Klaas Talen - Meppel (NL) 1st national Morlincourt from 4.113 pigeons.

The closing national race with the youngsters remains a special happening. One always thinks back to those magnificent showdowns of yesteryear from Orleans, a happening which at the time the whole pigeon sport watched with awe.

Unfortunately the glamour of the nationwide liberation in Orleans has disappeared. Now the liberation takes place in four different places and for the Northern provinces 10 and 11 this means liberation in Morlincourt. The race from Morlincourt was an especially nice race, whereby the pigeons had to work extremely hard in order to reach their lofts .

The fastest of both Northern provinces can be found in Meppel by the 52 year old Klaas Talen. His blue hen the NL 10-4792120, which was raced whilst brooding for 14 days, was surprisingly the fastest of the entire liberation of a total of 6.811 pigeons. Surprising because, apart from a few exceptions, all the top pigeons sat in the east side of the province. The winning hen from Klaas won this race with possibly the smallest difference ever, namely 0,3 seconds in front of a pigeon from the Comb. Kruk-Greupink from Coevorden (1.170,295 mpm. against 1.170,262 mpm.)!! This triumph has a particular meaning for Klaas.
He had been so close so often and now to win in this way. To give you goose bumps! It directly placed him in the honorary photo-gallery of his club ‘’ De Valk’ in Meppel, where the 8th National or NPO victory has now been booked in just 3 years! Klaas Talen has been involved in the pigeon sport since 1970. Up until 1994 he raced in combination with father Jan. Then until 2003 together with fellow townsman Ies Vegter and from 2003 under his own name. He still has a joint breeding loft with his former partner. The protagonist of today is a passionate fancier, without everything being set aside for the pigeon sport. Thus he will go on holiday during the season. The son of fellow club member M. Vloedbeld takes care of the pigeons. The programme game is central here, with a particular preference for the extreme middle distance. They can’t complain about lack of performances here. A small selection of major achievements: 1st and 2nd NPO Etampes 1997 – 10th National Le Mans (from the whole of the Netherlands) 2005 – 3rd National Dagfondspiegel  2006 – 2008 – 8th National Dagfondspiegel 2007 – 2009 – since 2004 by the first 15 Keizer General champion of province 10 every year. The basis pigeons come a.o. from Jan de Ruiter, Teuge – a few non-commercial Belgian top racers and H. Hilbers, Meppel. Klaas races with 45 widowers, the joint breeding loft houses 30 breeding couples and 80 youngsters are bred for own use .

The pigeons are housed in a big garden loft, whereby the compartment for the youngsters has a very open character. The youngsters performed exceptionally well this year. In 9 races there were 5 first places in the club and one in province 10 south. In the district 1st champion youngsters and in province 10 Klaas ended as 6th champion youngsters. He is further a contender for the 1st championship youngsters in the F.N.N. South. Darkening is used from the end of March until the middle of June. Then lighting is used from the first week of July until the end of the late races. The pigeons were trained ten times by Klaas up to a maximum of 40 kilometres. Further a compulsory training twice per day. The day before basketting for Morlincourt the pigeons trained for two consecutive hours. Everything sits together in one loft and is allowed to mess about with each other. At the beginning of the week the food is: 50% Gerry Plus and 50% Matador Start. Starting Wednesday morning this is 100% Matador Turbo. They are given plenty to eat, especially before the races which are basketted on Thursdays.  Two days a week apple vinegar in the water, the other days a clove of garlic. For the first race the youngsters are given a tablet for tricho, then nothing further. Once per four weeks the veterinary surgeon Nanne Wolff from Wezep is paid a visit. This year the pigeons were further given a combined paramyxo-smallpox vaccination .


Three brooding hens, including the NL 10-4792120, 1st National Morlincourt from 4.113 pigeons .

A beautiful hen  …..
Our national winner from Morlincourt is certainly that. A perfect build, soft plumage, an alert head and burning with health! The special thing is the way in which she is raced. One young cock has four hens which brood on three nests containing eggs. You can see them on the photo. ‘The 120’ is part of this group of hens. This motivation has definitely worked, because also the 2nd and 4th pigeon in the loft belong to this group. The father of  ‘The 120’ is the NL 03-1743138, a magnificent cock with a.o. 10th National Le Mans, 12th NPO Creil and 14th NPO Blois to his name! He is also a magnificent breeder and a.o. father of the 1st Ace pigeon youngsters District 8 in 2010. He originates from sport friend M. Vloedbeld, Meppel. The mother of our national winner is the NL 03-1720542 ‘Granddaughter Duitser’ from H. Hilbers, Meppel. A marvellous breeding hen out half-brother x half-sister! ‘The 120’ had already won 6 prizes prior to Morlincourt, including a 1st Heteren from 670 pigeons. With 50 pigeons entered, the tensions were very high for Morlincourt. Sport friend H. Vroege saw ‘The 120’ racing in from the south first. She just touched the roof of the aviary before she was clocked. ‘Just in time’, as you could read earlier. From the 50 pigeons entered, 23 prizes were achieved that afternoon. Late in the evening this special victory was definite. Milimetre work so as never seen before! They will definitely be celebrating this victory in the club. Klaas, once again our warmest congratulations and enjoy this marvellous performance !