Kris Verduyn (Koekelare, BE) wins Christmas quiz 2013

The auction of Gerard Koopman finished with an average amount of 3723 euros. No less than five fanciers were very close with a difference of 3 euros or less. Unfortunately, only three people win a prize.

The winners are:

  1. Kris Verduyn (Koekelare, Belgium): € 3724
  2. Theo Streefkerk (Ameide, the Netherlands): € 3721
  3. Thomas Kirchmann (Essen, Germany): € 3721

Theo Streefkerk and Thomas Kirchmann guessed the same amount. However, the former sent in before the latter. Therefore, Theo Streefkerk finishes second. The winners will be contacted by PIPA very soon.

As indicated previously, they win the following prizes:

  1. A young bird from the PEC and a full PIPA pack (8 gifts) including a cap, dvd, dust coat, memory stick, shirt, coffee mug, blocnote and a copy of Kingmaker
  2. The full PIPA pack (8 gifts)
  3. 6 gifts free to choose from our PIPA pack

Complaints about the ranking can be filed at before Friday 3 January 2014.

Thanks to all participants and congratulations to the winners! For those who haven't won a prize: better luck next year in our Barcelona or Christmas quiz!