Koen Minderhoud (Koudekerke, NL) takes another first NPO with his new star, Geeloger!

The number of prizes that the racing pigeons of Koen Minderhoud have won in 2013 is quite exceptional. His pigeon, Geeloger, is behind many top prizes, he is one of the greatest champions in The Netherlands and he has just won his third provincial and second NPO win of 2013!

We wonder if a pigeon has ever been more successful in a single season. We remember Harry of Jan Hooymans winning two golds and a bronze in one season. Kleine Dirk of Geraard Koopman had a very impressive season as well and there is of course La Dolce Vita of Pieter Veenstra who took six national titles in one year. Still, three provincial first prizes (and three first teletext prizes) including two NPO one day long distance races and a provincial middle distance race is really something unique. We cannot think of any other pigeon with the same achievements in one season and it illustrates the strength of the old Koen Minderhoud pigeon breed, which is regularly strengthened with some carefully selected new bloodlines. The sire is the outstanding breeder Gebroken Vleugel (a top crossing of Vandenabeele x Broeckx) and the dam is a direct Albert Derwa and a full sister of his legendary De Zoon and Primo. Click here for the pedigree of De GeelogerYou can find a picture of Gebroken Vleugel, stock cock and sire of De Geelooger here.

A tiring race

The NPO flight from Châteauroux on 20 July was a tiring race dominated by the 20 racing pigeons basketed by Koen Minderhoud in Zeeland. He selected his very best cocks and hens in an ultimate attempt to win the provincial championship one day long distance and he reached his goal. These are the highlights of 2013 for Koen Minderhoud at provincial level:

20-7 NPO Chateauroux (536 km) 2,227 p.
1-2-5-7-13-18-23-49-50-67-89-91-etc. (19/20)
13-7 TT Orleans (412 km) 3,023 p.
9-33-50-76-etc. (13/20)
30-6 TT Gien (426 km) 3,548 p.
2-3-67-etc. (11/24)
8-6 NPO La Souterraine (603 km) 3,077 p.
1-2-41-72-77-etc. (13/28)
1-6 TT Pithiviers (381 km) 6,340 p.
1-33-34-63-69-75-96-etc. (34/55)

Koen also managed to win a first Entente Morlincourt in the young birds’ race from Morlincourt on 20 July against 1,170 pigeons with the second fastest pigeon at provincial level. Koen took the first, third and fourth place in the ranking of provincial ace pigeons one day long distance.

The best provincial ace pigeon in the one day long distance 2013 was NL11-3014608 Late Turbo, a great racer and winner of a 2nd prov. Gien 3,548 p, 2nd NPO Châteauroux 2,227 p, 4th NPO Châteauroux 3,238 p. and an 8th NPO Ruffec 2,084 p. This is an excellent cock bred from Blauwe 170, winner of a 2nd Châteauroux, 2nd NPO La Souterraine and a 13th NPO Châteauroux on 20 July. He belongs to the strong Minderhout pigeon breed. The dam of Late Turbo is Blauwe 041, 3rd prov. Ace Pigeon General 2010 and a daughter of the well known Gebroken Vleugel. The full brother of Late Turbo is Nieuwe Turbo, winner of a 7th NPO Châteauroux 2013. Click here for the pedigree of Late Turbo.

The winner of the 5th NPO Châteauroux 2013 is Mr Bradley, a cock that won a first NPO Châteuroux in July last year. He is a blue coloured giant from the prizewinner Roodoogje, combined to the excellent Minderhout bloodlines of such talented pigeons as Ronker 816, Daniel, Barney and Goudklompje 864. Click here for the pedigree of Mr Bradley.

Koen Minderhoud has won an impressive number of titles and top prizes but Koen is still very proud of his excellent 2013 season, with his racing team performing at a very high level. De Geeloger is a new star in pigeon racing in The Netherlands and he might have a considerable impact on the sport in years to come.