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Jos Thoné (As, BE): supplier of super pigeons at various One Loft Races

The Thoné colony is renowned world-wide and has performed at the highest level for decades. Possibly, this is also the reason that the Thoné pigeons regularly manage to dominate the results of One Loft Races.

The pigeons of Jos Thoné have shown to be capable of performing on all distances in various conditions. Selection through the years has led to the creation of an allround pigeon that combines speed, endurance and orientation. 

It is therefore no surprise that top results and references from One Loft Races, in 2022 also, can regularly be traced back to this champion from As in Limburg....


The first noteworthy result this year was booked at the Algarve Golden Pigeon Race in Portugal. A OLR that is known for its large flock which was also the case in 2022. In the final race across 505km, a child from half brother Nina (Olympic Son x Zionne) x Supreme daughter Koen x Wari came in as 16th Final against 3,622 pigeons. 


In the always tough Derby Arona Tenerife this year, the Cuban fancier Yasmani Ramírez Pérez won the 3rd Final Derby Arona (280km). This pigeon was bred from Jado x Fyta 900, a super racing hen, daughter of Fytor, and nest sister of Tulso.

Iraq & Spain

From Southern Europe we move to the Middle East, where there was another striking result in the final of a OLR. In Iraq, the 5th Final Al-Muluk OLR (550km) was won by a Thoné pigeon. The father of this pigeon is Salli (1st Nat. Zone Souillac) and the mother is Alexa (2nd Nat. Montélimar).

With such strong parents, the quality is present to perform well in the tough Iraqi races...

Back to the Iberian peninsula, where the Spanish Derby Carmelo Yupi was flown. This would turn out to be a successful OLR for the Thoné pigeons, as they took 3rd place in the final across 500km. This result also led to the title of 3rd Ace Pigeon Derby Carmelo Yupi. Worthy of mentioning is that this son of Kajos was the first pigeon to land on the lofts during the final! 

Also the 6th Final was won by a pigeon with Thoné blood. This son of Fyta 900 even became 2nd Ace Pigeon! 

In the same final, another child of Fyta 900 from Mr. Yasmani Ramirez Perez won 14th Final....impressive! 


There were also some beautiful successes at the Derby Halkidiki. These were on account of two pigeons from J&G Kretan Racing Pigeon Team which were both bred by Jos Thoné. 

During the Super Final Race (505km) the BE22-5006240 won 2nd against 415 pigeons after a very tough race. 

This is a grandchild of 2 National winners, namely Remco and Nina. 

Remco (BE18-5025057) won 1st Nat. Zone Argenton in 2018. He also became 2nd Best pigeon across 6 National races on the heavy middle distance and 12th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB in 2019.

Nina (BE19-5095058) won 1st Nat. Bourges in 2021 against 8,410 old birds and was fastest of all 39,072 pigeons. 

On mother's side the grandparents of these Greek OLR stars are Koen (BE14-2022156) and Tilly (BE14-2022243). Koen is a proven breeder and Tilly is also a national winner: 1st Nat. Tulle against 6,100 pigeons in 2016 (fastest of 13,426 p.)!

Again, no coincidence that a pair of such quality bring forth another star which performs so well in the tough conditions in Greece...

Son Xavier and father Jos Thoné after the 1st Nat. Bourges Old birds in 2021.

During the same OLR, J&G Kretan Racing Pigeon Team won 4th Super Final Race Halkidiki (505km) and 65th Final Race Derby Halkidiki (360km) with BE22-5006201, another direct Thoné pigeon.

This blue cock 201-22 his father is the performance pigeon BE20-5040124 who won a.o. the following prizes: 

1st Sens 1,234 p.
3rd Sezanne 2,895 p.
11th Momignies 841 p.
10th Melun 663 p.
4th Melun 248 p.

