Ko van Dommelen (St Philipsland, NL) winner of the IATP 2012

Ko van Dommelen from Sint Philipsland in The Netherlands has won our prestigious IATP ranking with a comfortable lead. The Belgian Luc Wiels from Roosdaal took the silver medal and the German Rudolf Grün from Wincheringen completed the international podium.

This is the top 10 of the IATP 2012:

Click here for the full IATP ranking of 2012. You can find the ranking of 2011 and the five years' ranking (2007-2011) here. Click here for the regulations.

The winner of the IATP 2012 Ko Van Dommelen in front of his loft

A report about Ko van Dommelen will be published later on. You can always reread the report that we published in 2011.

Many thanks go to Freddy De Jaeger of Jaegerson NV. Freddy is the main sponsor of our IATP trophy and he also plays as De Jaeger-De Vylder.