Karlo Van Rompaey (Sint-Truiden, BE) continues to impress with pigeons from the Hattrick bloodline, Prima Dora and PEC, with the National Ace pigeon Long Distance Yearlings as highlight

Karlo Van Rompaey and Bourges go hand in hand. Already having won this national classic 3 times, Karlo came very close to his fourth victory on Bourges II. 

With 3 pigeons in the national Top 15 on the yearlings race, 'coming close' is no exaggeration. The pigeons followed quickly after the first arrival, creating the following result on the national yearlings race: 



4-6-14-47-373-522-526-613-1212-1407-2233-2572-2648 (13/30) against 11,952 yearlings

Karlo also basketed 5 old birds, they too came close on 'his' race: 


6-1562 (2/5) against 8,410 old birds

It's high time that we introduce the pigeons that managed these national top results. 

Starting with the old cock that flew 6th Nat. Bourges II against 8,410 old birds; Half brother Louise 392, BE18-4194392. This racer has some beautiful results on his palmares: 

1st Reg. Vierzon 340 p. 6th Nat. Bourges 8,410 p. 102th Nat. Argenton 16,762 p. 104th Prov. Sourdun 3,713 p. 121st Nat. Châteauroux 2,850 p. 431th Nat. Issoudun 10,603 p.

Father is Brother Dali 591, BE17-4062591. He is a son to Tarzan, BE11-5035555 and New Patricia, BE11-5035751, a 100% Verreckt-Ariën. 

Mother is Magic 700, BE13-6143700 an original Bart Geerinckx from the pair Fluwelen 18 (BE05-6052018) x Miss Magic (BE10-6143162). Magic 700 is also mother to Louise, 1st Nat. Bourges 19,735 p.!


The 4th Nat. Bourges II yearlings was flown by a hen with ring BE20-4157823. This pigeon was bred by PIPA Elite Center (PEC) for Karlo. Grandparents to this super hen are world famous pigeons; Blue Lagoon, Nadine, Wacko Freddy and Lieve. These results don't come out of the blue. Such a great fancier in combination with this quality racer is bound to result in fireworks sooner or later...this time on Bourges II. This time, as it wasn't the first time. 823-20 had already flown impressive results such as 23rd Prov. Châteauroux against 1,687 p. and 114th Prov. Melun against 2.028 p. 

BE20-4157823, 4th Nat. Bourges II


31 seconds later, the second yearling arrived in Sint-Truiden. The cock with ring BE20-4157801 took the 6th Nat. Bourges II. This pigeon, bred by PEC, descends from Karlo's own super pigeons on father's side. BE20-4157801 is a grandson to both Hattrick (1st Nat. Bourges 14,449 p.) and Prima Dora (1st Nat. Bourges 18,826 p.), the pigeons that where victorious for Karlo on national Bourges I and II in 2015.  

Father is Son Hattrick x Prima Dora, BE18-4194346 from the PEC. One of the greats on the breeding loft, who's children have proved themselves as racers under different conditions. Son Hattrick x Prima Dora is father of (amongst others): 

  1st HotSpot 1 Vic Falls 2667 p.
  2nd Reg. Soissons 560 p.
  6th Nat. Bourges 11.952 p.
16th Nat. Zone Souillac 1.285 p.
17th Nat. Bourges 25.096 p.
22nd Nat. Zone Bourges 4.514 p.
23rd Nat. Zone Châteauroux 3.349 p.
30th Nat. Châteauroux 24.617 p.
58th Nat. Zone Bourges 4.801 p.

The Hattrick and Prima Dora bloodlines seem to have settled well at the PIPA Elite Center. Bloodlines that will undoubtedly result in more talent for the future! 

Read more about Hattrick in an earlier article. 

A son to these icons from Karlo van Rompaey was paired to Sister Porsche 471, BE15-4013471 (daughter super pair Wacko Freddy x Lieve) at the PIPA Elite Center. A successful pairing that has now lead to the 6th Nat. Bourges II against 11,952 p. 


Karlo's third yearling to arrive from Bourges was BE20-4157977. This hen takes 14th Nat. Bourges against 11,952 p. after having already won 45th Prov. Issoudun 1,445 p. Her pedigree is built up from PEC on one side and Van Eynde-Govaerts (lines from Gaston Van de Wouwer and Johan De Belser) and lines from Porsche on the other. 

Father is Son Dali 698-19, BE19-4184698. He is a result from a crossing between super breeder Dali BE13-5065127 (PEC) and Mother Princes Jana, BE09-6358771, from Van Eynde-Govaerts (original Van de Wouwer).

