Kees Nijeboer (De Pollen, NL) finishes in second place in the one day long distance championship not nominated in Province East Holland

Kees Nijeboer was one of the stars of Province 9 East Holland in 2017. He also claimed a top result in the final ranking for the sprint and the one day long distance championship (not nominated), which shows that his pigeon breed is quite versatile indeed.

Kees Nijeboer and his grandchildren under a festive arch that was set up
in honour of his Emperor championship title in the Gevleugelde Tukkers club

Kees Nijeboer, from horse whisperer to pigeon fancier

This is a report dedicated to the 64 year old Kees Nijeboer, who lives in the town of De Pollen in the province of Overijssel, together with his wife Fenny. Kees had been working as a farmer up until 2013, running a piglet farm. The premises have now been converted into a day care centre, run by Roy, one of Kees's four sons. Kees has shown over the years to be particularly good with animals. Following in the footsteps of his father Roelof, he bred sheep and horses that have won several national championship titles. Kees has been breeding mostly Welsh Ponies in recent years. He used to have a few racing birds in his early childhood as well, and he was a member of a pigeon racing union in Vriezenveen at the time. Several years later, while visiting a fair for small livestock in Laren, Kees dediced to pick up his childhood hobby. "The ball started rolling in 2012", he said, and from then on Kees has been achieving great results. He is now a horse whisperer as well as a pigeon whisperer.

The pigeon breed

He obtained several new pigeons to prepare for his comeback, including some birds of Bennie van Dijk (Westerhaar). He was determined to become a successful pigeon fancier, and so he also purchased pigeons from some nationally renowned lofts that need no introduction: Pieter Veenstra (Drachtstercompagnie), Gerard and Bas Verkerk (Reeuwijk, NL) and Willem de Bruijn (Reeuwijk, NL).

Sola Team based around Luan and ‘De Baron x Sola’

NL12-1051381 Luan x NL12-1618420 De Baron x Sola: an outstanding breeding pair

Kees was fortunate enough to be having an oustanding breeding pair in his collection. This pair consists of the chequered cock NL12-1051381 Luan (a direct Pieter Veenstra), and the chequered hen NL12-1618420 De Baron x Sola. This hen, a grandchild of NL06-4720774 Magic Amoré, is in turn a descendant of G&S Verkerk. Together they have done an excellent job, breeding no less than three highly talented youngsters in 2014 alone:

NL14-1578572 Kleine Sola  1st  National Troyes sector 3 (Prov.7-8-9) 17351 p.
NL14-1578573 De Barones   1st  General Ace Pigeon 2016 (Click here for the pedigree)
NL14-1578586 Blauwe Baron 1st  NPO Issoudun 3345 p.
                          10th NPO Chateauroux 4207 p.

Blauwe Baron was raced by A. Hemmer, which goes to show that this breed can deliver in other pigeon families as well.

The team's most recent highlights

Before taking a closer look at the 2017 season we will briefly discuss the highlights from previous season. As you can see, Kees has had quite a successful career in pigeon racing over the years:

1st NPO Mantes La Jolie Province 9 of 5929 p. with NL12-1204811 Special Adelita (pedigree)
1st NPO Sens Long Distance Club East Holland North of 4329 p. with NL12-1204799 Sir Roelof (pedigree)
1st National Troyes sector 3 (Province 7-8-9) of 17,351 p. with NL14-1578572 Kleine Sola

The team celebrated no less than three victories NPO from 2012 to 2014

Not nominated sprint championship Province 9 East Holland
3rd NPO Issoudun     Province East Holland of 3345 p. with NL15-1339023
4th National Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance NPO with NL14-1578579 Miss Blois
5th NPO Chateauroux  Province East Holland of 4081 p. with NL15-1339050 Daughter Miss Blois
7th PIPA-ranking     Best Pigeon in The Netherlands with NL14-1578579 Miss Blois 
8th NPO Issoudun     Province East Holland North of 2041 p. with NL15-1339063
9th NPO Chateauroux  Province East Holland North of 2606 p. with NL14-1578579 Miss Blois 

NL14-1578579 Miss Blois, 4th National Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance NPO 2016

An oustanding 2017 season

Kees has continued to get great results in 2017 as well. He gained prominence with the following teletext prizes in particular:

24-06-2017 3rd NPO Bourges  North 2825 p. with NL15-1339023(Koperen Co x Dolce Polleke)
08-07-2017 5th NPO Bourges  North 2725 p. with NL16-1181307(Son Dolce Polleke)
06-08-2017 3rd NPO Issoudun North 1218 p. with NL16-1181344 Dafne (Daughter Koperen Co)

Koperen Co and Dolce Polleke make a difference in 2017

The common denominator of each of these three prize winners is Koperen Co and Dolce Polleke. These two pigeons have played an essential role in the list of achievements of Kees and his racing team. A report of this pigeon breed would not be complete without taking a closer look at these two birds.

NL12-1051416 Dolce Polleke, the dam of two teletext pigeons in 2017

The five year old hen NL12-1051416 Dolce Polleke comes directly from Pieter Veenstra, and her pedigree features quite a few big names. Three of her grandparents (NL07-2007621 Harry, NL02-5255446 Mr. Blue en NL08-2020821 Dolce Vita) have won a national ace pigeon title in the prestigious WHZB competition. The youngsters of Dolce Polleke have really shown their potential in 2017, with two of them winning a teletext prize. One of them is the NL15-1339023, which won her second top prize NPO this season after finishing in 3rd place in Issoudun last year, against 3345 pigeons. Racing bird NL14-1578599 (Dolce Polleke x Faisal) became 1st General Ace Pigeon this season, as well as 6th Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance and 9th Ace Pigeon Middle Distance in CC1 District 1 of Province 9.

NL15-1339023 (Koperen Co x Dolce Polleke) 3rd NPO Issoudun 2016/3rd NPO Bourges 2017

Koperen Co

NL13-1238819 Koperen Co, the sire of two teletext pigeons in 2017

The blue coloured cock NL13-1238819 Koperen Co comes from Willem de Bruijn (Reeuwijk, NL). Koperen Co is the sire of Miss Blois and the grandfather of NL15-1339050 Dochter Miss Blois, which means illustrates his importance in the breeding loft in recent years. This season he became the sire of two teletext pigeons, and another daughter of him (14-630) has won an 8th NPO Chateauroux. The pedigree of Daughter Miss Blois can be found here.

NL15-1339050 Daughter Miss Blois is a granddaughter of Koperen Co. She wins a 6th NPO Chateauroux 4081 p.

A special yearling

Needless to say, these achievements have proven particularly crucial in the final results of the one day long distance championship not nominated in Province 9. Kees's team of yearlings clearly has plenty of potential, as you can tell from the palmares of one of his best one year old racing birds:

NL16-1181250 (Grandchild Dempsey x Rose G & S Verkerk)
Kring 1 CC 1
09-09-2017 1st Duffel 1453 p.
16-09-2017 2nd Isnes  1020 p.
26-08-2017 3rd Boxtel 2317 p.
3rd General Ace Pigeon
4th Ace Pigeon Sprint
5th Ace Pigeon Natour

A spectacular final race of the season

If the last race of 2017 would give us a hint of what to expect in 2018, the opponents will have to be on top of their game next year. The entire racing team of Kees Nijeboer, about 13 strong, managed to take a prize in the race fom Isnes: they won a 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 11th etc. against more than 1,000 pigeons. We reckon he will be one of the msot motivated fanciers next season.