Kas and Karel Meijers (Ootmarsum, NL) claim all three podium places: a 1st, 2nd and 3rd Quievrain against as many as 10,492 pigeons

Olympiad Nicole had a fantastic racing career, which culminated in a selection for the Poznan Olympiad. Today, she finds herself in the spotlight again: a daughter, granddaughter and a full brother of hers have claimed a 1st, 2nd and 3rd Quievrain (10,492 p.) on 7th of September.

Kas (l) and his father Karel Meijers (r)

Karel (a retired veterinary surgeon) and his son Kas Meijers (a full-time pigeon fancier) have been one of the leading names in The Netherlands in races of up to 400km for years now. One of their best moments was an Olympiad selection for Poznan (Poland) with Olympic Nicole, the 1st Dutch Olympiad Pigeon in category A. Kas got involved in pigeon racing already at the age of 9, when a pigeon accidentally landed near their home in 1987. He took a break for a few years, before making a fresh start in 2007, using pigeons of none other than Leo Heremans. And he was quite successful with the youngsters of these pigeons. He decided to start racing young birds again in 2009 from their current location, together with his father Karel. Through the years they obtained pigeons from some renowned players, such as Gust Jansen (B), Marcel Wouters (B), Stefaan Lambrechts (B) and the Maegh-As combination (B). There was also a joint breeding this year with the renowned loft of Adré and Bert Leideman (Hardenberg, NL), which came about with the help of Vincent van de Kerk, who brought the two fanciers together. There is likely to come a second round in 2020. Kas and Karel are racing in total widowhood with around 20 pairs. They have an additional 20 breeding pairs and they breed about 100 youngsters for themselves each year. They  prefer races of up to 400km, although they hope to have a say in the one day long distance competition in the future as well.

The big star of this team in recent years was Olympic Nicole.

This fantastic racing bird claimed as many as 8 first prizes in the past two years (in major and smaller competitions):

1st Boxtel    7,115 p.
1st Boxtel    1,315 p.
1st Tilburg   1,219 p.
1st Quievrain   325 p.
1st Boxtel      252 p.
1st Charleville 208 p.
1st Quievrain   112 p.
1st Isnes       106 p.

This blue white pen hen originates from the Leo Heremans bloodlines from his father's side, since her sire, BE14-1573085 ‘duiver Olympic Pair’, stems from two direct Leo Heremans pigeons: Blauwe Maurice BE07-6371140, a brother of Finette (Olympiad pigeon for the Eijerkamp family), paired to BE12-6123887. The dam of Olympic Nicole is BE15-6108377 Blauwe Beertje. Her sire is the last son of Donkere Bart BE13-6321373. This cock is himself the sire of Henkie, a 10th National Ace Pigeon shorter middle distance KBDB 2018, as well as the grandfather of this Olympic Nicole! Click here for the full pedigree fo Olympic Nicole.

Besides being an incredibly successful racing bird, Olympic Nicole turned out to be an invaluable breeding hen as well. Although she did not breed too many youngsters in her first two seasons, when she was still part of the racing team. In 2017 and 2018 she bred 3 youngsters that underlined her breeding potential:

NL17-739:   1st Duffel    12,904 p.
            2nd Tilburg    5,418 p.
            3rd Dudelange  1,713 p.
           16th Bierges    4,318 p.
           13th Boxtel     6,519 p.

NL18-862:  12th Quievrain 13,404 p.
            6th Duffel     2,481 p.
           19th Duffel     4,564 p.
           83rd Boxtel     6,519 p.
          169th Tilburg    5,418 p.

NL18-863   43rd Quievrain  3,189 p.
​           65th Duffel     4,564 p.

Today, in 2019, Olympic Nicole is proving not only to be a fabulous racing bird but also a world class breeder. The race from Quievrain in Province 9 took place last Saturday 7th of September, and Kas & Karel claimed the following prizes against 10,492 pigeons:

Quievrain 315 km 10,492 p.: 1-2-3-26-36-38-111-115-154-158-163-165-169-172-174-etc. (46/80)

The 1st pigeon (NL19-1340885) is a direct daughter of Olympic Nicole

The sire is BE13-6313918, a direct Stefaan Lambrechts. Click here for the pedigree of NL19-1340885. The BE-918 is also the sire of:

 7th Bierges     6,908 p.
 9th Quievrain   6,382 p.
10th Chalons     3,126 p.
15th La Louviere 4,108 p.
21st Nanteuil    7,627 p.

The 2nd pigeon (NL19-1340751) is a grandchild of Olympic Nicole

The sire of this 751 is a son of one of Leo Heremans's best breeders: Juan Carlos. He is the sire and grandfather of a long series of first prize winners and ace pigeons. The dam of the 751 is a daughter of Olympic Nicole (click here for the pedigree of the NL19-1340751).

The 3rd pigeon (NL19-1340772) is a full brother of Olympic Nicole

This 772 is a full brother, which makes him another son of BE14-1573085 Duiver Olympic Pair x BE15-6108377 Blauw Beertje.

BE14-1573085 Duiver Olympic Pair

BE15-6108377 Blauw Beertje

The achievements of Olympic Nicole over the past several years have been a joy to watch, and she is now showing her potential as a breeding bird as well. We looked at her pedigree, which combines many renowned racing and breeding birds, and we immediately understood why this breeding bird will continue to prove her worth as a breeder in future seasons.