Kampmann - Kummer (Ubach Palenberg, GER) Winner PIPA IATP 2009

To find the winner of the PIPA IATP ranking we have to look this year to the east. Kampmann Kummer from the German Ubach Palenberg wins the prestigious PIPA IATP ranking this year.

This ranking is calculated by counting the points that can be won in the international races (Pau, Barcelona, Tarbes, Marseille and Perpignan) with the first nominated pigeon.

The border village Ubach Palenberg lies thirty kilometres north of Aken and only a few kilometres from the German – Dutch border.

The fancier behind this double name is Karl Kampmann. He formerly raced together with colleague Kummer, but he moved house a few years ago. Despite this move, Karl remains racing under the name Kampmann-Kummer.
Karl Kampmann is a 75 year old retired technician.

It can’t be said that the pigeons were resting this year, because the results of this season should be tied up with a gold ribbon.
In addition to winning the IATP title 2009 the fourth prize was also achieved in the national grand distance championship and the national Ace pigeon title.

His chequered Ace cock (ringnr 08170-06-180) raced this year 2nd nat Perpignan (1355 p) and the 7th nat Barcelona (2002 p).
In addition to these two top performances this pigeon also raced as a two year old in 2008 the 89th nat Barcelona (2368 p).
Another topper is the Flitzer. 08170-04-446
This pigeon flew all of the following:

• 5th nat Irun 2007 (2633 p)
• 52nd nat Tarbes 2008 (1824 p)
• 59th nat Tarbes 2009 (1731 p)
• 65th nat Pau 2009 (938 p)

Another top pigeon that contributed to the PIPA IATP title this year is the “Marseille”
This five year old cock raced this year the 870th internat Marseille.

Karl has built up his pigeons with pigeons from his good friend Freialdenhofen and Son from Aldenhoven and Bernd Morsnowski from Krefel.

The majority of his pigeons come out a stock couple. The cock  (01485-96-1173 Bernd Morsnowski ) is a grandson of “Doffertje 244” (Albert Simons, Maaseik) and the hen (01757-97-719 Freialdenhofen and Son) is a daughter of the “Bunte” (Albert Simons, Maaseik).

In previous years Karl managed to classify wonderfully in all kinds of championships.
National championship grand distance
• 2005: 2nd
• 2006: 3rd
• 2003: 121st
• 2004: 159th
• 2005: 64th
• 2006: 83rd

Every year Karl Kampmann overwinters eighty pigoens. He mainly concentrates on the international races, for which he enters 12 cocks.
The hens are not raced.

The following results were achiebed in the international races:


20/06/2009Pau int 76089104197566681704464flitzer
3/07/2009Barcelona INT2766910551110533381701806Ace pigeon 2009
3/07/2009Barcelona INT27669296654281704654
3/07/2009Barcelona INT27669529852381700453
11/07/2009Tarbes Int128451735197166781704464flitzer
11/07/2009Tarbes Int1284530253281701566
11/07/2009Tarbes Int12845272355381704007
20/07/2009Marseille INT118338705186821786102844Marseille
20/07/2009Marseille INT11833157452217004654
20/07/2009Marseille INT11833245253317004187
1/08/2009Perpignan Int 183545866193469881701806Ace pigeon 2009
1/08/2009Perpignan Int 1835483062281700453