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Jovial Adrie Kors (Steenwijkerwold, NL) had a great season with three provincial first prizes

Adrie has more than 50 years of experience in pigeon racing and 2012 has again proved a successful season! He has won no less than three provincial first prizes, as well as a number of other top prizes.

Adrie Kors (71) is a respected fancier in our country. Most of us are familiar with the loft of Adrie Kors, who wins top prizes regularly. 2012 was another great season for him, adding three provincial wins to his already impressive list of achievements. His first great result was the first prize from Tours for the entire region of North-Holland in 1983. It would be fair to say that everything went really well in the 29 years that followed after his first top prize. We could conclude that Adrie and his wife Marie Kors have one of the most successful all-round lofts in The Netherlands.

We have included a short selection of their list of achievements to illustrate that they are indeed an outstanding loft:

- 1st Tours North Holland 1983 
– 3rd national Munchen 1984
– 1st champion Fond Unio Nort and Friesland Fondclub 1992
– 1st national Bergerac S. 4 in 1994
– 1st national NPO Etampes 1998 (10,000 p.)
– 1st national NPO Niergnies 2001(20,000 p.)
– 3rd national NPO Houdeng 2001 (11,000 p.)
– 1st emperor general Friesland fondclub 2000
– 2nd General not nom. and nom. province Friesland '96 in 2000
– 1st Keizer generaal 2001 province Friesland ’96
– 1st General Friese fondclub 2001
- 1st national province 11 Morlincourt 2002
– 1st national NPO province 11 Morlincourt 2003
– 1st General not nom. and nom. ACG 6 2003 (no deduction races)
- National Munchen 2002, distance: 642 km against 2,277 p. 7, 10, 11, 24, 47 en 70 (6/9) 
- 1st NPO Etampes 2004
– 1st Champion middle dist. midfond province Friesland ’96 2004
- 1st NPO Chantilly 2005
- 1st Emperor general province Friesland ’96 2007
– 1st one day long dist. not nom.
– 1st one day long dist. nom.
– 1st & 2nd pigeon total old birds
– 1st & 2nd pigeon one day long dist. Friesland fondclub 2007
– 1st General champion ACG 9 2009
- 1st NPO Troyes 2010
- 1st champion one day long dist. not nominated ACG9 2010
- 1st champion one day long dist. nominated ACG9 2010
- 1st General champion one day long dist. ACG9 2010
- 1st champion one day long dist. Friesland Fond Club 2010
- 1st Emperor one day long dist. provincial province 11 2010
- 1st champion one day long dist. not nom. provincial 2010
- 1st champion one day long dist. nom. provincial 2010
- 1st champion middle dist. not nominated Provincial 2011
- 1st champion middle dist. not nominated ACG9 2011
- 1st champion middle dist. nominated ACG9 2011
- 1st champion one day long dist. not nominated ACG9 2011
- 1st general champion ACG9 not nominated 2011
- 1st pigeon champion middle distance ACG9 (09-643)
- 2nd NPO Pommeroeul against 15,842 pigeons '11
- 3rd NPO St.Quentin against  8,672 pigeons '11
– 2nd national Blois 2010 

Up until 2011 they have won a long list of top prizes. The 2012 season was no exception:  their opponents knew what to expect from the modest fancier from Staanwijkerwold. His performances were more than modest...

Provincial 1100 members: 
Boxtel     1/ 12,848 pigeons
Pommeroeul 1/ 18,593 pigeons
Quievrain  1/ 12,179 pigeons
St.Truiden 4/   9083 pigeons
- 4th General champion not nom. 
- 4th Champion Natour nominated 
- 5th Champion Dagfond nominated 
- 9th Champion Midfond not nom. 

Regional ACG9 110 members: 
Boxtel     143km - 2351p = 7-12-14-15-16 47/37 
St.Truiden 231km - 2294p = 5-15-16-29-39-64 47/26 
Boxtel     143km - 1247p = 1-19-83 20/9
St.Truiden 231km -  759p = 1-2-8-20-68 17/11
Pommeroeul 308km - 2112p = 1-4-16-90 44/14
Quievrain  313km - 1517p = 1-6-8-11-12-17-31-32-33-34 37/27
St.Quentin 382km - 1168p = 2-12-13-21-28-37-40 36/33
Sens       548km -  793p = 4-5-26-27-34-40 23/14
Boxtel     143km - 1973p = 6-19-22-26-30-36-42 60/42
Wijchen    111km - 1345p = 6-9-11-28-30-32-49 50/24
Den Bosch  130km - 1525p = 3-10-14-19-51-66- 46/24
St.Truiden 231km -  715p = 1-13-15-16-17-25- 9/9
- 1st Champion Midfond not nominated
- 1st Champion Dagfond nominated
- 1st Champion Vitesse nominated (3 races)
- 1st General Champion not nominated
- 1st General Champion nominated
- 1st Pigeon champion one day middle dist. 09-633
- 1st Pigeon champion young birds 12-357

Club: 6 x 1st, 10 x 2nd, 7 x 3rd prize
Quievrain  313km - 501 pigeons = 1-3-4-6-7-8-13-14-15 37/29

A small loft with plenty of top quality birds

Just like in any loft such an impressive list of achievements is the result of first class pigeons. You need excellent stock bird, breeding couples, top breeders and much more. Adrie puts it this way: “You have to see it! If you can’t see it you will never get anywhere!” Obviously every motivated fancier is constantly looking for reinforcements. But the big question is: where can you find them? Adrie felt that it was Jan Duyn from Enschede who could help him breed top class pigeons. Jan owns an excellent breeding loft with some of the best Dirk Van Dyck descendants. Adrie asked Jan if he could buy something from him and he said: “Just take a look around and tell me what youngsters you would like me to breed!” That is how it happened: a few weeks later Adrie could come back to pick up his order. A few years later it is clear that the new pigeons Den Jan and Sam have played an important role in the loft of Kors.

