Klaus-Werner Patschull (Zweibrücken – D) wins 1st National Pau Germany

An absolute highlight in his 40-year existence … that was ‘the gift’ that the slate white flight hen DV06565-09-462 had in mind for her boss in the late afternoon of Friday the 17th of June. After flying for over 12 hours for 887 km she let herself be flagged as the fastest German pigeon to proudly pocket the National victory.

Of the five pigeons entered, ‘Die 462’ was the favourite of Klaus-Werner. In the programme races she always came home regularly, but didn’t manage to connect with the leading pigeons. “My tactic is that the pigeons which always arrive home just too late, are entered for the long distance. As there are long distance lines woven in my stock, I am convinced that they can easily manage long distances” The pigeons from Patschull have proved this numerous times, both with head and tailwind. In this Pau Klaus-Werner clocked at 18h47 (1st Nat.), 20h57 (39th Nat.) and Saturday at 11a.m. all his pigeons (4 hens, 1 cock) were back in the loft.

The winner had quite an anonymous 2010 season, but was kept because of her good bloodlines. Her father had already won the 11th National Zone / 22nd National / 58th International and so Klaus-Werner – saw that the regular races were ‘too fast’ for her – and saw a future in the grand distance for this hen. Her father is Stichelbout (via K.-P. Bauer) x Verstraete (via Ernst Nebel) … mother comes out ‘Witslager’ (Siegfried Deck) x a Kipp/Stichelbout hen. ‘Die 462’ was raced four times (to 400 km), was given a week’s rest, then given plenty to eat for a few days before leaving for the French Pyrenees. 

Although the National Pau-victory is indeed the most appealing victory for Patschull, this is not the first time his colony have been victorious. Various championships and Ace pigeons in RV have been won almost every year and he also achieved a few top National classifications. Klaus-Werner races cocks and hens in widowhood, with the partner always remaining home. Barcelona is a goal in itself. “To shine there, would be something unique,” dreams Klaus-Werner … and why can’t he dream with his 56 years? With a treasure of top quality pigeons, dreams could come true; then the step from Pau to Barcelona not much of a hurdle.