Jos Vercammen pigeon loft (Vremde, BE) looks back on a splendid 2013 season

Father Jos and his son Lars Vercammen confirm their status as true champions in 2013. This season they repeated their double victory from 2009 (Bourges) in the closing national race from Guéret by winning a first and second national!

The pigeons of Jos Vercammen were unstoppable as they went through the season, winning several victories and countless top prizes, especially in the more demanding weather conditions. The closing race from Guéret was a crowning achievement for Jos and Lars; let’s go through a few impressive numbers: they won a first and second national against 2,656 old birds and two more pigeons have finished in the national top 10 (5th and 9th). They had no less than 14 pigeons in the national top 100! In addition, three pigeons finished in the national top 100 against 11,894 young birds. These are breathtaking results!

The Guéret quartet

We would like to take a closer look at the outstanding pigeons that have won these impressive prizes in the race from Gueret.

The national winner from Guéret is La Perla BE12-6196185. Her sire is Hunter, winner of a 38th nat. Bourges against more than 20,000 pigeons. The dam is top racer La Bomba, winner of a first from Melun against 3,278 pigeons, 2nd fastest from Dourdan against 5,688 pigeons and winner of a 6th semi-nat. Vierzon against 6,237 pigeons. Click here for the pedigree of La Perla.

Zwart Panterke BE12-6196023 won a second national prize; she was only 8 m/min slower than La Perla, the national winner. Zwart Panterke is a fantastic racing pigeon and she did really well in the last three national races: 36th nat. Issoudun, 42nd nat. Nevers, as well as a 2nd nat. Guéret! She is a half sister of Polar, winner of a 1st nat. Zone B from Tulle. Click here for the pedigree of Zwart Panterke.

La Strada, BE11-6282176, winner of a 5th nat. Guéret, is a strong racing pigeon as well and winner of a first prize from Dourdan and Vierzon. She has also won a 2nd semi-national from Vierzon 3,585 pigeons, a 38th nat. Zone B Montluçon, a 77th nat. Zone B La Souterraine, a 78th nat. Zone B Poitiers etc. Click here for the pedigree of La Strada.

Ines, B12-6196066 won a 9th nat. Guéret after winning a 17th nat. from Nevers two weeks earlier. She is a granddaughter of top breeders Elektro and Barco, which we will talk about later in the article. Click here for the pedgiree of Ines.

Not the first double win

It seems that this pigeon loft knows how to win double national victories: they did the same in 2009 in the national classic from Bourges, winning a first and second national against over 37,000 young birds! In addition, their pigeons Aladdin and Jonge Panter were the two fastest of 64,621 pigeons from Bourges!

When you take a closer look at Aladdin, you will notice his impressive origins. This Aladdin (click here for his pedigree) is a son of Bolo (BE06-6270152) and Polina (BE08-6174628), a pair that has bred several first prize winners and great racing pigeons both in the first and second generation. Bolo is grandfather of Polar, 1st Nat. Zone B Tulle and Polina is a daughter of De Leeuw of Marcel Wouters, which is in turn the sire of Olympiad Pigeon Ad. You can take a closer look at the outstanding descendants of Bolo and Polina here.

Jonge Panter is related to several top class pigeons as well; click here for the pedigree of Jonge Panter. The dam is Dina, winner of an 8th nat. Limoges, 3rd prov. Salbris etc. She is also a daughter of the impressive Barco, a great breeder in the loft of Vercammen. Dina was paired to Amaretto, the sire of Jonge Panter, as well, and they bred an impressive number of descendants in the first and second generation as well. It is remarkable that the grandparents of Bolo (the sire of the 1st nat. Bourges), Amaretto and Dina, are also the grandparents of Polar, winner of a 1st nat. Zone B Tulle. This is a true champion breed!

Top class breeder Barco

Barco has been mentioned a few times already, because he has become one of the very best breeders for Vercammen in recent seasons. Click here to see his pedigree of Barco. He is, for instance, sire and grandfather of no less than 20 winners of national top 100 prizes in his home loft, including:

 2nd nat. Bourges
 2nd nat. Argenton
 4th nat. Nevers
 8th nat. Limoges
 9th nat. Argenton
 9th nat. Guéret
17th nat. Nevers
19th nat. Bourges
19th nat. Tulle
19th nat. Issoudun
20th nat. Bourges

Click here for the full list of achievements by the youngsters and grandchildren of Barco. This Barco bloodline has been of great value in many other lofts as well; no less than six cars have been won with Barco's descendants in 2013 alone.

Elektro & Mambo

Elektro & Mambo are two key players for Jos and Lars Vercammen. Elektro is the sire of two different semi-national winners from Blois (462km) and the sire of the 9th nat. Montluçon. He is also grandfather of the 1st Nat. Zone B Nevers, the 9th nat. Guéret etc. The bloodline of De Leeuw of Marcel Wouters proved a perfect match with the Vercammen bloodline: the dam of Elektro is a daughter of De Leeuw. Click here for the pedigree of Elektro.

Click here for an overview of the top quality descendants of Elektro.

Mambo is another invaluable breeding pigeon in this loft; click here to take a look at his pedigree. Mambo is a full brother of Porto, 4th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB, and the two brothers were excellent racing pigeons with an impressive list of achievements. Mambo was even more successful in the breeding loft, as the sire of Vitara, 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon KBDB Middle Distance 2012. Click here for the descendants of Mambo.

Results of 2013

It goes without saying that Jos and Lars Vercammen have based their breeding loft on these incredible bloodlines that have brought great successes to their loft in Vremde. The two fanciers won the following top ten prizes in national races this season:

1st Nationaal Gueret   (590km) 2,626 p.
2nd Nationaal Gueret   (590km) 2,626 p.
3rd Nationaal Nevers   (476km) 2,918 p.
4th Nationaal Nevers   (476km) 2,918 p.
5th Nationaal Gueret   (590km) 2,626 p.
6th Nationaal Tulle    (657km) 6,972 p.
6th Nationaal Issoudun (504km) 5,670 p.
7th Nationaal Issoudun (504km) 5,670 p.
9th Nationaal Gueret   (590km) 2,626 p.

Click here for an overview of their most important results of 2013.

Every day, fanciers from all over the world become successful thanks to the pigeons of the Vercammen family, which belong to an exceptionally strong pigeon breed that has been tried and tested in races over 100 to 700km!