Mother is 107-18, BE18-4238107. She is a daughter to the inbred pairing (brother x sister) Brother Porsche 659 (BE17-4062659) and Sis Porsche 612 (BE16-4129612), both are children to Wacko Freddy and Lieve.

'Pascal' BE20-4157827: 1st Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB Yearlings 2021

The following super pigeon on the lofts of Karlo van Rompaey didn't shine on Bourges II, but stood in the spotlight on the long distance races. He is the big favorite to win the title 1st Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB Yearlings 2021! This yearling named Pascal, BE20-4157827, is likely to take this prestigious title by winning 2 provincial races, first from Tulle and later from Souillac! Ranking high in the national results both times: 

1st Prov. Tulle 770 p. - 4th Nationaal 7,267 p. 1st Prov. Souillac 371 p. - 3rd Nationaal 4,571 p.

Furthermore, Pascal won 48th Prov. Gien against 2,910 pigeons and is a full brother to the 1st Interprov. Chatearoux against 6,923 p. One might think they have the right genes...this may very well be the case...

Father is "914", BE14-2230914 from the PEC. An excellent racer that also proved to be a talented breeder. He himself won i. a.: 

    3rd Prov. Vierzon 1,175 p.
  32nd Nat. Bourges 21,522 p.
  53rd Nat. Zone Argenton 3,188 p.
  84th Nat. Montluçon 9,462 p.
113th Nat. Limoges 6,492 p.

As a breeder he became father to:

  1st Iprov. Châteauroux 6,923 p.
  1st Prov. Tulle 770 p.
  4th National 7,267 p.
  1st Clermont 544 p.
  2nd Soissons 2,077 p.
  7th Prov. Sourdun 3,713 p.
  7th Prov. Fay-Au-Loges 1,350 p.
15th Nat. Valence 7,591 p.
22nd Nat. Zone Souillac 1,285 p.
45th Nat. Brive 4,384 p.
61st Nat. Brive 4,384 p.
76th Nat. Châteauroux 33,833 p.

The "914" is a son to Nice One x Toppie, BE13-6143677 an original Bart Geerinckx and Miss Tarzan 88, BE13-5065188, a daughter to Tarzan x New Patricia, from the successful bloodlines at the PEC. 

Mother is Sister Porsche 399, BE18-4194399. Once again a child to wonder couple Wacko Freddy x Lieve and a full sister to Porsche 911 and Boxster


Another outstanding pigeon on the lofts in Sint-Truiden this season is BE19-4184746. This hen won 17th Prov. Limoges 591 p. and 53th Nat. Tulle 5,067 p. and is nest sister to the 4th Prov. Limoges 591 p.

The 746-19 is a granddaughter to Hattrick. Father is New Freddy 426 (BE15-6020426) a crossing between PEC  and Geerinckx. He is a son to New Freddy (PEC) and Big White (Geerinckx). Mother is Hattrick x Nestsister Boxter, BE18-4194003. A daughter to Hattrick BE14-2048151 and Nestsister Boxter BE14-2230971, another descendant from super couple Wacko Freddy x Lieve.


Italia Porsche, BE19-4184785

Lastly, we would like to introduce the winner of 1st Prov. Limoges: Italia Porsche, BE19-4184785. This granddaughter to icon Porsche 911, BE14-2230911, won 1st Prov. Limoges against 591 pigeons, good for a 60th Nat. against 6,986 pigeons. She also won 215th Nat. Tulle against 5,067 p.

Her pedigree are full of PEC-icons and a dash of Gino Clicque. Father is Son Porsche 911 x Golden Princess BE18-4194926. He was born as a result of co-breeding between PEC and Gino, on which both lofts supplied absolute cracks. Mother is Sister Dali 096, BE14-2320096, a true PEC/Verreckt-Ariën product from Tarzan, BE11-5035555 and New Patricia, BE11-5035751, which we mentioned earlier...

Successful collaboration 

Karlo van Rompaey has made some key investments and decisions. Proving what he is capable of, especially on Bourges where his star racers dominated, he now collaborates with PEC and it is paying off. Since his auction, he no longer spends time breeding pigeons himself and can fully focus on the racing team that consists of his own old bloodlines via PIPA Elite Center and pigeons from super breeders such as Porsche 911, Tarzan, New Patricia, Wacko Freddy, Lieve,...

This super season, given extra shine with the performance on Bourges II and the 1st Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB Yearlings 2021, will likely not be the last. All the requirements are present; a super fancier and quality pigeons. On Bourges or on long distance races, it doesn't matter, Karlo van Rompaey's pigeons simply fly to the top of the charts! Congratulations Karlo and the PEC-team!