Kempeneers J & W, "1st National Perpignan 7.752 old pigeons '08, 2nd International Perpignan 17.643 old pigeons '08"

Kempeneers J. & W. - Nieuwerkerken



Ultimate award for a strong season

With a strong season already in the pocket, Wim Kempeneers left for Perpignan to perform exceedingly well for a last time this year. They had one goal: winning first provincial! For the whole of the season the Kempeneers had had top pigeons and raced high prize percentages. Despite a number of mentions on Teletext they didn't stand on the highest scaffold in Limburg in 2008. That had to change! Wim entered into the battle with 41 pigeons (proven pigeons supplemented with 10 that were given a second chance). The aim was more than reached. In addition to the provincial triumph, he also stole the national victory! Internationally only the hen from Roobol from the Dutch Zwijndrecht was faster.

New era

Thanks to 3 national victories (Cahors '66, Marseille '81 en Brive '82), Jos Kempeneers made the name 'Kempeneers' a well-known name. Top performances in mainly the Long Distance races ensured world fame in the pigeon sport.
The Kempeneers pedigree travelled the world. Together with son Wim they achieved a whole range of provincial and interprovincial victories. In 1994 Wim completely took over from his father. Since 1994 he runs the transport company Kempeneers N.V. from dad Jos and is the driving force behind this father-son combination. With the mastership of father and with an enormous passion for the pigeon sport he started on a new era. First under the watchful eye of dad, and later on his own (after Jos passed away in 2006) the youngest member of the Kempeneers family formed a top colony of Long Distance pigeons. He selected his own stock, invested in proven Long Distance pigeons and tested a few racing systems.
Luckily he could rely on the help of his brother Valère, who is an active fancier in Westerlo. It is clear that the brothers have found the right zest. The performances have risen over the years. They regularly classify at the top of the results, both at provincial, national as at international level.


In the winter a number of pigeon reporters wanted to make a report about Kempeneers. Wim kept rejecting them: " It is still too early" was the reply. Did he know then that something special was about to happen?! Valère trusted us with an apparent golden tip from father Jos: " Never sell your performances before you've won them!!"


Relying on the first arrivals, Wim expected the pigeons from Perpignan around 19h30. Just before seven o'clock he checked the last reports on PiPa before going to wait for the pigeons at 7pm. 'I had just turned my computer off when I looked through the window and saw 2 shadows of pigeons landing': says Wim. Surprised and swirling with adrenaline, he ran to the loft and saw that it was indeed a pigeon from Perpignan, together with a strange youngster.
From that moment (18h52min57sec) until deep into the night it was like a call centre in the Kempeneers household! Congratulations came from everywhere for this sympathetic Limburger!

Winning hen

The winner (5015213-06) will now be known as 'MAXIME', after Wim's seven year old son Maxim. She achieved her victory with 10 days brooding and belongs to the Barcelona team. Between both races she only flew a few short training races.
The father (5243024-99) of Maxime won 1st provincial Cahors in '03.

1st national Perpignan 2008

Pedigree : Click here

In 1973 father Jos bought the famous '133'. This hen had a fantastic honours list and developed into a super breeder by Kempeneers. She was a Jan Aarden product. Also the current toppers are descendants of this unique pigeon. We also find her in the pedigree of 'Maxime'. Later successful strengthening was added from, amongst others, Jan Theelen, Piet Kuypers, Cor de Heijde and Streel E+F.

Racing system

70 old widowers race a certain programme per loft. Wim has groups of 4 to 12 widowers ready for every Long Distance race! In addition he races 24 hens with a nest and the yearlings in total widowhood.
The yearling cocks go up to Limoges or Jarnac.
The yearling hens are given St-Vincent.
The youngsters (200) are trained up to 220 km.


Such a large group of pigeons demands extra attention where the health is concerned. That's why all the pigeons are vaccinated against paramyxo and smallpox. At the beginning of November they are given a parastop cure and before the start of the season they are treated once again with a broad spectrum of antibiotics. During the racing season the pigeons are given a cure against Trichomoniasis after each Long Distance race. An absolute must after a stay in the basket. Wim regularly visits the vet for a general control of the pigeon droppings.
For this he contacts Karlo Van Rompaey (St-Truiden) or Raf Herbots (Velm). He also books good results with products from de Weerd.

Topper: 5000 197-04

A pigeon that profiles itself as a real in the Kempeneers Household is 'De 197'.
This cock placed himself at the top of the national results 4 times.
67 Nat.C Brive 6535 p. '07
71 Nat. Cahors 5441 p. '08
89 Nat. Narbonne 5051 p. '07
109 Nat. Brive 15.521 p. '08

Super season

In both 2006 (Perpignan) and 2007 (Irun) a provincial victory was achieved.
This in itself is an achievement.
Last season was a real success with Perpignan as climax.
Bourges club.188 o.: 2, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11,… 10/13
Brive nat. 14.521 o.: 109, 452, 509, 607, 873, … 14/34
Chateauroux club. 301 o.: 1, 10, 19, 21, … 7/14
Montelimar club. 471 o.: 6, 8, 20, 27, 36, 53, …10/26
Pau nat. 1.828 o.: 90, 187, 352 3/5
Montauban club. 182 o.: 1, 2, 3, 4, 14, 19, …7/12
Barcelona prov. 1.898 o.: 34, 87, 103, 107, 139, 147, … 12/29
St-Vincent prov. 940 year.: 4, 7, 10, 41, 46, 48, 77, 78, 79, … 14/41
Jarnac prov. 2.335 year.: 64, 117, 201, 241, … 8/13
Marseille prov. 641 o.: 36, 43, 45, … 6/13
St-Vincent prov. 799 year.: 5, 11, 28, 29, 32, 37, 38, 39, 42, 50, 52, 58, 59, 60, 63, 77, 23/37
Perpignan prov. 961 o.: 1, 7, 18, 25, 30, 32, 35, 50, 51, 71, 89, 95…18/41

It is obvious that we haven't seen the last exploit of Kempeneers. The passion is enormous. But that's still in the future. Now the belt will be removed for a while and it will be a long winter enjoying the national victory!