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Karlo Van Rompaey (Sint-Truiden, BE) omnipresent in 2022

Karlo his pigeons are currently in great shape on his own loft and on that of others. Reeling in victories seems evident for these athletes, especially descendants of breeding wonder Hattrick perform on an exceptionally high level this year.

Double provincial victory on Bourges 

The first national race of 2022 was an immediate succes for the Van Rompaey colony. In his own Limburg, Karlo booked the victory by taking both 1st and 2nd Provincial against 3,861 pigeons on Bourges. 

BE20-4157957 was the strongest against 3,861 old birds, reaching an average speed of 1250 m/min. The race was held under ideal conditions, in which the best pigeons surface. The '957/20' had shown her class before on a.o. Melun, Issoudun, Souillac and Chatauroux. She is a granddaughter of Hattrick (BE14-2048151) crossed to the best PIPA ELITE CENTER has to offer. Names such as Porsche 911 and Boxter can be found in the pedigree of this provincial winner on the most recent Bourges race. 

The beautiful wing of the winner

BE20-4157105 arrived shortly after and was only beat by her loft mate, making the race a complete success for the Van Rompaey lofts. This champion too was bred by the PEC and no surprise to find back renowned names in her pedigree. The '105/20' had previously won 8th Prov. Argenton against 1,584 p., 69th Lorris against 5,281 p. and several other top results in her young racing career.

The 2nd Provincial Bourges

Hattrick ensures super weekend.  

Hattrick, who was mentioned earlier, has ensured mind-blowing successes: on the same day, 3 large victories were achieved by his grandchildren. Besides the provincial victories on his own lofts, Cassaert-Senechal from Russeignies also won 1st Provincial Bourges with a Hattrick descendant. Against 1,965 yearlings their BE21-4152407 was the fastest pigeon to arrive in Henegouwen. Again a product of the golden combination of Hattrick x PEC. 

Also Viktor Daenen from Velm hit the jackpot with a grandson: his Hattrick 801 was the fastest of the whole release from Melun against 5,007 pigeons. This crack is having a phenomenal season so far...his palmares is astounding. In 2022 alone, he flew: 1st/3,270 p., 1st/2,010 from Melun and on Laon 8th/3,261 p., 3rd/1,114 p., 5th/1,423 p., 1st/208 p., ...

Also on the National race from Argenton Hattrick showed himself upfront. Ariën-Dekeyser (Tielt-Winge, BE) won 1st Prov. Argenton and 5th Nat. Argenton against 18,763 pigeons with 'Home Alone Porsche', who's father is a grandson of Hattrick. 

Settled amongst the absolute best 

It seems like Karlo continues in 2022 where he left off in past seasons. Provincial victories and sensational series are not uncommon at the Van Rompaey household, thanks to the high quality on the breeding lofts and the tough selection procedure. That others also benefit from this colony's quality is something Karlo enjoys a lot. This isn't the last we have heard from this stock of pigeons!