Mother is Sega (BE18-5025677), inbred to Kittel of Van Den Bulck and also the famous Avril of Jos can be found in her pedigree. Sega has also won quite some top results during her racing career: 

1st Sourdun 1,810 p.
1st Melun 862 p.
4th Melun 1,626 p.
1st Sourdun 266 p.
3rd Laon 735 p.

Further successes in Turkey, Romania and Croatia  

In Turkey, Mr. Ali Ömer won 15th Final Edirne Golden Cup OLR 2022 (511km) against 882 pigeons with a son of brother Jonker. 

The title of 1st Ace Pigeon Columbodrom AS Bucovina (Horodnic, Romania) of Team CRD was won by a pigeon bred from daughter Figo James x Netta, that was sold in an online PIPA-auction. More than 2,500 pigeons were entered to this OLR. This pigeon won 17th Final FCI (500km) against 541 pigeons. 

The winner of 1st Final Derby Zagreb (500km) for the Spanish fancier Mr. Rida Gzouly was bred from a son of Calatrava. 

Thoné Pigeons win 5th Final (fist arrival) during this Croatian OLR with Miss Croatia, a pigeon bred form Mister Perfect (Marc De Cock) x All International (Baerts H+G from the bloodlines of New Laureaat from Hugo Batenburg).

Results in Costa 

Back to Spain, where there were two other spectacular results on One Loft Races. In the final of the Derby Internacional FCI Costa del Sol Thoné won 49th against 849 pigeons after a race across 400km. Nino 239 (BE22-5006239) was bred from a cross between Remco x Nina 242 and a daughter Koen x Tilly.

Interestingly, Nino 239 is the nest brother of BE22-5006240 winner of 2nd Super Final Race Derby Halkidiki in Greece, who was mentioned above. 

Remco 242, son Nina x Remco and father of 2 OLR stars in 2022, namely 239-22 and 240-22.

Another Thoné pigeon that did well at the Derby Internacional FCI Costa del SOl 2022 was Miss Costa del Sol (BE22-5006158). She became 2nd Ace Pigeon Speed and won the following prizes: 

11th Semi-final Derby Int. Costa del Sol 1,569 p. (267 km)
100th Finale Derby Int. Costa del Sol 879 p. (400 km)
19th Derby Int. Costa del Sol 1,672 p. (175 km)
10th Derby Int. Costa del Sol 1,706 p. (124 km)

50th Final (485km) of the Derby Costa de la Luz against 608 pigeons was won by Miss Costa de la Luz (BE22-5006797). That only 95 pigeons were back on the lofts after 2 days, illustrates how tough this final was...

No surprise that Miss Costa de la Luz is bred from lines which are known to be tough. Father is Blue Narbonne (BE11-4036024) from Marc De Cock. Mother is daughter Crow (BE15-2180128), a granddaughter Gouden Grijs, 1st Nat. Brive

We finish off with the impressive results booked by Jos Thoné in South Africa at the AfrikaPro OLR. 

Sedna 964 (BE21-5035964), an inbred to Sedna 1st Int. Narbonne, took 6th place on Race 1 (234 km) against 986 pigeons. Sedna 964 is a daughter of Gaggan and Lady Dream.

After a strong first race, she continued to do well until the final.

Results overview of Sedna 964 in South Afrika.

More to come from Nina and Remco bloodlines?

A fantastic list of results in 2022 from Jos Thoné himself and a lot of references from fanciers that managed to do well with Thoné pigeons on One Loft Races, often flown under tough conditions. It goes to show that the Thoné pigeons are true allrounders. Wherever they race, they stand out from the flock and battle for the win... 

Especially the bloodlines of Nina, Remco and their son Remco 242 have stood in the OLR spotlights this past season. Jos and his son Xavier will undoubtedly continue to invest in this bloodline with their eye on future One Loft Races. We are excited to see what the future holds! 

We therefore finish with a beautiful photo of Nina on which you can find the fantastic OLR results in 2022. 

Nina, mother of Remco 242 and grandmother of 239-22 and 240-22.