with for fanciers that target the marathon races.

Stock breeder Jelle, the team's number one!