In the beginning of the year Pieter Veenstra from the Drachtster company told him that he was interested in buying Den Jan. Pieter was looking for a worthy substitute for his outstanding breeder Da Vinci. It was a difficult decision for Adrie but eventually he decided to sell his star to Pieter, especially because Adrie was well aware of the qualities of his other pigeons Sem, Diamond and Brilliant, who had been breeding excellent youngsters as well. Luckily he was right: throughout this season they proved their breeding qualities. It was Diamond who bred the 1st provincial against 12,194 pigeons, after being coupled with Halfbrother Anne Linde, another outstanding breeder.

(Click here for the pedigree of Halfbrother Anne Linde) (Click here for the pedigree of Diamond)
(Click here for the pedigree of Brilliant) (Click here for the pedigree of Brother Brilliant)

The diamond is one of the world’s most precious gemstones. The Diamant of Adrie Kors is of very high value as well: she has outstanding flying qualities and she is invaluable in the breeding loft as well, hence the name. When you take Diamond in the hand she looks like a jewel, just like her descendants: soft plumes, a wonderful wing, a strong character and a good build! This is what Adrie was looking for in the perfect racing bird!

Her results:
Arras     360km 1/  6648 pigeons
Arras     360km 1/   501 pigeons
Vilvoorde 242km 1/  1350 pigeons (= 5/11.738 duiven)
Troyes    521km 1/  7543 pigeons
Isnes     273km 2/  1232 pigeons
Achene    291km 3/  1749 pigeons
Strombeek 243km 3/  1308 pigeons
Sezanne   484km 5/  1076 pigeons
Sens      549km 8/  1214 pigeons
7e National ace pigeon WHZB 2010

She is the dam of:
Quievrain       1/12,194 pigeons
Wavre           1/  3301 pigeons
Meer            1/  2667 pigeons (= 7/8262)
Hasselt         1/  2217 pigeons
Strombeek       1/  1308 pigeons
Den Bosch       1/   594 pigeons
Hasselt         2/  2449 pigeons
Den Bosch       2/  1728 pigeons
Arras           3/  6648 pigeons

Diamond was coupled with a first class breeder: Halfbrother Anne Linde, a wonderful cock with outstanding breeding qualities, who was also successful as a racing bird:

His results:
Isnes           1/  1232 pigeons
Chantilly       5/  1695 pigeons
Isnes          10/  2193 pigeons
Heteren        12/  2523 pigeons

He is the sire of:
Quievrain       1/12.194 pigeons
Wavre           1/  3301 pigeons
Meer            1/  2667 pigeons
Hasselt         1/  2217 pigeons
Strombeek       1/  1308 pigeons
Hasselt         2/  2449 pigeons
Duffel          2/  2379 pigeons
St.Quentin      3/  8672 pigeons
Arras           3/  6648 pigeons
Isnes           3/  1418 pigeons
Arras           4/  1922 pigeons
Isnes           4/  1695 pigeons
Pommeroeul      6/  1732 pigeons
Hasselt         7/  2449 pigeons
Duffel          8/  2725 pigeons
Wavre           8/  1364 pigeons
= halfbrother to ANNE LINDE
1st national ace pigeon youngsters W.H.Z.B. '07
= grandson of DEN EURO Heremans-Ceusters

This coupling has bred such top class pigeons as Brilliant and Brother Brilliant. These pigeons are born winners! They have both won several top prizes that would make any fancier happy!

Brilliant has won:
Meer            1/  2667 pigeons
Hasselt         1/  2217 pigeons
Strombeek       1/  1308 pigeons
Hasselt         2/  2449 pigeons
St.Quentin      3/  8672 pigeons
Arras           3/  6648 pigeons
Isnes           3/  1418 pigeons
Arras           4/  1922 pigeons
Isnes           4/  1695 pigeons
Pommeroeul      6/  1732 pigeons
Duffel          8/  2725 pigeons
Wavre           8/  1364 pigeons

Brother Brilliant has won:
Quievrain       1/12.194 pigeons
Nest brother Brilliant has won:
Wavre           1/  3331 pigeons

SEM is another bloodline with outstanding breeding qualities. The parents of this cock were coupled by Jan Duyn and years later it has become a great addition in the breeding loft of Adrie. One of his descendants was Superke Sem, winner of a first prize ace pigeon one day middle distance in province 9. This bird was used for breeding the next generation: she is in her turn the dam of Powerke Sem and grandmother of the first prize winner from Poommeroeul against 1,483 pigeons. This is already the fourth generation of ace pigeons and first prize winners!

(Click here for the pedigree of Sem)
(Click here for the pedigree of Superke Sem)
(Click here for the pedigree of Powerke Sem)

This is what distinguishes Adrie's pigeons from other breeds:

  • Breeding qualities that will not skip a generation
  • Top prize winners with a strong character

This is all thanks to a strict selection procedure throughout the years. Adrie and Marie take great care of their pigeon, they leave nothing to chance and they simply enjoy the game. They will be ready for next season with a new round of young birds of 2012. They have quite some opponents but we are confident that Adrie Kors will be doing great in 2013.

You can take a look at all teletext notations of the last few years (when available) below the article.